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  1. Sad to see MTA dead.

  2. Name: DeAngelis Comment: Congratulations on your well-deserved succes. I'd love to see the improvements you promised so kindly, implented during your term.
  3. Yes from me ! If the permission is granted temp.
  4. Name: DeAngelis Message: Please refrain from posting racistic hatred on my platform, we will never condone racism or openly support it.
  5. Name: Withheld. Comment: I'd like to thank the Trailer Trash News, for another biased article ! We all know who you rooting for, did he promise you some good ol' funding ?
  6. Username: Vincent DeAngelis Comment: Vincent DeAngelis, by the people for the people ! If you want to get rid of the old, and join the new movement ! Vote DeAngelis.
  7. Name: DeAngelis Comment: No, I'm committed to the idea of the welfare state, based upon the principles of equal opportunity, equitable distribution of wealth, and public responsibility for citizens unable to avail themselves of the minimal provisions for a good life.
  8. Username: Vincent DeAngelis Comment: As you mentioned, some of my policies are not within the authority of the County Commissioner. The mentioned policies are put in place to as you yourself mentioned lobby with the state and federal officials. I've never mentioned the government not holding a record of finance. I merely mentioned that the finances of the Government tend to be in the red, instead of the greens. A laissez-faire economy under the County Government is going to be a nonadministrative regime. We're going to extend all licenses, to build, expand & renovate withouth the admi
  9. People's Party for Labor & Democracy Party Leader: Vincent DeAngelis Introduction My name is Vincent DeAngelis and I am forty-eight years of age, and a resident of Paleto Bay. I came to this beautiful country a couple of years ago, having been born and raised in the southern part of Italy. I believe that we need to put faith in the abilities of the community we live in. The current Government stance has too much involvement in the day to day aspects of life, and one of my goals is to turn this around. This means a smaller government, with minimal Gove
  10. I've talked about this with Daniels earlier, they are working on it. Expect it to be implented in the near future.
  11. I'm proud to announce ! That we obtained a garbage, recyclables and compostables collection contract with the government of Los Santos
  12. Paleto Bay Waste, Recycling & Hauling LLC. ------------------------------------------- Reliable, responsible and sustainable waste collection solutions for home and business. ------------------------------------------- Our world is constantly changing. So we’re constantly seeking to find the best ways to extract the most value from waste. It’s what drives us every day, as individuals and as a family. The proud, caring and resilient members of the Paleto Bay Waste LLC family are the foundation of our local success. We commit to taking care of
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