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  1. All of them don't need UA perms. I was mainly talking about the one that uses the SWAT model, as it scriptwise allows people to survive at least one headshot. Don't want people abusing it.
  2. I'll put the IDs the Wiki shows, but since I uninstalled MTA, I can't get the exact IDs that may be on Owl
  3. Seeing as I quit the server for good this time, I doubt it will ever be done by me at least. I think there are some really good security factions out there, but they don't provide the type of RP I'd like to see. I like the idea of there being a boot camp and a base, etc. My type of RP wouldn't have been really profitable probably, but I wouldn't have minded paying for it out of my pocket as I think fun RP comes before stats any day. And while I became inactive, the amazing plot of land I would have used for the base/boot camp became some ricer drift field again, which I think is air as there are more people who prefer such RP on the sever. Thus I believe currently such RP is not possible. Someone can probably try in the summer tho when there are more players online! Could work out nicely. I'll take a look at the Afro-American skins once I get home, hopefully the files open up properly!
  4. There were also unfinished African and Asian version of the PMC skins. I can look for them on my old hard drive if someone is interested. I'm recovering old files there anyways so it wouldn't require too much extra work.
  5. As a parting gift, I want to give something nice to the people of OwlGaming. All of my personal skins. This only includes skins I made for myself or my characters and nothing I made for friends or clients. I began making skins way back in the summer of 2015 as there were no skins on sale that were to my liking. There weren't many helpful tutors or tutorials for me so I basically figured it out on my own. I disliked the thought of bothering people for something and I believed that I could make what I needed the best. These skins were made around 2016 and early 2018. One was for more casual RP, as my character was a Veteran. Danielle Bailer Veteran Skin - Unused Concept There was one skin I made specifically for my militant feminist alt. There were quite a few but I feel like this is the funniest, though I never wore it. Astrid Hornet - Purple Hair Feminist Soldier The rest were meant for a TWCN short film depicting a visit into a war zone that would end with a terrorist ambush. I had all the equipment and I had made plans for it for a few weeks, I got contacts for people but the actors never showed up and kept jumping shit despite me offering to overpay them. It was such a shame but that made me realize that I could never truly make my visions a reality on a roleplay server. Norbid Bailer - With Kevlar Vest A few months after when I started RPing on a new main, I thought of making a PMC type of security faction because I really loved the old USMCR faction and missed military RP but it was obvious that the FMT wasn't interested in that anymore. I had put around 2 Million dollars on the side to buy vehicles and a location out of town for the base. Then my university course started and I had to become inactive and resign from the GAT. Here are the skins I designed. Standard Male Standard Sean Howard Standard Female *FORGOT SCREENS IG RIP* Standard Tactical *NOTE* Some of those skins require UAT Permission. You may do with the textures as you please. Hopefully they go to good use! ❤️ Which Skinpack you want next? Suits or Memes? Let me know down below!
  6. Name: WolfCub Comment: It's time for the memes to end.

  8. *This Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub Main Page, uploaded on February 17th 2019* Team WolfCub, Harlend Who and SAAN Present The Submissions are open (Link found down below) And the fans are going wild! I suggest signing up if you're interesting in becoming a millionaire! Anyways, this will be the 3rd out of 4 revision lists! It won't include everything you need to know, But some of the key moments will be here! It will help you during the show! Here is our list of our picks for Top 5 The Young Kill Moments in History! Number 5 Political Influence It is no exaggeration to say that Politics plays a large influence in the world of The Young Kill. The story itself takes place in an alternate world, where superpowers were unlocked inside certain people by experimental chemicals in 1928. Such events changed the way events in the world would play out. The second World War was won by Nazi Germany, though their allies weren't as lucky. After the war and the coming decades, the world changed even further. The Nazi government in Europe and a large part of Africa was eventually toppled by revolutionaries. Asia and a large part of Russia has become barren through heavy nuclear warfare during the second world war. Australia has been taken over by powerful entities and geniuses who have almost single handedly made it's government one of the most successful technological powerhouses in history. The nazi power however still lies in North America where the most powerful human in history, Klaus, resides. The mere fact that he lives has stopped WW3 from breaking out. But tensions are on the rise as Australia unveils it's Space Fleet and as the remnants of Russia and the EU unite their forces. The story itself takes place on the West Coast of Neue America in 2004 and it largely remains there til the end of Volume 2. The plot aside, there are numerous real life political references in the story. Take for example, Klaus's training chambers. The building clearly draws influence from the Los Santos City Hall. The flags on the pillars were intentionally designed to parody the CPQL banners that proudly decorated the building for months on end. But the political influences don't stop there. The character of Klaus was designed after the real-life politician Klaus Wunnenberg from the San Andreas Socialist Party. The politician themselves seemed to be quite fond of the series from the very beginning and that earned him a spot as a character in the series. But Wunnenberg wasn't the only politician to express their love for the series. The Commissioner before Howard, Mosley, also stated that they were a fan in an interview. And she even managed to get the early draft of Volume 3 when WolfCub was invited to Commissioner Hill. It seems that even political rivals can agree on one thing: The Young Kill is a masterpiece. Number 4 The Animated Series The animated series is a retelling of the first volume. It was generally loved by fans but it did not garner the same popularity as previous entries and so it was cancelled after just one episode. It would have gone on to feature additional stories to flesh out the characters and to add more substance to the world. Number 3 Volume 3? Volume 3 was never truly released, but early drafts of it do exist. Work on it started shortly after Volume 2 released but it was halted when WolfCub was hospitalized by a black gang. WolfCub did work on it from time to time but as TWCN Weekly was taking off, he barely had any time to focus on the volume. The story itself would have been separated into around 6 parts and a lot longer than the previous two. It would have not only given an origin to the villain introduced in volume 2's cliffhanger ending but it would have changed the setting immensely. The volume would have started 60 years in the future and would feature a flurry of new character and newer versions of the older ones. It would have gone heavier into the sci-fi genre as well as time travel. Many new concepts would have been introduced and there was even some chatter about there being a Harlend Who crossover. There would be extra chapters as well, explaining the timeline's history and to give some of the characters and the world in 2064 more backstory. These are just some of the examples or the work that went into creating Volume 3, many of this being never before seen. The story would begin with a literal bang a a villain of the week going by the name of Jakob Geldschmitt was robbing the government's gold reserves. He would be intercepted by the future version of Almond, the daughter of WolfCub, in her demonic state. The fight would have gone on but not in her favor and she would eventually be bested by Jakob. Jakob nearly manages to escape but is stopped by the old Klaus, his age now in his 120s. All though he stopped Jakob, he took quite a bit of damage. Seeing as his time was coming, he decided to fuse with WolfCub, granting WolfCub the Power of Burn, which he had to master. Meanwhile conflicts were erupting in West-Africa and a dark evil was brewing... While there was a hiatus in the creation of the Volume, there was still artwork being released actively, featuring the classical versions of the characters and the future ones. The series was starting to go into another direction and the quality had to go up as well. There were a ton of unreleased concept art pieces for the volume but here are a few of our favorites: This giant merman would have been 700 meters long and he had telekinetic powers unrivaled. He would have been an ally to future WolfCub. He had enough power to pull out a tectonic plate from the Earth's crust to use it to take out the main Dark Entity in the future but that wasn't enough and as a result he was killed. FoxHound was the son of WolfCub and the older half-brother to Almond. He wasn't a demonborn like Almond and he was born as a regular child. But he became feral due to his powers which lead to him cannibalizing his mother. His powers included collecting DNA within his body and activating the traits at will as long as they weren't dominant. Dominant traits, such as his beastial form and long tongue were dominant traits and such he could never maintain his human form unlike his father. Will Volume 3 ever be released? The answer is Yes actually. The series will probably go through a soft reboot to include the many changes to the plot we have planned to have. The series will look different and it will be written in a different way but the interesting ideas and concepts will be explored even further. So if you're ever interested in learning more about the series, do let us know! Number 2 The Original Kill Following the success of WolfCub's previous two works, LS Girlfriend and Idlewood Explosion, The Young Kill takes TWCN content in a whole different direction. Being and over the top satirical representation of WolfCub's early life in Los Santos, it features some rather graphic imagery and dialogue. The world was still new and thus some of the ideas were still being explored. WolfCub in the story is a gun for hire, but there was an air of mystery to him the whole time. He didn't seem to be a regular human and by the end of the story you realize that he appears to even be a monster of some sorts. The artwork and story were highly controversial for some but for others who realized the artistic significance, it was a rather good read. The story featured light symbolism and references to the fictional world of TYK as well as the real one. It introduced fan favorite characters and it got it's own animated adaptation. Number 1 The Sequel This Volume truly shaped the series. Being as popular as the first entry, it's more or less the face of The Young Kill series these days. The story continues right from the cliffhanger where Volume 1 ended and much like Volume 3, it begins with a bang but a different kind than the third installment. The artwork and character writing were a lot darker and grittier than in the first volume but as many pointed out, the quality had skyrocketed. The volume begins with one of the most disturbing scene in the series where WolfCub uncontrollably turns into his feral form and impregnates Mia which results in a demonbirth, where a child is born in an instant and into an adult body. That causes the mother to die. The child was called Almond and had enormous potential from the beginning. She had a craving for blood but as she was not fully mentally developed yet, WolfCub decided to seek counseling from his former teacher, Klaus. She possessed a hint of The Power of Burn as well as great speed and healing. She would often travel so fast that her own skin would begin to boil and ignite. Once she unlocked her own feral form in the future, she became the fastest organism in the world. The volume of course included heavier world building as it established more facts about the government to explain some of the events in the first volume and it introduced us to the special powers some characters possessed, such as the feral forms and The Power of Burn. Klaus was another fan favorite character and he was introduced near the end of the Volume. The series also showed the world from a different perspective than just WolfCub's. It ended on an amazing cliffhanger that made fans hungry for more content and it teased us with the series' main villain. Out of the released volumes, Volume 2 was the most ambitious and the most loved which is why it gets the Number 1 spot on this list. What did you think of our list? Did we miss anything? Let us know down below! Be sure to Drop a Like! *Comments would be ENABLED* *SUBMISSION FORM*
  9. *This Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub Main Page, uploaded on February 14th 2019* Team WolfCub, Harlend Who and SAAN Present The Submissions are open (Link found down below) And the fans are going wild! I suggest signing up if you're interesting in becoming a millionaire! Anyways, this will be the 2nd out of 4 revision lists! It won't include everything you need to know, But some of the key moments will be here! It will help you during the show! Here is our list of our picks for THE BEST OF HARLEND WHO! In no particular order The Harlend Falls By far one of the more emotional episodes. The writing in this episode is phenomenal and that makes it extremely engaging to watch. It features the dreaded cybermen and is also a spectacular end for the classic John Harlend as he is reincarnated into a new body. The final scene in particular pulls at the viewers' heartstrings. Even if you're not a fan of Sci-fi in particular, this episode deserves a watch! The Cofession Dial An episode full of interesting character moments for John and probably one of the more creative episodes when it comes to the man's intelligence and analytical skills. It has some really gripping concepts for time travel. Definitely a must watch! The Night of The Orange The dreaded Orange strikes at last! One of the more popular entries in the series and an all around fun episode. John displays to everyone why he is the number one time traveler instead of that fraud. You go John! The Somewhat Earthly Child Another roller coaster of emotions for sure. This episode has our main characters facing another obstacle but during their adventure something terrible happens! John manages to undo the situation, but in doing so he learns a valuable lesson. The Tin Can The most recent entry in the series and a damn good one at that! The production quality only keeps getting better and better and if you've been keeping up with the show, this will be a thrilling experience! Allies turn into foes and John must make some difficult decisions. This episode also leads into the episode that will be premiering at our event on Sunday! The preview for it can be seen here! What did you think of our list? Did we miss anything? Let us know down below! Be sure to Drop a Like! *Comments would be ENABLED* *SUBMISSION FORM*
  10. *This Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub Main Page, uploaded on February 14th 2019* Team WolfCub, Harlend Who and SAAN Present The Submissions are open (Link found down below) And the fans are going wild! I suggest signing up if you're interesting in becoming a millionaire! Anyways, this will be the 1st out of 4 revision lists! It won't everything you need to know, But some of the key moments will be here! It will help you during the show! Here is our list of our Top 10 picks for WolfCub's Whackiest moments!: We decided to not include The Young Kill, because that deserves it's own list! Number 10 Porn Star Not known to many, WolfCub was actually a porn star at one point! How crazy is that? But it only lands at the top 10 spot due to it's mere existence as it's just bizarre. Number 9 Music Sensation WolfCub isn't just a talented artist, filmmaker or actor, he is also A Rap Legend! His most popular song ''Money N' Bitches'' broke records across the board! It has a rather deep message and it even broke some listeners into tears. Number 8 YouTube Drama The heat was real as WolfCub confronted one of his biggest rivals in town! The Dreaded Yaysian! The video got rather heated between the two, though WolfCub emerged victorious! Number 7 Mengele Vs Ramerov Being only the second video WolfCub ever uploaded, it was incredible what it achieved at the time! It featured two political rivals mid campaign confronting each other but it also had a shocking twist, where a man ROBS Mengele! Number 6 Extra Dip Another episode featuring some political moments, this episode took the city by storm! The comment sections went wild! The style was also different for this episode and at the time, it was the most polished episode to date! Number 5 Ricers Not only was this the episode that first featured WolfCub's co-host Jess, but it had a unique take on the Ricer community. It didn't include any recent news as WolfCub tried to stray away from such things as there were many other news outlets that already covered them. It was geared more towards entertainment and education than anything. Doing this episode wasn't easy though! Many ricers threatened to beat WolfCub up, if this episode were to air! In the end nothing bad happened and the episode was somewhat successful. Number 4 The Hillary Clinton of LS Standing as the last piece of content WolfCub made in his MS Paint style, it brings together all of it's strengths, to make a memorable piece of entertainment! It talks about a ''greedy and powerhungry'' woman in Los Santos as well as comments on some key issues present in the city's society. Number 3 Where it all began This is truly where it all began! WolfCub's first video uploaded onto YouTube. Though it was somewhat controversial as it was uploaded during a heated political race, it got a lot of people invested into the personality of WolfCub, including a rival. Number 2 WolfCub needs a girlfriend It was the second piece of content of it's kind that WolfCub created in his MS Paint revolution and for a long time stood as the most popular piece of WolfCub media. It mainly tries to point out the issues with Los Santos' social norms in hopes of getting WolfCub laid. Number 1 Revolution All though the follow up to CITY HALL MASSACRE was popular in it's own right, this piece of WolfCub Content Is by far the most popular one. The content focuses on a larger scale riot featuring extreme violence between Antifa and Racial Purists. Not only did it set a high bar for the episodes to come with it's style, but it was also the first episode recorded in the old studio! The content brought new in new fans and the new ones also seemed to be happy with the direction. Being probably the longest episode of TWCN, it can stand tall as the most successful piece of WolfCub media to date! What did you think of our list? Did we miss anything? Let us know down below! Be sure to Drop a Like! *Comments would be ENABLED* *SUBMISSION FORM*
  11. Name: WolfCub Comment: We already have 5 accepted submissions! The chances of you actually winning are quite big so don't be frightened by the prospect. Most people don't even try. This will be 100% non-profit on my part so you won't have to worry about losing anything. Good luck to anyone who decides to enter!
  12. Name: WolfCub Comment: Contact us VIA email to arrange that
  13. Name: WolfCub Comment: Gona have to show up at the event to see for yourself
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