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  1. Also, if players got a portion of the money their skins make if they distribute them globally, it would probably motivate more players to share their designs as they wouldn't only be making the 200 bucks you get when you sell your design. I imagine scripting that would be hard, but it's something that would improve things greatly.
  2. Maybe he wanted to say ''Great'' ? πŸ€”
  3. Name: WolfCub Comment: i would be down, nothing beats sushi
  4. Name: WolfCub Comment: glad to hear some words of encouragement comments like this make this all worthwhile!
  5. Name: WolfCub Comment: sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me. what even is this quality content you brag about, yaysian lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  6. Name: WolfCub Comment: forgot to mention in the video, but a ricer threatened to beat me up if i published this. i guess i will have to hide for a bit lol.
  7. Piney

    Team WolfCub

    NEW! TWCN - LEGEND OF RICE [Social Experiment] Check It Out Now! #WolfCub4Life
  8. *The Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub main page, uploaded on May 20th 2018.* TWCN Weekly - LEGEND OF RICE *Epic stockο»Ώ music would play, showing Team WolfCub logo and the thumbnail.* *After the intro, it would transition into the Team WolfCub set.* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Hello people of the world, well at least the ones that can understand English. [English] Norbid Bailer says: I am your very own WolfCub. [English] Jessica Chang says: And I'm Jess! [English] Norbid Bailer says: And this is - TWCN Weekly. [English] Jessica Chang says: The only weekly show that comes out more than once a week! β˜… Norbid Bailer chuckles lightly, adjusting his glasses as he presses on a few buttons on the laptop. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Hah, thank you Jess. [English] Jessica Chang says: No problem, Wolfcub! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Speaking of English speaking people, do you know where we have a lot of non English speaking - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - people, Jess? [English] Jessica Chang says: Los Santos, of course! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Well, while that may be true when we are refering to Little Tokyo and Pizza Stacks - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - what I was trying to talk about was China. [English] Norbid Bailer says: As we all know, the Chineese love a specific kind of food. [English] Jessica Chang says: Noodles? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Close but not close enough! [English] Jessica Chang says: Oh I know, rice! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Absolutely! They adore it. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Rice is quite the diverce food, weather you know it or not. [English] Norbid Bailer says: It has a lot of good vitamins, it's like a super food. [English] Norbid Bailer says: But with all good things, comes some negatives. [English] Jessica Chang says: Like what Wolfcub? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Well, just like we have kids crazy about Fortnite, it seems that a lot of people have - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - gotten addicted to rice. [English] Jessica Chang says: Addicted to rice, really? Norbid Bailer says: Yes, it's a cancer that keeps on spreading. Norbid Bailer says: Earlier this week, we experienced a resurgence in the popularity of Rice meets. Jessica Chang says: Rice meets? What actually happens at these meetings? Norbid Bailer says: Stay tuned and you'll find out! *It cuts to a panning shot of a bunch of sacks laying on the ground. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Earlier this week, our team decided that we could do a small social experiment to - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - study people's behaviour when they get involved with Rice. [English] Norbid Bailer says: To kick everything off, we ordered around 100 kilos of Rice to our studio building. * *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: As our first experiment, we tested the waters by auctioning a bag of rice with the starting - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - price of one dollar and the value could be raised by at least a single dollar. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The experiment was meant to replicate the way that people sell their rice for a lot more than- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - what they buy it for. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The price we bought the rice for was around 4 bucks a sack. [English] Jessica Chang says: Wow thats really cheap for a bag of rice. [English] Norbid Bailer says: As the auction went on, in only a few hours, we managed to get the offers people made from - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - a single dollar to almost seven thousand dollars! [English] Jessica Chang says: Seven thousand dollars for a bag of rice? Thats ridiculous! [English] Norbid Bailer says: That is a huge difference. [English] Norbid Bailer says: It goes to show you how crazy people are about rice. [English] Jessica Chang says: Damn those ricers sure are a funny bunch. [English] Norbid Bailer says: They sure are! [English] Norbid Bailer says: But that was only just the beginning. *It cuts to a woman pulling out large sacks from the back of a truck. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: For our second experiment, we thought that we could host a rice meet. [English] Norbid Bailer says: But a rice meet with a good cause. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The people who came could all get a whole bag of rice for themselves and there was- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - around 15 bags there, so it was enough for a lot. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The problem with it though was transporation, since we lacked a vehicle with the carrying - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - capacity. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Since Logistics was being slow, we opted to get RS haul involved. [English] Jessica Chang says: RS Haul, you sure that you aren't insane? [English] Norbid Bailer says: As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. * *The woman turns to the camera and speaks to the camera man. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Once there, I conducted a short interview with the driver. * [English] Paulita Rapisto says: Name jeff [English] Norbid Bailer says: Alright. Good talk. [English] Paulita Rapisto says: Yup. *It cuts to a shot of a few cars arriving at the parking lot. There would be a great number of rice sacks on parking spots. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Once everything was in place, it was time to start and we placed some ads online. [English] Norbid Bailer says: And people did come. [English] Norbid Bailer says: There were the usual showups to these events. * *It cuts to a group of people talking, one woman riding on a bike and an ambulance arriving. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: The PD, a few Ambulances, the obligatory bicycle rider, Jack the suicide guy and of course.. * *It cuts to a montage of fancy cars driving around and posing. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: The ricers! * *It cuts to a woman speaking to the camera. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: Do you think that ricers are angered when we call them ricers because they're in denial? β˜… Julie Lawrence looks off towards the buildings and seems to think for a brief moment. β˜… Julie Lawrence returns her attention back to Norbid and lightly shrugs her shoulders. [English] Julie Lawrence says: I believe so - it's either they take it as an insult or it's merely denial. *It cuts to a car doing donuts around another car. The plates would be blurred. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Doing obnoxious circles around the lot. [English] Jessica Chang says: Wow Ricers, when will they ever learn to stop ganging up like that? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Well, much like with rice, it's rarely seen as a single grain. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The ricers like to replicate what they see. [English] Norbid Bailer says: If the rice is stock, they're more ''normal''. [English] Norbid Bailer says: If the rice is GMO modded, then they get implants and genetic modifications. [English] Norbid Bailer says: If the rice is brown, they tan a lot. [English] Norbid Bailer says: And if the rice is white, they become Michael Jackson. * *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Jessica Chang says: Wow, I didn't know that rice was this diverse with so many meanings. [English] Norbid Bailer says: I bet you five bucks that you also didn't know that the digestive speed of rice is around- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - twenty four to seventy two hours and that their energetic value is around 130kcal per- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - 100 grams. [English] Jessica Chang says: Wow, you are right I did not know that, that's insane knowledge. Since when were you so smart? *It cuts to a car doing circles on the sand. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: While the phenomenon of ricers doing circles is still a mystery, we know for a fact that a lot- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - of them are in denial and that they have a lof of sympathizers. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Here's a few examples of the ones we caught on time. * *It cuts to a man speaking to the cameraman. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: What made you choose the ricer lifestyle? [English] Andrei Rivera says: Well... [English] Andrei Rivera says: I love stickers. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Yes, stickers are good. [English] Andrei Rivera says: I have many of them [English] Andrei Rivera says: Each around 20 kilowatts. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Damn, that's sick man. [English] Andrei Rivera says: And of course a straight pipe. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Good man. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Do you think that people who get angry when they are called ricers are just in denial? [English] Andrei Rivera says: They're actually best in the world. Nothing to deny. *It cuts to two men speaking to the cameraman. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: Are you a fan of rice? [English] Martin Murtaugh says: Yes. [English] Andrei Rivera says: He is one of us. [English] Andrei Rivera says: WE love stickers. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Which brand is the best? [English] Martin Murtaugh says: One they give at local chinese restaurant. [English] Norbid Bailer says: So just a novice ricer? [English] Martin Murtaugh says: Veteran ricer. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Quite the story, Mark. *It cuts to a man picking up a rice bag. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: As the day stretched on, more and more people started using their ability to get - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - vast amounts of rice for themselves. [English] Jessica Chang says: Well these ricers sure are greedy. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Yes, you can't have just one rice in your possession. You need at least 20. * *It cuts to a very buff man speaking to the camera. * [English] Fred Connors says: What was happening here? [English] Bruce Dewitt says: A rice meeting. [English] Fred Connors says: Nice. [English] Bruce Dewitt says: But with actual rice. β˜… Fred Connors laughs. [English] Fred Connors says: I fucking love this. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Yes. [English] Fred Connors says: Better than some of the cars they drive. [English] Fred Connors says: I mean, my cars shit. But I don't pretend its a race car. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Good on you, man. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Do you like rice? [English] Fred Connors says: What you doing with the sacks of rice afterwards? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Homeless or whoever wants them. *It cuts to a woman being interviewed by Jessica. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: The following day me and Jess went to some scenes where rice meets were being held. [English] Norbid Bailer says: We scored an interview with a nice lady there, who spoke about her concerns for the future- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - of ricekind. [English] Jessica Chang says: Yeah she didn't seem to know a whole lot though! * [English] Jessica Chang says: Hello, I'm Jessica TWCN's newest member, and I'm here with this lovely lady to speak about [English] Jessica Chang says: -.. her passion for the grained food rice. [English] Jessica Chang says: So then, why is it you like rice so much? [English] Alexis Hadley says: Wh-.. [English] Alexis Hadley says: Uhh.. [English] Alexis Hadley says: I don't like rice that much, but, uhhh... It's good with sushi? *It jumpcuts a few secons forward. * [English] Jessica Chang says: So-.. whats your favourite kind of rice then? [English] Alexis Hadley says: Oh..- [English] Alexis Hadley says: I never tried the brown one. [English] Alexis Hadley says: I just like the rice that's in sushi. [English] Alexis Hadley says: Sushi is good. *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: The biggest surprise however was that the public transporation system actually worked - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - for the first time in a long time. That was a blessing. [English] Jessica Chang says: Truely god was on our side that day.. *It cuts to scene where an ambulance can be seen arriving as people move around. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: But by the time we arrived.. [English] Norbid Bailer says: We were greeted by sirens and an injured woman in the parking lot. [English] Norbid Bailer says: It was a grotesque sight to behold. [English] Jessica Chang says: Honestly, it was. * *It shows multiple cars driving around a garage. * *It cuts to a group looking at a car's engine. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Once we made our way up, there were still some people up there, discussing things about their- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - rice obsession. [English] Jessica Chang says: Yeah they seemed to like to speak about the intergral parts of the rice. [English] Jessica Chang says: Many of the rice there was infact GMO modified. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Why do so many care so little about nature? [English] Jessica Chang says: I know it truely is disgusting. * *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: But what matters is the end results of our study. [English] Norbid Bailer says: We found out a lot of interesting tid bits about rice. [English] Norbid Bailer says: And even more about ricer behaviour in their natural habitat. [English] Norbid Bailer says: In other news! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Has Jacob Goldsmith awoken from his slumber? [English] Norbid Bailer says: The billionaire playboy has been seen around town once more. [English] Jessica Chang says: Doing nothing as usual? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Oh no no no, he is a different man. These are different times. [English] Jessica Chang says: Oh what was he doing then? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Nobody knows, Jess, nobody knows. [English] Norbid Bailer says: But that's it for the week. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Seeing how it's Ramadan, kill count has been lowered this weekend when compared to- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - the last one. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Is there still hope? [English] Jessica Chang says: Probably not. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Remember to follow us on our social media pages, such as Linkbook, Findbook as well- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - as our official website. [English] Norbid Bailer says: We got some really cool merch for you all. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The Young Kill poster is on sale even! [English] Norbid Bailer says: This has been WolfCub. [English] Jessica Chang says: And Jessica. [English] Norbid Bailer says: You be sure to tune back in next time for another exciting episode of TWCN Weekly! *The video would end, crediting WolfCub as the Producer, Host, Editor, Interviewer and Camera Man.* *Jessica would be credited as the Co-Host and Interviewer.* Brought to you by: *Comments would be ENABLED* V*The video description* ((Commenting format )) ((Send help.))
  9. Piney

    Team WolfCub

    PREVIEW! TWCN - More Content Coming Soon! RICE, RICE MEETS & RICERS - Cancer? YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS IT #WolfCub4Life
  10. Piney

    [General] - Removal of fountain sound

    Same goes for the fire sound imo.
  11. Piney

    Team WolfCub

  12. *Found advertised around Team WolfCub's website.* ADVERTISE YOURSELF! Hey! If you clicked on this advertisement, you may have been thinking to yourself ''Huh, I want people to know about my products and services, but I'm not sure where to begin exactly. What am I going to do..?'' Well, look no further! We're probably the best platform for you when it comes to advertising yourself in popular and relevant media. We have a large number of popular blogs, webseries and videos released on ourwebsite as well as YouTube. Here are a few of our latest examples! ο»Ώ HOW WILL IT WORK? it's quite simple. There are 3 forms of advertisement we provide in our content! You can also pay up front for a maximum of 10 Advertisements. Normal Tier Your Advert will be featured after the video/post ends! Cost - $500 Per Video/Post Super Tier Your Advert will be featured before the video/post begins! Cost - $2000 Per Video/Post Ultimate Tier Your Advert will be featured in the video/post itself an we can talk about it as you desire. You can also choose when we advertise between the Beginning, Middle and End! Cost - $4000 Per Video/Post WHERE CAN I SIGN UP? Easy, just contact us and we may proceed from there! Contacts- [email protected] (( @Piney )) #860605
  13. Name: WolfCub Comment: this is why we need the freedom to open carry in preshing square.
  14. Name: Auctioneer Comment: You have won the auction! Call 860605 to claim your rice!

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