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  1. Damn, sad to see this community go. But thanks for all those good times back on MTA. When I left, I got one of the warmest farewells I've ever gotten and I'll never forget that. I owe a lot to Owl, when it comes to some of my skills and passions, met a ton of great people. Hope all goes well for all of you in life! I'm also including some good old Owl Character in the background of my animated short film, been working on it since 2019 so I think some friends shall be delighted to see some funny references.
  2. @Conkers Damn, just noticed me being tagged here while going through emails. Been a long time since I last RPd in this community, but it was super fun, sad that all the fun stories and threads are gone now, but it was truly a fun time. I kinda owe my current career to the old MTA server, taught me so much about digital art! Dude, you've been a great pal to RP with and mess around with all over the years, your business mindset developed a ton and seeing all those ideas be realized was super cool. We would struggle and work a ton just to get a house for 4 people in some ghetto area at one point and fast forward a few years and we'd be trying to explore the limits of what was even possible on the server. Really fun times for sure! I've preserved it all in my memory and I've even put in a ton of easter eggs from the MTA server into my short film! Do wish you the best of luck in life and all your endeavors! You're a great lad and can't wait to see how far you'll get in life!
  3. Was interested in returning to the MTA on OG, but it seems like the server has been empty for a week, that's a rip for me. 
    Always enjoyed big city RP here since OG had the best city RP in all of MTA. None of that in V and the whole country thing ain't for me. Unfortunate. 
    Hope the people who stick around have fun though :D This community's been nice to me for the most part and I appreciate it. 
    I really want to make a departure post sometime but it seems the section for that is long gone. I wanna detail my journey through here and thank the people who've made this entire journey a blast! 
    I've enjoyed all the years I've been here, met quite a lot of good friends, learning to make skins for Owl actually led me to 3D modeling and now I've made a career out of it IRL! 

    1. Deuce


      Don't be emo and play on V, it'll move to LS sooner or later

    2. Piney


      Only once it moves to LS, I'll do other stuff til then :D 

    3. Nachtfalke


      No interest in either. Love this community, though. Was cool hanging out with you!

  4. I'm down for Findbook V Maybe also call it something that doesn't sound like a website middle aged people use to find sexually repressed partners as well.
  5. HIV positive, fuck me lmao 
    Guess it's time to slow down and get back to gaming 

  6. thiccbois succ

  7. I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose 

  8. UwU

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Piney


      ÕwÕ *Pulls out meat scepter* 

    3. RCB


      nice passive rp bro keep it up bro

    4. Buddy


      UwU in the streets, OwO under the sheets.

  9. rice is nice

    1. Crimson


      I agree friend.

  10. Oh my, glad to see that so much progress has been made :o Hope I'll have enough time to upgrade my PC before we have a chance to try it out haha
  11. Oh my This is looking really good. Sort of reminds me of how the Arma games worked haha Can't wait!
  12. forever mist but not forgot

  13. Heh, I like the look of this, quite professional. Though I suppose that defeats the purpose of my long time passion of making custom skin textures which I have come to love and adore over the years due to being like a form of art, which has gotten quite a few people into graphic arts . Oh well.
  14. Happy exiting your mother's womb day! ;)

    1. Suicidal


      Tyvm, i sliced a pony's neck tho.

  15. Congrats to all who made it
  16. Really enjoyed the past month as a whole, I must admit. All tough the first week or two seemed to be rather rough, a lot of the changes I've seen come after that have been for the better, the event was fun and brought back a sense of community which I hadn't experienced for a while and to top it all off, the new staff members have been some of the most active I've ever seen - I truly for once haven't had the issue with no admins online since that new roster was chosen, so I truly thank the people involved in making the selection . I hope that we as a community can strive even further, so here's to an even better February! And a side note on something that was also mentioned here. @Portside You've done a brilliant job on these wearable items and seeing those made me so freaking happy. I'm sort of a customization freak I suppose, so I can not wait for this to be fully implemented once everything has been polished. Keep doing what you're doing! - <3
  17. Happy day of the birth, Manshot ;)

  18. Oh shit, Kaasis is and admin now o.o guess we can finally say goodbye to waiting on reports, cus this guy is online 24/7 xd congrats And congratulations, my Queen, you'll make a good admen @QueenC@Kaasisbaas
  19. ''The big one'' ? Capturing and executing Thomas Mengele? Anyways, I'm liking a lot of these changes that Chaos mentioned and I hope that this will please those, who have had a lot of complaints as of late.
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