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  1. Piney

    idlewood gangster 101

  2. I like that idea a lot, I feel like that would be better for screens and what not.
  3. Just have the phone/mp3 item and RP listening to something while listening to the actual music on youtube in another tab or spotify :P
  4. Piney

    2016 throwback

    👌 As I said, with the exception of a few events :P
  5. Piney

    2016 throwback

    200+ players in 2016??? I've been here since 2015 and from what I remember, OGs had around 95-120 players pretty consistently throughout the years with the exception of a few events :P
  6. Name: WolfCub Comment: It's a miracle he's still kicking despite going through so much Viagra daily to please all the girls rushing into his bedroom :o
  7. Piney

    Guess who's coward?

    Name: WolfCub Comment: max is an brave man, not all brave mans were gapes.
  8. Piney

    idlewood gangster 101

  9. Name: SH Comment: Is the limousine at least bulletproof or super new/luxurious?
  10. Name: SH Comment: Democracy..
  11. Piney

    Iron Giants MC

    Finally an MC that's pacifistic and-... *Sees that it's in the illegal factions section* *Wonders if the MC won't use guns like the Iron Giant*
  12. Piney

    'General, related to chat system' - Toggling OOC chat.

    I mentioned that in my original post, that if the person had PMs blocked, that would be an issue, there are quite a few people that have PMs blocked believe it or not. Also /ignore exists. Maybe situations like this aren't gona be super common but we still have to consider what would happen if such situations occurred.
  13. Piney

    'General, related to chat system' - Toggling OOC chat.

    What if the person disabling the chat was PGing and he didn't listen to the OOC comment when someone said it was unrealistic. Could be solved without admin intervention if both parties could talk it out. There are a lot of situations that could use OOC, but if someone gets pissed off and just toggles OOC chat, you will still require admins. You have to look at implementing this from the viewpoint of not just yourself but others as well. Maybe you would use it more responsibly but not everyone does that. A better solution to all of this would be the implement a system where OOC and IC chats were separate, though I don't know if this is possible. That would be ideal honestly, it would allow players to focus on RP, while also making sure that the OOC chat didn't flood the screen.
  14. Piney

    'General, related to chat system' - Toggling OOC chat.

    This has been brought up quite frequently on the forums from what I've seen. There are negatives and positives to this. The positive is that we can avoid OOC spam through the command. The negative is that admins will be needed to be present for any OOC comments, a specially when the person has PMs disabled and if you're fixing typos in /b the other person won't be able to see them. I personally feel like there would be a lot more admin involvement with RP if this were to be implemented, which is both good and bad. It would mean RP would get more supervision and thus a higher standard could be kept but it also limits people's ability to RP freely with staff supervision only required every now and then. That's how I at least view the subject. Currently you could ask them to cut OOC and continue RPing, if they refuse to RP, you can player report them for refusing to RP. That's one way of avoiding possible OOC stalling.
  15. Piney


    I'm not really sure how the implementation of an avatar on the login page would be implemented, if you haven't registered or logged in. Logging in usually takes you to your character list where you can see your avatar in and info in the corner. But yes, I agree about disabling the HUD during the login screen.

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