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  1. Tim Cassidy v. Los Santos Police Department

    (( @greenops011 The evidence you provide here, was this all ICly recorded? You can't just paste logs on an IC topic unless it was recorded for example. ))
  2. Lamari Jason

    I'll dig through this appeal tomorrow. Too much to read before I go to sleep.
  3. Character Kill Appeal - Cristove J'Newton

    You disregarded your life by going after the person who robbed you, knowing she was armed. Then after chasing her, you decide to attempt to ram her, which is disregarding your life. Appeal denied.
  4. Character Kill Appeal - Sam E'Angelo

    Yes you will be unCKd.
  5. Character Kill Appeal - Amelia Myers

    The fact that you attempted to hit them off their bike turned it into disregard for life. If you would have just fled from them, it wouldn't really have been disregard for life. You knew they were armed and dangerous and decided to defend yourself using your truck which didn't succeed. Appeal has been denied.
  6. 2018 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

    Name: Rob Bid: starting
  7. Character Kill Appeal - Tommy_Twostep

    My bad, was @Krakkfaen You handled the ticket which is why I assume it was you.
  8. Character Kill Appeal - Tommy_Twostep

    @Cryotich please elobarate your side of this CK so I can come to a conclusion.
  9. Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Exciter for the amazing snowball script!!
  10. Hank Smith - EMT

    Application for Employment Personal Information Full Legal Name: Hank Smith Title (If Any): Phone Number: 644491 Date of Birth: 07/05/2017 Email Address: [email protected] Primary Home Address: Place of Birth (City, State/Province, Country): Los Santos Field applying for(By default Patient care or E.R Care, unless you have a waiver): EMT Are you an American Citizen?: [X] Yes [ ] No Educational Experience Do you possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivilent?: [X] Yes [ ] No Have you obtained a college degree?: [X] Yes [ ] No If so, what type?: [X] Associates Degree in : Advanced Medical Assisting [ ] Bachelors Degree in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ ] Masters Degree in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ ] Doctorate in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ ] PhD in : [Enter Degree Type Here] If you obtained a college degree, where did you obtain it from?: Citrus College Legal Background Have you ever been convicted of a felony?: [ ] Yes [X] No If so, what felony or felonies were you convicted of?: Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor?: [ ] Yes [X] No If so, what misdemeanor or misdemeanors were you convicted of?: Do you understand that All Saints General Hospital (ASGH) reserves the right to have a random background check performed on you whilst employed by us or seeking to be employed by us?: [Y] Yes [ ] No Cover Letter My name is Hank Smith, 40 years old. I've been around in the emergency services since the beginning of my career. My first ever job, which isn't really an emergency service, was at Rapid Towing where I got myself up all the way to the rank of Instructor. After that I applied for the Fire Department which I've been a part of for a few years. Then I decided that treating people and extinguishing fires wasn't what I was looking for to do all my life. I decided to join the Highway Patrol which later turned into the Police Department. In the Police Department I've achieved a lot of things, I received chances to lead units, I've been a Staff Sergeant for quite some time and later on I was chosen to be the Lieutenant and later the Captain of the Detective Bureau. Due to some personal issues I had to decide to resign from the department. Now I got over all of these issues I've decided that my career is going to continue in the medical services again. It's always been something I loved to do, therefore I decided it's time to apply for this vacancy. My hobbies are to hang around with friends, watching and doing sports. I am a person who loves to work in a team and isn't shy to say what is on his heart. I am always willing to assist people and teach them how to do things. I think I would be a great addition to the team. Legal Waiver By signing this form, I, the applicant, understand that any injury, death, or illness that duty may incur whilst incumbent of the All Saints General Hospital, is of no liability towards the company, or its' constituents/subordinate members. I also herein consent to any legal background checks, urinary, blood, or drug testing samples of otherwise, that may be conducted whilst pursuing employment, or maintaining employment status. Signature: HSmith Date: 08/12/2017 I, the applicant, also herein understand that any damages that may occur to property, life, psych, or social status whilst employed by the hospital, are not thus responsibilities to be bore by All Saints General Hospital. Signature: HSmith Date: 08/12/2017 I, the applicant, also understand that I am to render assistance to all those willing, despite any personal vindictive grudge, views, traditions, or customs, to any individual in need. I also understand that patients/victims reserve the right to refuse any treatment or assistance at any point, and I am to cease and desist at aforementioned point, whilst providing waiver of departure towards the afflicted refuser. Signature: HSmith Date: 08/12/2017 Finally, I, the applicant, understands and agrees to adhere to all policies, ethos, codes, and procedures that are standard to the All Saints General Hospital, with failure subject to penalty of termination of employment, revocation of benefits, as well as docking of pay. Signature: HSmith Date: 08/12/2017 OOC Information Username: SjoerdPSV Age: 20 Faction History: RT, LSFD, JGC, LSPD Hours: 3324 Prior Characters: https://gyazo.com/08f8ec2628704bba56980616083109fb Admin History: https://gyazo.com/94494fb59f7f2fa55a2843306c38f51a Do you possess any OOC knowledge which will help you in the position which you are applying for with us? If so, briefly elaborate: I've had a course from my work where I learned how to provide basic medical help. I know how to perform CPR, how to cover wounds etcetera.
  11. [Admin] - Log (un)registering vehicles

    How is an administrator supposed to do this without contacting the owner? It is literally logged nowhere.
  12. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Log (un)registering vehicles What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Admin What is the suggestion?- To add a log entry for (un)registering vehicles. For Example: I am currently part of DB with one of my characters. When we perform an investigation where we would like to check the last registered owner of a vehicle we make a report (This is still necessary of course) and the handling admin has to ask the player if he would be the last registered owner. This leads to the player knowing he is being investigated. What are the advantages?- Investigating without alerting the suspect No struggles to find when and who (un)registered a car What are the disadvantages?- Can't think of any Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Should be easy to do.
  13. Residential - 4 Vice Street, Market.

    Name: ImIn Bid: 100,000$

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