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  1. *The posters that were previously posted would now have a note attached to them that would read: "Thank you to everyone who showed up for making the grand opening of Sapori D'Italia great!"*
  2. I agree with QueenC here. The faction bank system needs updated some. That said, as for making it available to illegal factions, that's why most of the illegal factions I've seen (including my own) have a legal front in a separate F3. It's much more realistic anyway, as the big majority of criminals who make enough money from their crimes to NEED to store it launder it through a legal front. Also, look into the legalization of marijuana in some states in the US and you'll find that while it is legal in said states, companies that sell it are not allowed, by law, to store money they earn in ban
  3. +1 on this, as the furniture system needs a re-work overall OR needs to be made to work like the generics. As for in-server map editing, I'm torn on that one. Yea, it'd be a good idea in theory, being able to make maps in collaboration with others, however, I believe that instead of adding such a feature to the current server, there should be a separate dedicated mapping server for people. As for if that would need to be limited or what have you, I think anyone who wants to try their hand at mapping should have access, but, like, in order to be able to use it, as it would add extra costs to th
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Update the Owl Launcher or update the Documentation to not link to it What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Not as much of a script suggestion as it is a website/launcher suggestion. As it stands, the documentation links to the outdated Owl V Launcher, which has confused at least two people that I know of. I think that either the Owl V launcher be updated so there aren't issues with people who are running the Epic Games version of GTA V (which, both
  5. *Advertisements would pop around Los Santos and across the web featuring a poster* For more information, and for our menu, visit our website, here!
  6. Hope to see this go far. Good luck
  7. You've already made your status 'legendary' with two different factions that I know of, so, welcome aboard, we enjoy having you!
  8. Couple that with the ability to knock on doors, if someone isn't peeking... +1 from me.
  9. *An ad would be floating around on websites such as indeed* Sapori D'Italia is a restaurant that is opening soon in Legion Square, specializing in authentic Italian cuisine. We currently have positions available for cooks, wait staff, bus staff, and management. For more information, or to apply, contact Tesoro at 1603770091 or via E-Mail at [email protected] ((Forum PM @GioSerpo or use the UCP E-Mail system))
  10. Most Popular OwlGamer right here! ;)

  11. The state of San Andreas recently reacquired the island of Cayo Perico from Spain! Let's take a trip through history, shall we? The state of San Andreas was founded in 1829, when the United States bought it off of Spain. Cayo Perico was included in the original purchase, however, after the Spanish-American war in 1898, the United States ceded control of Cayo Perico back to Spain as part of the Treaty of Paris. So for well over a hundred years, there has been an island to the southeast that was under Spanish control. American citizens could only legally visit if they
  12. Do I see the the Go karts? @Mutt377 I think I see the go karts! Also: This is excellent!
  13. On 11/25/2020 A request was made to include the PPL-H Adv typerating to the student's file. Proof of payment -
  14. While it does take a bit of skill to get headshots while you and the target are moving, it's actually easier than one might think. GTA V does still use a hitscan ballistics system, so, the "bullet" is going to hit wherever that dot is aiming when you pull the trigger, so, provided that the sync is good and both players in question have a similar ping, then if one players dot is on the other players head when the trigger is pulled, then headshot. Now, getting said dot on the head is all that takes skill, but, for most gamers, especially those with a keyboard and mouse, that's not even really an
  15. Week 2 - Week 56 (Mini summary) Once back from New York, Rebecca met lots of new people, firefighters, police officers, regular citizens, and even some bikers. Two of the bikers, Sully and Dom, took Becca to some of the countryside back roads to show her some racing routes they were doing, because she told them that she loved racing. She decided to take the Futo she had got when she traded her clunker out to a few of the routes to set some times. She had been learning how to work on cars for the last four years now, since she had been driving such a clunker for most of those four years, s
  16. Having fun with the community. What more could someone ask for?
  17. Name: Tes Comment: Hope you like the website re-design. Leave your suggestions below!
  18. Name: Tesoro Comment: This Halloween, join us for a spooktacular fight night.
  19. Saturday, October 24th at 7PM, The Los Santos Shadows Fight Club, Fight Night Three! Fight Night three will see three new members on the Roster, Lucas Williams, Dushane Dawson, and Big Tay Tay! As it stands the tournament bracket is as follows: Lucas Williams vs Dushane Dawson Tesoro vs Big Tay Tay The matches will be best two out of three and the winners will face each other in the finals. As always, tickets are available for pre-order, ticket information and all other information can be found at our website!
  20. @lilgreenfuto | Replying to @AlexLSNoodles || Great noodles. Great prices. Keep it up! ||
  21. Early life: Giovanni was born in a small town called Cefalu, on the Island of Sicily in Italy, to a poor family on April the 20th, 1990. He was the middle brother of the three children his parents had, and not too long after he was born his family moved to Newark, New Jersey, in the United States. As a child and young teen, he and his brothers fought. A lot. They were always at each others throats, until one day, a drive by riddled their home with bullets. Their mother was at the grocery store when it happened, but they were all three at home with their father. Giovanni got hit once, just
  22. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Scripted jobs in general What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- I see on the road map that one of the listed items that has yet to be started is to "Improve current jobs & make more engaging." I have tons of suggestions, and I'm going to list each. I welcome discussion here, because I know these ideas aren't perfect. Firstly, the trash collector job. I think that each stop should be a dumpster, with bags, and players should get out at each dumpster and coll
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