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  1. Maboo

    Forums took a shit for me

    It's the same deal for me and has been for months like so. Thought it would get fixed up by itself but no. I cleared cookies and when signed out I can use the forum normally. When I log in then my option bar as of where you can check on notifications/PM's and such doesn't function either. If I go to some topic or change to Forms then it all works. Chatbox also stops working after login. That all started to happen when advertisements came to the website. Without ad's, it was working just fine for years.
  2. Maboo

    [Items] - Silenced Firearms

    It's a good suggestion and nice to see some demo script made for it. But as someone earlier told, the suppressors don't make the gunshots silent, you can still hear the shot from 10-20meters away with no issue. I suggest investing some time to researching on how the suppressor works and how much it actually affects the sound. But yeah the /district they should be disabled when shooting suppressed weapon. Otherways, go from me.
  3. Seen this fella in action on duty, damn it was nice what he did & how he brings up realistic situations of IRL.
  4. Maboo

    The Collective

    Looks nice, good luck.
  5. Maboo

    Let's talk about questions in /do

    I agree with it. And if there's too much OOC in the chat then always a /pm does the job to get the specific person notified.
  6. Name: allmoney Bid: Buyout (( @tutsmeister ))
  7. Name: das auto Bid: $60,000
  8. Name: crap Bid: Starting
  9. I support it. Have had similar situations a long time ago on different characters.
  10. Maboo

    [CK Application Process] - Discuss

    How to say, I know that basically, 90% of people who have a possibility to CK another player will force to CK what I find dumb. Why go for CK always when we can force more PK situations that way people don't lose their developed char's and will be more careful after the PK. Reducing CK's amount is good because it actually makes it more realistic and gets people to solve the problems the different way. There's always a solution to any problem.
  11. Maboo

    The Colavecchio Crew

    Good luck! I will stick around to see your progress.
  12. Maboo

    Where are you from?!

    Finland, because that's where PERKELE KOVA SAUNA born (at least that's what Finnish people say).
  13. Maboo

    Mitsubishi project car

    Since we got so professional vehicle fellas in this community, then I'm looking for some knowledge on 2nd generation Mitsubishi L200 with 2.5L diesel engine. I'm doing a turbo conversion at the moment and been trying to see if someone is selling custom intake manifold or exhaust headers with T4 flange. I'm just checking up if anyone has ever worked on a similar truck or could give some info. Currently thinking about customizing the stock intake manifold (lacking space for turbo) and then welding custom headers (got laser cut T4 flange specifically for my turbo). Gonna be waiting for the vehicle team professional tips
  14. Maboo

    [Miscellaneous] - Dislike button for forums.

    He already made it clear.
  15. No from me. The reasons have already been given in previous comments. High economy = high taxes. Quit owning high-end shit if you can't pay for it. It's not impossible to make 2k income per payday, you just have to find right workplace or then hourly make 2k+.

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