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  1. Im fairly certain LS will be opened to RP, and maybe the spawn moved, but Paleto and the rest of Blaine county wont be removed from the play area yes? Maybe @Chaos could clear it up.
  2. ((I'm not going to argue with you here. If you have a problem, speak with Chaos. Now please continue the court case with the evidence that has already been laid out in Chaos' post. Up until this point, you magically had no idea how fast you were going, and couldn't even give me a ballpark. Now that there is one line in the logs showing one instance of your speed, you remember clearly you were going "10 over the speed limit". Stop picking and choosing what you remember. This line in the logs only proves you were going that speed at one point, but given the situation and the vehicle you were using, you were likely going much faster, hence the "High Speeds" ruling. Unless you can provide proof you were only going 10 over the whole chase, I suggest this case go on without any further OOC interjection.))
  3. ((As Chaos has already stated, the HSIU was driving at high speeds. From now on there there should be no exact speed used in evidence, "high speeds" is what we're going off of right now.))
  4. ((This case can resume. The dashcam footage would show the following in addition to what was already posted.)), **During the pursuit, the SUV's speed would peak out to just over 100kph, with the HSIU matching it's speed when needed to keep pace with the vehicle.**
  5. ((This case is paused for the time being pending a ticket outcome to clear up a few things))
  6. May Talos watch over you friend. Welcome back.
  7. So i'd like to point out that while yes, Borislav's intention might have been to only beat Justice up, Borislav pulled a gun out, escalating the situation. They were both CKed, because they both disregarded. Pulling a gun on someone is not a smart move. How is that person supposed to know you're not about to kill them? If you pull a gun out on someone, in most cases it's disregard. He was able to draw on you and you both died. It's as simple as that.
  8. Yeah we have a bunch, just haven't posted them @fluX I always forget to take them lol @JuanTwoThree usually takes them.
  9. Founding The Aryan Knights Motorcycle Club was formed by a group of close friends in mid march of 2019. Most of these founding members were involved in various White Supremacist criminal elements across the state, with the majority coming from the now defunct street gang, Public Enemy No. 1 The founding members, now going under the title of "The Council" drafted a set of rules to lay the foundation for the club. These rules are know as "The Ten Commandments". Activities The Club takes part in various Criminal and legal business ventures, most of which were carried over from other rackets the members ran before the founding. These include Vehicle Theft, Drug Production, Drug Sales, Robbery, Petty Theft, among many others. Goals While the Club's main motivation is monetary gain, it's members and leadership commonly take violent and decisive actions to further their ideological goals. While they often openly do business with non-white criminal groups, they see this as simply a means to an end. ((OOC Disclaimers)) Any person or group willingly associating with the Club, whether by membership, repeated interactions or prolonged business arrangements can be subject to a CK at the discretion of the Club's leadership. This faction commonly participates in extremely violent, sexual, and racist roleplay situations. If you are easily offended by such things, then this faction might not be for you. All of the information in this thread is strictly OOC. If you are a member, you'll learn certain aspects of this thread as you RP with us.
  10. @guntars Is that a Wheel of Time picture I see?
  11. Still, he told you to do something, you didn't. Multiple, multiple times. Maybe he was making sure you were unarmed before grabbing the money? If he saw you had a gun, well, you wouldn't have been CKed, he probably would have just taken it.
  12. He never once revealed his waist. As you can see, Bradley stalled, writing one line for a whole 30 seconds, and only placed his hand on his waist. Gets hit in the face, told to do it again, still, doesn't do it. Instead of revealing his waist, he just kept pleading, not complying with the robber at all.
  13. I was one of the CK performers. I agree that Anal should NOT have PMed you, honestly it was kind of stupid. But I still think that CK would have went though as we drove to you when we saw you moving for the car. You were shot at with a Tec-9, and in the time it would have taken for you to actually get in, I think you still would have been hit multiple times. From the video, you were walking slowly to your car as you typed. I assume you would have continued that exact movement even if you hadn't been PMing Anal. In that case the result would have been the same. Also keep in mind your car was FACING us, so to get in, you'd have been an easy target as you were entering, even if you made it all the way to the car.
  14. @Adams that would be awesome.
  15. Name: Lrae Comment: Hang yourselves. It saves the rest of us the trouble.
  16. @Maikeyy2 Congratulations! You've won the auction! Email me for the details.
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