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  1. Team WolfCub

    NEW! pretty girl - AMAZING RAP (Ft. WolfCub) - Mature Lyrics! Check It Out Now! #WolfCub4Life
  2. *The video has been uploaded to the channel ''WolfCub'' on February 22nd 2018* *The thumbnail* *It would have a run time of 1:45* *The video would start with a click, an image appearing, the audio would be recorded on an iPhone 5S.* *The voice is rather deep and nasally. He would stutter and slur his words while rapping.* [00:05] Yo listen up, this is me - WolfCub I got a lot of money and I want the jew gone I have a lot of girls and I am a badass Like mister Adolf, I want to pass the gas, smoking grass, want sum lass? The pussy I destroy, I am the home boy If you're pretty blonde, I will make you my toy I ain like the average idlewood cuck I get the suck, the fuck and the luck If you have a sister, I will be the fister I will make her big vagina bleed and blister And you know I'm hot, I don't need arson With a single fist I pack more firepower than Fort Carson *12 second break, the music still goes on.* All those blacks who sing, they now got a king Soon they be picking cotton, they'll get the rape in the bottom I'm a bad motherfucker, you know what I mean My score is so high I be getting more rear than Mr.Bean Now I drive a lambo and live in Vinewood I am the new rambo, fucking bitches on my car's fucking hood And I'm a cool dude, a god damn miracle This is the kind of art I create when I get lyrical. [1:42] *The video slowly fades out* - *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((i need help))
  3. CSMD News Update: 21/02/18

    Name: WolfCub Comment: what am i even looking at?
  4. Raine Café & Lounge

    (( @Conkers Memories <3 ))
  5. [Items] - Implementation of Female LEO skins

    ID 246 should be mandatory for all female PD members from this day forth. It also has a nice duty belt
  6. [Items] - Implementation of Female LEO skins

    If there was, I think we would have used that possibility a while ago. Either way, I have seen the same suggestion before. It's a good idea, but I think that the custom skins do a serviceable job. You can be quite creative as well with your skins, like certain officers have been.
  7. forever mist but not forgot

  8. Drax Incorporated

    You're like almost 2 years late Half the people who used to be here are either dead ICly or have retired. But I still do skins, I suppose, though it takes some time, since I have some requests for skins and maps to work on along with my school work. Hmu if you're interested regardless.
  9. Permanent Classical Music Radio Station

    Wonder if this has been considered
  10. I saw this script in action, though it did need some working on it. I saw a lot of potential in it for different situations, like robberies, murders, medical RP and so on! I do hope that this gets implemented! You've done a great job and I would like to say that I really appreciate the work you've been doing The results have been lovely!
  11. I see ads for bars like the Stinger and the bar the Madmen have opening almost daily. Club X opens twice a week a usual. Not really sure what the issue is Maybe the lack of active casinos is a valid issue, but whenever they open, they never seem to last long. I suppose that is a traditional example of supply and demand.
  12. TWSPC News Update: 19/02/18

    Name: WolfCub Comment: does that mean i can buy pizza now?
  13. Really liking the gun casings update Will make cleaning up murder scenes so much more fun
  14. Let's bring Verona Mall RP back

    Good luck! Because I don't really see it likely changing. The mall is quite large, so it makes it more difficult for people to find a single location to hang out there. There is the lack of a good parking area, the lack of private properties and businesses, that would would bring in more people by advertising themselves and keeping their businesses active. The Stacks is a lot more logical to draw in people, despite being in a ghetto, due to it's strengths and how deeply it has been engraved into our community.

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