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  1. The Zanetti Crew

  2. 616 Seville Boulevard Savages

    Luck will be needed.
  3. I picciotti di Cammareri

    Had a lot of fun! Till next time
  4. The Santera Crime Family

    I'm having a lot of fun with this faction, and I'm excited for Owlgaming due to this faction being a thing. Their roleplay is great and far beyond normal RP standards. Char development and realism is strictly enforced, this faction is destined for great things.
  5. [Staff Loyalty] - New Rule

    Most employers at least mine and a couple of other companies I worked for had a clause in my contract which prohibited me from competing with colleagues while my contract was still running. I agree. This is just common sense, if you are an admin on one server, you should not be a staff member on a competing server. It's just a conflict of interest really. But should we really write a new rule for this? I think when you see an admin on this server being an admin on another server, its just proves of them being incapable of taking their "job" seriously. So, yes it should be a removable offense, but I don't think there should be a direct rule acting against this. However, I also tend to agree with @OhhPixelz here. When an admin is capable of handling two admin positions at the same time, the conflict falls away. If he does not cause a problem within the Owlgaming community, why should he be removed? So, it's just something we should consider. If the admin is lacking in his duties on Owlgaming, yes he should be removed from the admin team. But if he's not, he should just remain in his position.
  6. TPG and ME

  7. TPG and ME

  8. TPG and ME

  9. TPG and ME

  10. Hi from TeodoraMk

    Just going to leave this here real quick JK JK! Welcome!
  11. [SOLD] 1986 Chevrolet C30 Silverado Tow Truck

    NAME; RIK Message: The 13th month is when?
  12. SAPP ~ About Vincent Moreau

    Name: VM Comment: I'm going to tell you the same as I did to the "Cultural Marxist Jew ".
  13. SAPP ~ About Vincent Moreau

    Name: VM Comment: No, I'd like to see a Criminal as someone who has done nothing good for this city. I made an error, I've paid my time. Why would I be treated as being criminal, or a convicted felon? Charles Manson, Christopher Peterson, Phillip Carl Jablonski, Robert Charles Browne, Bernard Madoff, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris those people are criminals. They committed atrocities against the government, and the community. They caused havoc and their deeds where societal disruptive. What I did was being a good citizen, with the wrong type of mindset. Yes, I had cocaine on me, was I willing to distribute it? No! Did I ever use cocaine? No! I simply found it in a house I acquired, I was willing to bring it to the police station for further research. But I was simply not given such privileges. Yes, I've served jail time, but do I have the mindset of a criminal? Do I have bad thoughts in mind for this city? The answer to both questions is a simple yet firm no.

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