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  1. ToyYoda

    Il Caserta Crimine Famiglia

  2. ToyYoda

    San Andreas Light Foot Militia

    Goodluck! Looks intressting
  3. ToyYoda

    [SAAC] San Andreas Auto Club

    Don't be gay.. But u test positive to this test.
  4. ** Charles Macomber would wander through the courtroom, then takes a seat behind Charles Butcher. ** ** Takes a quick glance through the courtroom, as he fixes his gaze upon the Judge, grinning **
  5. ToyYoda

    The Reapers MC

    Bye, Gl.
  6. ToyYoda

    Deals on Wheels

    This is gay Did u just steal this woman her car?
  7. ToyYoda

    The Reapers MC

    @DoPrius21 , you back?
  8. Name: Jew Comment: Ugh... If Mengele was still commissioner his corrupt ass would have thought about it.
  9. Name: Jew Comment: No but, the cancer in the balls of Mengele is pure.
  10. Name: Jew Message: I can list at least fifty people, who are not going to whine about the death of Mengele. First-time cancer ain't a bitch.
  11. ToyYoda

    The Rustavi Network - Eurasian TOC

    no hablo espanol
  12. ToyYoda

    The Zanetti Crew


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