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  1. Was interested in returning to the MTA on OG, but it seems like the server has been empty for a week, that's a rip for me. 
    Always enjoyed big city RP here since OG had the best city RP in all of MTA. None of that in V and the whole country thing ain't for me. Unfortunate. 
    Hope the people who stick around have fun though :D This community's been nice to me for the most part and I appreciate it. 
    I really want to make a departure post sometime but it seems the section for that is long gone. I wanna detail my journey through here and thank the people who've made this entire journey a blast! 
    I've enjoyed all the years I've been here, met quite a lot of good friends, learning to make skins for Owl actually led me to 3D modeling and now I've made a career out of it IRL! 

    1. Deuce


      Don't be emo and play on V, it'll move to LS sooner or later

    2. Piney


      Only once it moves to LS, I'll do other stuff til then :D 

    3. Nachtfalke


      No interest in either. Love this community, though. Was cool hanging out with you!

  2. HIV positive, fuck me lmao 
    Guess it's time to slow down and get back to gaming 

  3. thiccbois succ

  4. I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose 

  5. UwU

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Piney


      ÕwÕ *Pulls out meat scepter* 

    3. RCB


      nice passive rp bro keep it up bro

    4. Buddy


      UwU in the streets, OwO under the sheets.

  6. rice is nice

    1. Crimson


      I agree friend.

  7. forever mist but not forgot

  8. Happy exiting your mother's womb day! ;)

    1. Suicidal


      Tyvm, i sliced a pony's neck tho.

  9. Happy day of the birth, Manshot ;)

  10. Happy birthday, other Piney <3

  11. Piney

    Happy birthday, TonyTheX

    1. KFN


      TonyTheX you what? But yes cheers bud!

  12. Happy birthday :x <3

  13. Happy birthday meme man! I still remember those 2 times we talked for a minute <3

  14. I've been really bugged by the lack of help I've been getting when i ask for it in this community in the past few months. I mean, I get support, but I only get lead to another direction rather then being given the answer. 

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, it has to do my main alt's gender identity. I've really been struggling with it the past few months and took me a long while before I even could find a person able to do the procedures like the sex change operation. But it all always goes down the drain like it doesn't really matter.

    It really annoys me. Stuff like this has been really hard for me irl and to see my character, who has been the representation of my irl self for over a year now, get screwed over like that for OOC reasons is really hurtful to me. I just want to feel myself free to roleplay as who I want. I'm not being some superhuman character who is able to wield multiple talents and professions. I'm just a human. Everything that I do and that has happened to my character has affected my own outlooks on life. Hell, my old main alt was even a vegan before me IRL. So it just makes me sad seeing how hard it is to get this settled in a video game. Sure, it's not easy in real life, but the main issue usually that comes in real life when I look at it is being too poor and not being able to afford the operations, while here there really is no way for me to get this sorted. I'd really passive it tbh, but I wanted to go the extra mile to get this done properly. But even so I just end up feeling like I've been stomped all over. 

    I want this sorted soon, all tough I doubt it will ever be cleared up. I just want more freedom for my character. Otherwise it just crushes the feeling of escapism it used to give me :c

    1. BusterAces


      I feel like you might be taking this game a little too serious. You shouldn't be using Owl or any other game to ''escape'' reality.

    2. Piney


      Yet whenever I face reality I get shit thrown at my face. Just how life is. To put it simply, I never truly mattered to society and never really will, then why not spend my time on something where I get to be around people I can actually talk to without the constant fear of fading into the background. 

    3. Error404


      Gotta think though, this community in all honesty won't support something they don't understand . The maturity level is not up to par when it comes to things like that. I'm sorry you're going through this. :(

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