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  1. ToyYoda

    [Items] - Rework to Joints & Marijuana

    Also to roll a joint you need
  2. ToyYoda

    Idlewood Scarecrow Crips

    That's James Franco
  3. Name: Jesus Bid: $2,750
  4. Name: Private Bid: $2,250
  5. Name: Private Bid: $1,500
  6. ToyYoda

    Making my way through the hood.

  7. ToyYoda


    Like, I'm fine with you RP'ing and all. But shit. I am a special snowflake, since no snowflake is the same
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    So ya characters are a joke? Great! Glad you said it yourself.
  11. ToyYoda


    Characters: dyke This explains it all
  12. ToyYoda


    Let's go!
  13. ToyYoda

    Jeremiah "J.Y." Young

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeremiah "J.Y." Young ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeremiah Young born on the 13th of March, 1996. Son of Joseph and Maria Young. Jeremiah grew up in a rural neighborhood in Los Santos, known to be violent and flooded with gang activity. Oak Ridge has been listed as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. With murder rates spiking above the four bodies a day. These are just the bodies that have been found. We never know how much bodies go unnoticed in Oak Ridge. Joseph his father, passed away early in the life of Jeremiah. When Jeremiah was just two years old, Joseph died of a heart attack. His mother Maria started to drink alcohol and use anti-depressivia pills to cope with the loss of her husband. She was not fit to let Jeremiah live a prosperous life like his dad had hoped. This way of growing up into adulthood has brought a lot of negativity with it. At his school, Jeremiah started to slang narcotics like weed, shrooms, and XTC. This way of life has brought Jeremiah down in a whirlpool of negativity. He got into problems with school counselors, and other people at the school. He once slammed a kid his head down onto the table multiple times till his head bled since the kid made a joke about his father saying "You are just as weak as your father his hearth". It became black in front of his eyes, and he grabbed the kid his hair and kept on slamming his face down. It took three teachers to take Jeremiah off the kid. Jeremiah got expelled and got community service and one year of probation for aggravated assault. At the age of eighteen, Jeremiah found a new passion of his making rap songs. He aspires to become famous. Jeremiah is quite known around Oak Ridge, and started to hang around with the Eight Deuces. He's usually quite calm but known to become very violent once insulted and or threatened. Jeremiah does not despise any violence if asked to commit a crime. He's willing to do anything to gain respect amongst the rank of the Eight Deuces. Jeremiah is willing to do anything for his brethren and die for them.

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