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  1. Sad to see MTA dead.

  2. Name: DeAngelis Comment: Congratulations on your well-deserved succes. I'd love to see the improvements you promised so kindly, implented during your term.
  3. ToyYoda

    Command /freecam

    Yes from me ! If the permission is granted temp.
  4. Name: DeAngelis Message: Please refrain from posting racistic hatred on my platform, we will never condone racism or openly support it.
  5. Name: Withheld. Comment: I'd like to thank the Trailer Trash News, for another biased article ! We all know who you rooting for, did he promise you some good ol' funding ?
  6. Username: Vincent DeAngelis Comment: Vincent DeAngelis, by the people for the people ! If you want to get rid of the old, and join the new movement ! Vote DeAngelis.
  7. Name: DeAngelis Comment: No, I'm committed to the idea of the welfare state, based upon the principles of equal opportunity, equitable distribution of wealth, and public responsibility for citizens unable to avail themselves of the minimal provisions for a good life.
  8. Username: Vincent DeAngelis Comment: As you mentioned, some of my policies are not within the authority of the County Commissioner. The mentioned policies are put in place to as you yourself mentioned lobby with the state and federal officials. I've never mentioned the government not holding a record of finance. I merely mentioned that the finances of the Government tend to be in the red, instead of the greens. A laissez-faire economy under the County Government is going to be a nonadministrative regime. We're going to extend all licenses, to build, expand & renovate withouth the administrative hassles. Also, we'll completely privatize most divisions of the government.
  9. People's Party for Labor & Democracy Party Leader: Vincent DeAngelis Introduction My name is Vincent DeAngelis and I am forty-eight years of age, and a resident of Paleto Bay. I came to this beautiful country a couple of years ago, having been born and raised in the southern part of Italy. I believe that we need to put faith in the abilities of the community we live in. The current Government stance has too much involvement in the day to day aspects of life, and one of my goals is to turn this around. This means a smaller government, with minimal Government interventions. I'm a visionary entrepreneur I'm currently director of the Paleto Bay Waste Management plant, and we're currently working on expanding our business. I've seen firsthand the administrative hassles that the Government imposes on us businessman and women. I for myself would love a free and open market and give people the opportunity to create businesses, build houses & create jobs. What are the party their ideas for the future? ---- The distinction between soft and hard drugs. People are primarily responsible for their own health. We the people's party do not want the government to ban everything that is bad for people. It is time to redesign the entire domain of and around soft drugs. We'd like to institute a tolerance policy around the cultivation and sale of soft drugs. ---- Laissez-faire, reduced government regulation The economy there is much talk about it, certainly in politics. But most of the time it's about numbers, not about people. While the economy is all about people. If you summarize briefly, then the economy is the way we all make money. To be able to pay for important things such as care and safety. But for us, the economy is more than that. For us, the economy stands for freedom. The freedom of entrepreneurs, for example, to build and expand their business. Not only to earn their own money but also to create jobs. Jobs that again ensure that many people, many families, can do the things they find fun and important. So the economy actually gives you the freedom to get the most out of your life. That freedom is the reason that we think the economy is so important. That is why we want the government not to get in the way of the economy. ---- Euthanasia People who suffer unbearably and hopelessly can choose to discontinue their life. We think it is very important that people have that choice. There are also other people who think their lives are finished. They too have the desire to die with dignity, involved according to current standards, not unbearable and hopeless suffering. We want to make it possible to meet the genuine wish of these people. ---- Governmental finances Just like every person, the government must have a financial book in order. No more may be spent than it enters. That sounds logical, but in practice, it often goes wrong. That is why we pay close attention to how tax money is handled. Economic growth occurs when people and companies dare to spend money, not when the government does it for them. That is why we opt for an efficient government that gives people and companies the space they need.
  10. I've talked about this with Daniels earlier, they are working on it. Expect it to be implented in the near future.
  11. I'm proud to announce ! That we obtained a garbage, recyclables and compostables collection contract with the government of Los Santos
  12. Paleto Bay Waste, Recycling & Hauling LLC. ------------------------------------------- Reliable, responsible and sustainable waste collection solutions for home and business. ------------------------------------------- Our world is constantly changing. So we’re constantly seeking to find the best ways to extract the most value from waste. It’s what drives us every day, as individuals and as a family. The proud, caring and resilient members of the Paleto Bay Waste LLC family are the foundation of our local success. We commit to taking care of each other, our customers, our communities and the environment. ------------------------------------------- Our success is based not only on the results we achieve, but how we achieve them. We commit to being accountable, honest, trustworthy, ethical and compliant in all we do. ------------------------------------------- Your Community Is Our Community Every day, we wake up and serve the cities, towns and neighborhoods where we live and work, all across San Andreas. See how we’re helping make our communities clean, resilient and sustainable. ------------------------------------------- (( WIP ))
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