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  1. thats a yep from me. We've needed this for a while now, as currently, someone could sneak in and steal a dropped item before the other player can pick it up. And, it can lead to MG in some cases. if you RP handing someone something discretely, and have to drop the item, someone else sees the /ado associated with dropping something, they could (although most of the current community won't) take that as IC, when, realistcally, it'd of been discrete.
  2. Yea, I had all but forgotten posting this. Damn, that's been ages ago... Thing is, now that people get their tokens back when they lose the cars, it makes what I said less relevant. Like, before that, they just got deleted if players left them and let them go inactive, and the players never got the token refunded, where as, IIRC, I was wanting that rule to be changed so that people who were on the verge of losing their cars, would have something to come back to if they came back at all. That said, now that they get those tokens refunded, it's moot. You can L&A this one. @Wright
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Miscellaneous Vehicle Vehicle brand: Dinka Vehicle make: Veto Modern VIN: 5584 Mileage: 98 Description: A great little go-kart to take to the track and have fun with. I have no use for it as it stands, however, and so, I'm getting rid of it. It's got very few miles on it. It's well maintained and in excellent condition. Brand new, they go for $51,000 or so, however, due to it not being a street legal car, I think I've priced it rather generously. Images Starting bid: $15,000 Minimum increase:
  4. lmao, topic was posted 6 months ago. At this point we already have the wounded states. However, I +1 the fact that we need a /helpup or similar, to go along with that.
  5. Just going to throw my 2 cents in here. The darker the text, the farther away you are. So, if it's a quiet area and there are just two people talking, the distance shown is realistically capable to hear someone speaking in a normal voice, they would just sound very quiet, hence why the text darkens. Obviously, fine tuning the distance of chat based on how noisy the area is and how many people are talking at once is extremely complicated, if not flat out impossible. That said, when there are multiple people in an area, and/or lots of music playing, then, realistically, you WOULDN'T be able to h
  6. @Express I wish I could, but I already took that harvest up...
  7. Yay! been waiting on this one for a bit! can't wait to try it out!
  8. I do know the vehicle mod shop is getting an overhaul soon. I've seen many different colors and modifcations on cars around the map though. Most are black, but, black looks better to some. I've seen red, green, orange, yellow, blue... You name it. I actually have an orange, fully modded rally car on one of my alts, even has a mod shop livery on it. I do think we need some sort of engine service after some specific mileage, however, I also think they may be discussing adding that as a feature. I could be wrong. Prices in the dealership are based on the real world counterpart, so, t
  9. Plus, to add to what Effect said, there is already beer, cigarettes, and weed you can drink and smoke.
  10. More scripted jobs are already on the way. As per faction pay, thats up to the leader of the faction, not the scripters.
  11. The TV idea is actually pretty good, although idk if its possible. Smoking and drinking already exists, if you have a friends number, you can call them and invite them over, sleeping and showering are things that people RP anyway. Clothes are already a thing, as it stands you have to get a wardrobe to make outfits, but they are stored in your inventory by default. Car washes already exist as well. Pets, as it stands do too, but they're a donator feature.
  12. When it comes to houses, look at the doors of ones you like, if it has a green circle its purchasable, if it has a yellow circle, its owned, if it has no circle, you can make a report IG with F2 and have a staff member price and spawn one for you. When it comes to working, there are the basic script jobs you can do, but those aren't really meant for long term. It depends on how you want to develop your character or what you like doing. If you want to do medical stuff, you can apply at SEMC or the FD, if you want to be a police officer, you can apply for PD. If you want to do illegal RP, factio
  13. Again, I say stats transfers and faction starter packages are a thing Owl offers. EVERY character gets a FREE car and a FREE house. Effect broke that whole comment down perfectly. The only legit argument that stands there, is not having a PC capable of running V. But even that is a moot argument. There are people on owl V who have some low end rigs, and, I'm not gonna throw any of them under the bus, but, they can play it fine, albeit with some lag. Besides, if you build it right, you can build a PC to run GTA V for $400 or less.
  14. I do think some of the cars that are less modable need to be made more modable, but that adds a lot to the download, and most people don't have the greatest internet the way it is. Also, i'm not sure that script mods like Vstancer can be implemented as easily as other mods like maps and cars. Got me conflicted on this one.
  15. I'd like to throw my thoughts into this as well. I get that starting fresh on another server is not always a good thing. As it stands, the dedicated staff and players that are active do everything they can to make newer players feel like they don't have to start from literally nothing. Vehicle and house tokens are a thing, they offer stat transfers from other communities, they offer faction starter packs, so the only thing that could be troublesome is finding members for a faction but, if you had said members on MTA, or you have them on whatever other community, ask them if they would join you
  16. *The posters that were previously posted would now have a note attached to them that would read: "Thank you to everyone who showed up for making the grand opening of Sapori D'Italia great!"*
  17. I agree with QueenC here. The faction bank system needs updated some. That said, as for making it available to illegal factions, that's why most of the illegal factions I've seen (including my own) have a legal front in a separate F3. It's much more realistic anyway, as the big majority of criminals who make enough money from their crimes to NEED to store it launder it through a legal front. Also, look into the legalization of marijuana in some states in the US and you'll find that while it is legal in said states, companies that sell it are not allowed, by law, to store money they earn in ban
  18. +1 on this, as the furniture system needs a re-work overall OR needs to be made to work like the generics. As for in-server map editing, I'm torn on that one. Yea, it'd be a good idea in theory, being able to make maps in collaboration with others, however, I believe that instead of adding such a feature to the current server, there should be a separate dedicated mapping server for people. As for if that would need to be limited or what have you, I think anyone who wants to try their hand at mapping should have access, but, like, in order to be able to use it, as it would add extra costs to th
  19. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Update the Owl Launcher or update the Documentation to not link to it What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Not as much of a script suggestion as it is a website/launcher suggestion. As it stands, the documentation links to the outdated Owl V Launcher, which has confused at least two people that I know of. I think that either the Owl V launcher be updated so there aren't issues with people who are running the Epic Games version of GTA V (which, both
  20. *Advertisements would pop around Los Santos and across the web featuring a poster* For more information, and for our menu, visit our website, here!
  21. Hope to see this go far. Good luck
  22. You've already made your status 'legendary' with two different factions that I know of, so, welcome aboard, we enjoy having you!
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