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  1. I think that's a good point, lots of people got stuff to do IRL as well so we can't expect everyone to always be available, especially when the population is low on the server. I'll see if I can reinstate as an MTA admin whenever the next chance arises. I wouldn't mind sitting on most of the day (could tab out and do my work, since I mostly work from home anyway and tab in to do reports), I enjoy the chaos RP a lot whenever there are people and admins on and I think it's a good direction for the MTA server for now. Been enjoying the RP a lot and I wouldn't mind helping out with chaotic events to bring in more people. As the winter comes nearer, it gives more possibilities for such things. Also another suggestion, if I may: Change the name of the server in the MTA listings a bit to reflect the current nature of the Server so new people that may join aren't turned off when they find out the server's new direction and that we attract the right type of people.
  2. Also a suggestion. Have Dupont accessible via command so if anyone needs a custom skin, it's done OOCly. Characters can RP tailoring their own clothes, equipment from the materials they gather/loot ICly but if someone needs an outfit to suit their character, they shouldn't necessarily need to go to a giant tower with a fully functional business. I also think that admins should spawn in items to be wild animals, etc, so people could hunt or capture them to then breed and herd them for a source of food. This setting has a lot of potential for RP, been hauling around a lot of equipment and trading myself, need more stuff to do really but hard when there isn't any scripted stuff I could do.
  3. So, been a while since I last had a skinpack This one is rather straight forward. Also, gona include a few edgy bonus skins! Made a few Bridges skins inspired by Death Stranding since MTA Owl is also in full chaos mode. They're for ID 287 Feel free to use them, their assets or modify them. Enjoy! Edgy Bonus skins!!!
  4. Piney

    The survivors

    This stuff is just amazing!! Hope this server becomes more active again, this is the type of RP I've been craving for :33
  5. This is where the fun begins >:)
  6. Was interested in returning to the MTA on OG, but it seems like the server has been empty for a week, that's a rip for me. 
    Always enjoyed big city RP here since OG had the best city RP in all of MTA. None of that in V and the whole country thing ain't for me. Unfortunate. 
    Hope the people who stick around have fun though :D This community's been nice to me for the most part and I appreciate it. 
    I really want to make a departure post sometime but it seems the section for that is long gone. I wanna detail my journey through here and thank the people who've made this entire journey a blast! 
    I've enjoyed all the years I've been here, met quite a lot of good friends, learning to make skins for Owl actually led me to 3D modeling and now I've made a career out of it IRL! 

    1. Deuce


      Don't be emo and play on V, it'll move to LS sooner or later

    2. Piney


      Only once it moves to LS, I'll do other stuff til then :D 

    3. Nachtfalke


      No interest in either. Love this community, though. Was cool hanging out with you!

  7. Username: LegalLoli2015 Comment: NO DON'T SAY IT
  8. I'm down for Findbook V Maybe also call it something that doesn't sound like a website middle aged people use to find sexually repressed partners as well.
  9. HIV positive, fuck me lmao 
    Guess it's time to slow down and get back to gaming 

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    2. Resident


      Suppose being gay has its cons.

    3. DrJoseEviI



    4. Piney
  10. Username: LegalLoli2015 Comment: Blocked Good luck with that, dude!
  11. Username: LegalLoli2015 Comment: We are just practicing our rights as Americans, german man! Anime is very educational and our group promotes social interaction
  12. Red County Anime and Manga Club Ah yes, Red County. A beautiful place full of good America-loving people. But not all of us only love America.. Some of us love..... JAPAN UWU Yes, but not only that but also ANIME AND MANGA Yes, your prayers have been met! What do we do? Simple! We host different anime and manga related events, usually rather small, cosplaying/roleplaying and we have get-togethers routinely! We provide you with free food, funny memes and Japanese music. We also provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ folk, Disabled people, gamers and POCs. But don't be frightened! We don't discriminate against political views! You can be as far right or far left as you want just as long as you treat each other with respect. How to join? Just shoot us a message! Our email is [email protected] (( @Piney )) Requirements to join: You simply have to be a resident of San Andreas, temporary or permanent. You have to be at least 16. You also can't have any negative relations with any previous members. Excited? I SURE AM! SO PUMPED TO MEET YOU ALL! JANE!
  13. wanna make love?

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      @BusterAces you sure its your cat and not you who wants to bang @Piney

    3. BusterAces


      i plea the 5th

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