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  1. As discussed with you privately and now openly, The entire purpose of telling you that the Fire Marshall service was back up was to create roleplay. In our private chat, I brought this point up multiple times. Forcing players to do something, such as having to obtain a generic item, and then voiding it for yourself seems hypocritical. With this being said, this is exactly why I am using JGC to obtain physical items for Ambulances/Fire Engines/Other rescue vehicles. I feel that allowing people to ass pull items out of a vehicle is unrealistic and seeing that other players cannot d
  2. Hola! I need perms for DPS on Teamspeak.
  3. Name: Private Bid: Buyout. Comment: If still for sale.
  4. Also, some plates are mud/dirt resistant. And it's hard to slap mud on a surface and it stick. Vibration can easily remove the mud. If someone really wanted to cover their plates, they'd just remove them. If for some reason mud did stick to a vehicle plate, an officer would instantly ticket you here in the South (IDK about other places.) It's a misdemeanor to cover your plates/have faulty tail-lights. That's why you always check your plates after mud riding in the south. Cops are really seriously about this stuff.
  5. Rule Discussion Subject: Auction House Rules I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: I was in a bidding war over a car for like... a week. I camped the clock for hours. When the final moment arrived, someone places a bid and the Auction closes without me being able to even counter bid. I believe if this should happen, the auction should be extended an extra hour to allow a person to counter bid. Example where this happened: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/82558-bots-2017-lexus-rc-f/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-550749
  6. Recently an admin made me go around ASH/SEMC and place notes showing where all keycard pads were, what all security guards carried in regards to weapons, and metal detector notes. I think we should use the note system. If you log out in your house, put a note of where your character is and what he/she is doing. If someone wants to break into your house, an admin can look inside... find the note... and disapprove the break in because your character would be there. As for people leaving the notes on purpose to avoid their house getting robbed... An admin can see when
  7. That's why I didn't say to rule it out all together. I suggested it be approved. Unless someone has a legit backstory and is legit roleplaying illegally and has the backstory to go with it... I don't care. But when someone makes a kid character just to go around breaking laws for the fun of the drama... It's a big pain in the ass. And usually the ones who legit RP illegal characters try to cover it up and stay hidden. The ones who doesn't care and go around breaking laws are the ones that the rule is aimed at.
  8. Rule Discussion Subject: Children Roleplay while in professional care I want to...: New Rule Elaboration: So, recently I have noticed that there are many people RPing as children now, which is completely fine. The part that isn't fine is how children are dealt with. It seems the community here fails to realize that the American Childcare system is very complex. As America continues to progress, rules for childcare has also progressed. This is typically how some situations are handled: -Child Abandonment/Abuse/Homelessness-
  9. I discussed this with an admin and they completely fought me on American cops having racks like this. I have been apart of my local police department since I was 14 years old. I'm 21 in November. I've worked as a Police Dispatcher for half a year. I've rode in police cars. Every cop car I have ever been in has racks in it. Even when I did my ride along, the FTO I was riding with turned to me, pointed at his AR-15 and said "If shit goes down, hammer it back and pull the trigger." This was shocking to me but completely legit. It wasn't even locked in the rack
  10. Why is it "The People Vs <Name>"

    To be fair, the people don't really give two shits >.< It should be "CPQL/Courts Vs <whoever>".

  11. I love the fact PD has cadets and IRL the only place you see cadets is in Academy >.> After they get out of Academy, they are basically cops on probation and they have to ride with a FTO. lol

  12. I think it'd be a waste of time. For one, nobody would really pay any attention to it unless there is a cop nearby. Even right now I blow through stops and such. Of course, I never get caught either so... yea.
  13. 100% Agree. Can't allow them to roleplay "something horrifying and weird as fuck" because this can break Federal Laws, and not IG. Honestly, I do think there should be some type of process to void out those who immaturely act out IC and OOCly. I also think the person playing a child should actually play a child and not do something a child wouldn't do IRL. An example would be an RP I was in a few days ago. A person told me OOCly they were going to take their child character into the bathroom of Burger Shot and climb out a window to escape just because they h
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