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  1. Broken Logger

  2. ** By clicking on the digital poster you would be forwarded to the registration form **
  3. Vinewood Go-Kart Raceway

    "Due to the delay on the first tournament we are glad to announce that the first tournament is going to be held this Friday. Sign up before Thursday in order to join, registering is free!" Copy the format below to sign-up: Registration Form ~ Full Name: Phone Number: Signature: Date:
  4. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    * Robbie Mason gets himself up from the seat, nodding at Justice Ross as he speaks * "I would like to begin with mentioning that I had no involvement in the arrest of Mister Irwin. In my opinion the investigation did not lack substantial grounds, these anonymous tips in combination with the two arrests of Woody Roscoe and Garland Abermurly should be enough reason to conduct an investigation. The two people mentioned on the casefile were seen entering the boundaries of Cliff Town with Mister Roscoe and or Abermurly. I have never mentioned that Mister Irwin is performing illegal activities, but there is people within his community that do so. It has never been my intention to investigate the people who have nothing to do with this, but as mentioned in my opening statement, I was never given the chance to actually set-up a proper investigation. That's all I have to say about this." (( @Zebulon ))
  5. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    "Your honor, I just stated that I am willing to offer their names but I asked you whether I should name them here in the room or tell them to you one on one. I will go ahead now and provide you with their names. The two indivduals who were arrested back then are, Garland Abermurly and Woody Roscoe. They were both in the possession of an illegal firearm and therefore charged with WF009. This is nearly a month ago, at the end of January." (( @Zebulon @Wright @Jord ))
  6. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    "Sorry for replying your honor, but I never said I did not know the names of these two individuals. If allowed I can either mention the two names in this room or private to respect their privacy. " (( @Zebulon @Wright ))
  7. Yes they can. Only casings that have been on the ground for a week will be deleted. @Jord
  8. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    "Your Honor, These arrests were made, you can look it up on their MDC record. I was the one transporting these two suspects, the iniating officers were occupied with other arrests and were supposed to file the arrest warrant, which was discussed between each other. This arrest happened back on Tar Street, Willowfield. This was quite a while ago, so I do not exactly remember who were the iniating officers." (( @Zebulon @Jord @Wright ))
  9. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    "Your honor, I am not within the department anymore and therefore unable to provide you with these documents." (( @Zebulon @Wright ))
  10. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    "Your honor, I received tips from someone within Cliff Town, who's name and other details are unknown due to them wanting to stay anonymous, that people within the community were seen comitting crimes using illegal weapons. Due to intervention of the DA we were never able to add these onto the casefile, and therefore these were never documented. The two people who are listed on the casefile were seen entering the boundaries of Cliff Town and therefore added. Due to the reporter being a citizen of Cliff Town we had enough reason to open a casefile. These suspcions were later confirmed by two arrests, both suspects were part of the community of Cliff Town and were armed." ** Robbie nods at the judge as he lowers himself back onto his seat ** (( @Zebulon @Wright ))
  11. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    ** Robbie Mason slides his seat backwards as he rises up from the seat, turning his gaze to the judge. ** "Your Honor, The reason there is no narrative on this casefile is due to the fact that the casefile was a work in progress and we were not given the chance by the DA to continue with the case because they found it premature. There were leads for an investigation, therefore a casefile was created, but the DA told me to stop working on it. Detective Carrington has nothing to do with the casefile, but was simply assigned by mself." ** Robbie Mason lowers himself onto the seat again, staring straight forward as he keeps a blank expression on his face ** (( @Zebulon @Wright @Jord ))
  12. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    ** Robbie Mason slides his chair backwards as he stands up as he proceeds to speak ** "Your honor, I would also like to respond to the plaintiff's claims. First I would like to mention that I was never involved in the arrest of Earl Irwin, I passed by and stopped for a brief moment. However that doesn't mean I am involved in the situation at all. Now for the claims regarding myself trespassing the property, it was never my intention to trespass the property. I passed by as I was doing my regular patrol through the county when I passed the gates of Cliff Town. At this point I heard people shouting to each other, in quite an agressive manner. It is my duty as a law enforcement officer to make sure everything is safe if I feel like there is something wrong. I stopped, asked him if everything was alright and left after that was confirmed. Mister Irwin did indeed ask me to leave the property, which I complied with. Mister Irwin was verbally agressive towards me. I chose to call 9-1-1 instead of using my duty radio due to myself losing trust in the privacy protection within the department. I have encountered a few situation, one with some people from Cliff Town involved, where my identity was leaked towards the reported people. The DA cleared me off these charges on a few terms which I agreed with. I have not broken these terms at all, and I don't feel that more restrictions are needed. If mister Irwin doesn't want me around Cliff Town, I will not come close to his/their property. As seen in exhibit four, this was after I was cleared by the DA, I did not involve myself with mister Irwin at all while performing my duty on, what apparantly is, his property. I even approached my ex-colleague to tell him to leave it." (( @Zebulon @Wright @DrJoseEviI ))
  13. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    (( Would it be possible to do this trial in-game? If we can find a suitable time for everyone @Wright @Zebulon @DrJoseEviI @Jord ))
  14. Implemented in the last script update.
  15. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    *Robbie Mason enters the court room as he takes a seat next to Richard, downing a nod at him as he shakes his head. He then turns himself to the judge as he nods. * "Detective Mason also present." (( @Wright @Zebulon ))

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