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  1. This is why we can't have nice things. GL on this though.
  2. /status /status2 I like it.
  3. Right. I don't have the time nor energy to fight everyone on Owl because they believe their character shouldn't be forced to roleplay having bloodshot eyes after smoking pot. Truthfully I believe some realistic things should be forced upon someone because otherwise, nobody is going to RP it. But my opinion is shit so why bother, right?
  4. I think for somethings, it should be forced. I know for a fact people don't RP the side effects of drugs and it's a bit powergaming tbh.
  5. As discussed with you privately and now openly, The entire purpose of telling you that the Fire Marshall service was back up was to create roleplay. In our private chat, I brought this point up multiple times. Forcing players to do something, such as having to obtain a generic item, and then voiding it for yourself seems hypocritical. With this being said, this is exactly why I am using JGC to obtain physical items for Ambulances/Fire Engines/Other rescue vehicles. I feel that allowing people to ass pull items out of a vehicle is unrealistic and seeing that other players cannot do it, we shouldn't be able to do it. There are multiple companies that are able to install fire safety equipment, to which, I might contract to help with the installation of buildings. JGC and Sparta Inc are on my top list of companies to be used. JGC may be dying, but I am not a person to allow something that's been around for a very long time to die. Which is why they are one of my choices when it comes to giving them some roleplay. Not only am I using them for Deliveries, I am planning on using them for Vehicle Insurance seeing that IRL, ALL vehicles are required to be insured. If one of my vehicles gets damaged, I'd use the insurance money to most likely pay the mechanics at Sparta Inc to repair our vehicles. All of my actions are to create and further roleplay. Fire Marshals are coming back. They are an important part of the department. They create roleplay opportunities and further city development. Just because previous leaders of the Emergency Medical Services failed to get things in motion... doesn't mean I will. I look forward to creating roleplay and upon improving things. And I didn't talk with you first. This came about when I had a discussion with ThatGuy and my Fire Investigation Division, to which, the entire topic was brought up. I then brought it to you because I wanted to keep you in the loop.
  6. I just bought a keyboard that has the keybind feature...
  7. Looking for an experienced lawyer to do various tasks such as: Write and endorse legal letters. Defend against civil cases against a large department when needed. Give legal advise on certain topics. Inform and prepare civil and criminal cases against others for actions taken against the department. Requirements: Must be BAR certified and able to practice law in San Andreas. Must have 5 years experience or more. Must have good accreditation. Must have knowledge of San Andreas Laws and Regulations. Pay will be discussed at interview. To apply, send your resume to [email protected] ((Forums PM me your resume)).
  8. I need full perms over https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/215-los-santos-department-of-public-safety/ Thanks!
  9. Hola! I need perms for DPS on Teamspeak.
  10. Name: Private Bid: Buyout. Comment: If still for sale.
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