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  1. i think we're starting to get to an understanding of what the problems are and how we can offset them. if you're spending this much time on CK apps and vehicle requests. i think we may have a problem. do you have empirical data to prove that onboarding player reports on the forum is ineffective? i remember at a point we brought it over to the forum and they were done in an expedited fashion. since the players would report rule breakers that weren't completely destroying rp sessions, and admins who were browsing the forum taking the case. because they can help on the forum more than they can help in-game. i think you and i can both agree we would love to see OG become a pinnacle of the greatest RP on MTA, but admins watching car break-ins ironically doesn't help produce better roleplay. it relegates them back to old school game master. use a script and check the data. see how break-ins spike (which they will of course) and see if there's something that can be done to compromise. make the items more expensive and less-common so only committed rpers will search out avenues to break in cars. give it a shot. there's no such thing as set-in-stone. if it fails completely, back to the drawing board, if it works but has flaws, you'll find a way to fix it. you're telling me FT manages the items. if it's done by UAT or whoever logging in and restocking. it's not automated. similar in context but situationally worlds apart in practicality. if someone ever has to login on and request weed or guns or anything, it defeats the entire purpose and goes against the point. these small things, trim the fat, you'll slowly start to make this server objectively better. they're sometimes small changes, but overall they fit to the overarching theme of -- this server runs itself. staff is a mere extension to help with people operations and assistance. until then. you'll continue to field complaints about lack of admins, you'll continue to see people shit all over bias and FT inactivity, and you'll continue to deal with requests that shouldn't even be a thing in 2018. this server has been operating far too long for it to be dealing with solutions that were being introduced back when it was chase, maxime, justin, theno, maramizo, belgica and i. and 2/4ths of that time was completely useless and inactive.
  2. player reports on the forum argue themselves. they provide evidence of infraction, a verdict is made against or for the complainant. we're talking about reports that will elongate admin response, hence reducing the number of admin reports for issues that aren't time sensitive. the UCP is great, for bug reports, ban appeals, feedback, and private dissemination. integrating the forum with reports is the same way you integrate vehicle requests. the back-end of the UCP is great for admins, but users don't really have need for it unless it's a need to know basis report such as report a staff or so forth. cars being broken into will always be a tricky subject, but it's best to look into a formula that is dynamic. start off with a simple break-in function with a specific item that can be bought in black markets that are sold by official factions who distribute thieve utilities of sorts. maybe a word scrambler. you need to start off with a bar-gain, to test the response and circulate script think-tanks. official faction has access to NPC that has faction specific items items can be bought certain time/certain items faction members act as distributers and sell to players players middle man and sell to others, creating a player ran economy FMT doesnt spawn or accept VMs. players do. FMT goes back to intended purpose, overseeing and regulating market prices, enforcing faction rules. VCs take forever and human error comes into play constantly. automating the process allows for a true to the nature complex community. biker factions get opeoids mafias get high caliber guns gangs get low caliber guns and traditional drugs let them setup the dynamic of trading and creating systems. no one has too much power. regulate with sanctions and procedures to ensure obstructionism is mitigated. all can be done with the script even now as a better script gets laid out. with this very same foundation in mind. because its historically worked. the community will never be perfect nor will the script. but it'll be better and add a level of sustainability that this server has -never- seen. that will domino effect and allow you to grow the brand equity of owl gaming by expanding.
  3. use a forum based report system for player reports you have a beautiful ticket support system, ensure those are used as a solution center for reports that dont require in-game participation im pretty sure you get stupid reports about break-ins and car jackings, and house requests. id really look into getting those new scripters to make scripts that shift from manual to automated. that'll alleviate growing concerns and slash your report count in half for admins rehaul and triage. change duties. fix infrastructure and implement scripts. it takes some time but as long as that initiative comes to life. you'll be in a better spot. maxime gave me the task of making FMT. i did it to handle operations and administrative overhauls for official factions, while propagating the unofficial factions. not to give them dollops of opportunities to request this that and the third. it didnt make sense and it certainly doesnt make sense now either. make a scripted black market academy for weekly distributions, and enforce regulations to manage the economy in an overarching management role. makes sense right? does FT and UAT have a cooperation and/or script that has an IC market among other things? if not, you have new scripters, put them to work your server is only as good as your script and the script was the main concern back in 2014. back when we were talking about automating car jackings so we dont get stupid requests to watch someone rp that stuff. or setting up CCTVS or all these things that admin are forced to handle because a script isn't in place to do this. and you want to start another server? o lord my friend. i get your ambitions but you got to get your ducks in a row before accepting that burden and by proxy making this community suffer.
  4. dusty

    Community Open Q&A

    @Chaos how does owl expect to maintain two servers when subjectively one isn't being run properly? i say subjectively as progress has been made since you've taken over. but in your mind, have you made enough process to say "time to expand". saw your offshoot community expansion topic and im wondering how that works. are you going to bring in more staff, are they going to share a hierarchy? gta v rp is dead and unstable and it always will be. gta v rp is going through what og went through in 2014. corrupt communities, limited tech, no support, and no infrastructure. thats a challenge within its self. i cant say i know how many concurrent you run on MTA but maintaining two communities, two infrastructures, two people ops, sounds like you've got a lot to chew. i always envisioned og has a multi-gaming community but truthfully, i can see it bogged down in the mire of stank that is operations. curious to hear your plan of action and how you as the owner of og see this happening. happy new years by the way.
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    1. Antonia


      wow best friends x

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      bestfriends 4 life

  6. finally the reimplementation of a proven system. gj
  7. dusty

    San Andreas Oil

    is it april fools already?
  8. trying to fuck e-girls you need to STOP

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      bitch i will fucking launch u

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      lesbihonest you aint gonna do shiiiii

    4. dusty


      ill do as i please fuckhead

  9. the time lirik joined our server, bringing hundred of his followers to join the server and troll while he tried to roleplay lmao the time shields and some fag pussy ass mayor had the lspd chief fired and SD took over PD the time all the ricers got mad we had to void out a ic airport being rped as a track, banning over 12 members for refusing to leave the time lspd swat went rogue and started mass-killing the time a satanic cult was discovered after a serial killer lead myself and yass into a standoff with them in a cemetary hideout the time theno decided to get drunk and spawn guns to kill lspd just to have his daddy money stop maxime from banning him because he apologized ay lmao
  10. there comes a time where everyone moves on for their own reasons. glad to see many have taken their time to do so to benefit the community as much as they possibly could. good luck with them and good luck to pixels. happy valentine's day.
  11. happy valentines my little lovable losers

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      called myself daddy dusty lmao

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      fuck i read it with a comma after daddy


      daddy, dusty is a chi...


      forgot that dusty doesn't follow grammar laws or CAPITALS

    4. dusty


      i got it like that. theres a time and a place for everything sir

  12. lets show them we are better

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      dyke* is the correct term 

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      listen lil lesbo ill fight you wassap ill throw your 4'9 inch ass across the world 

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      i dont think so lil guy

  13. you got lead? holy shit it finally happened. congratulations cannoli.

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