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  1. Yo, what the hell. NO! I... Well.. It's been an adventure, I guess.
  2. +1. But when we do this, next time I'm on Becca, I'm gonna bring back the ugly green anime livery Futo, and put pink rims on it. Just cause. @Vubstersmurf
  3. Dear Mr/Mrs. Michael Tango (( @Levbrous1 )), We would like to inform you that we have received your flight school application and processed it already, due to this: Please pay the sum of your invoice below to County Air Administration. Inform us when the amount is paid. Once this is done, please wait for an instructor to send you an e-mail (( forum PM )). * Please send proof of payment. * LICENSE PRICE Private Pilots License - Helicopters (PPL-H) $10,000 Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) $5,000 Air Radio Certificate (ARC) FREE TOTAL $15,000 Signed, Head Flight Instructor,
  4. Dear Mr. Jake Finnigan (( @ItsMelodyy )), We would like to inform you that we have received and accepted your aircraft rental application, due to this: Please pay the sum of your invoice below to County Air Administration. Inform us when the amount is paid. Once this is done, please contact #5555 and collect your keys! Contract Dates: 05/01/2021 > 05/02/2021 Invoice: $11,200 Kind regards, Head Flight Instructor
  5. POST MAPPING Once you have completed the map and saved it and the reference point, there are a few more steps before it's ready to upload. You'll need to download ME2YM and extract the contents of that zip to an empty folder. Run the program and click File > Open. Menyoo maps are saved by default to GTA_INSTALL_DIR/MenyooStuff/Spooner so navigate to there and click the map you want to convert, then click load. Once loaded, click Edit > Calc. Extents, then File > Export. Name it but DO NOT change the extension. It'll save a file with a name like yourmap.ymap.xml. Next, launch OpenIV, enable edit mode, navigate to your mods directory, then drag and drop the converted file. OpenIV will load a progress bar, and quickly convert the file. Now, you can exit OpenIV. What you do with this map is up to you. If you're going to use it as a personal, private map, then, once in game, navigate to the exterior marker of your property, open your inventory, right click your key and select upload custom interior. Use the coordinates you got from the reference point for the coordinates of the interior section. If you would like to share your map for public use, however, you can fill out this form!
  6. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS Once everything is copied, launch GTA V story mode. If it loads properly, congratulations, you're past the hardest part. If it crashes, you can either forum PM me, DM me on discord, or ask in the mappers lounge on the Owl discord. Once you get loaded into story mode, if you haven't already, play through the prologue mission and the franklin and lamar mission and quick save the game, afterwards, using the phone. That way, you don't have to play those missions each time you load. When you're ready to start, press F8 twice. The first time, you'll hear a notification sound, the second time, you'll get a menu in the top left. Navigation is rather simple, once you're in the menu. The Up arrow and Down arrow go up and down, Enter selects the highlighted option, backspace goes back a screen. Let's now test and see if the modpacks are loaded. Navigate to Object Spooner > Spooner Mode, and hit enter. Your viewpoint will change to a form of freecam, however, I DO NOT recommend using this freecam to go too far away from your player. From there, navigate to Spawn Entity Into World > Object and navigate down to 'Soupfloor001.' If it isn't showing up in the list, you did something wrong. If it is showing up in the list, but you're not getting a preview, again, something was done wrong. Either case, you can always ask for help. If it works, you'll get something like this: Press enter, and congrats, you've spawned your first object! However, there is still one more thing to check. Navigate to search, and type 'Vikings' (without the quotes) You'll get one result, 'vikings_table' and a preview. That's how you know you did everything right. I have some specific settings I turn on when I map in menyoo. They auto save, so, they could already be enabled if you used my link to download, however, if they aren't, some options I use for mapping are Misc Options > Free Cam (NoClip), Player Options > Invincibility, Player Options > Never Wanted, and Time Options > Freeze Time. You can freeze and unfreeze time at will, you can't change it when it's frozen, but, freezing it at night helps you get the lighting right!
  7. So, I've seen a lot of people asking how to make maps, so I'm making this guide. This guide assumes that you have already got GTA V running and installed, and are able to run RAGE and connect to Owl. As with any mods, I HIGHLY recommend you back up your game folder before starting, and for best results, I recommend a clean install as well. SETTING UP The first step in getting started is to go download and install OpenIV. Once installed, launch it. You'll get a screen like this: Click the 'Windows' button for GTA V. Once it loads, the next step is to go to Tools->ASI Manager, shown here: Install the ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi from the next screen. OpenIV.asi will ask you if you want to enable the 'mods' folder. Click yes. Once that is done, you'll be able to install Menyoo, ScripthookV, and the two object packs that the Owl mappers use. You can do that yourself, however, it is much simpler if you download this rar file and extract it to your GTA V install directory. Again, it's highly recommended to use a fresh install and back up GTA V before doing this. If it asks you if you want to skip or replace duplicate files, you'll want to copy and replace, however, in a clean install, nothing should need replaced. If you would like to go the route of installing the other mods without using the file I supplied, you can. That is the hard way. The links are below. ScripthookV - Scroll down to 'Download' and click it. Menyoo - Click the MenyooSP.zip under 1.4.0 Soups Mapping Kit - Scroll down to the purple 'Soup's Mapping Kit!' spoiler, and show it, use the first mediafire link. The Owl Prop Pack - Full instructions on how to install that pack, if you already have everything else working. Credits to that pack goes to @Effect Do note that if you go the route of downloading it the hard way, and get stuck, I don't personally give you support.
  8. Dear April Summers (( @Ben )) This letter is to inform you that you have successfully completed and passed your refresher course. Thank you! Head Flight Instructor, County Air Administration
  9. I agree with the concept, but not the implementation. As Valkyr said, using the IG farming equipment to farm crops would be a big plus, and currently, we can't do that. I don't think that will ever be a thing with the weed system, unless the server legalizes weed, which, as much as I agree with doing IRL, idk if legalizing weed IG would be a good thing for the illegal RPers that the system was designed for. That said, if they could implement crops in a way that allows the use of farming equipment in the fields as well as personally grown crops, then that would be a great thing to see. In order to keep it balanced so not EVERYONE could have a huge farm and get rich that way, then plots of farmland could be attached to a property, and whoever owns the property are the people who are in charge. They could hire people to work the fields, but those people could only work the fields attached to the property. Obviously that is a huge script, so, for now, adding different crop to the weed system would work, but I think it would need to be expanded on in the future.
  10. I agree that something like this needs to be added to that as well. Thing is, it'd have to be kind of balanced to go with the illegal RP side of this too. If everyone has LoJack on their cars, ain't no criminal gonna wanna steal them. That said, I do have a question. The mechanic experience and learning thing, will there be a way to have an admin set that? If a character's story or current development based on what they have already RPed doing in the server permit it. Take my character, Rebecca Trent for example. As per her story, she started learning to work on cars when she moved to LS and has since done a lot of vehicle work, such as building herself a car to race in legal races with, and she even RPs as a mechanic at FSAW (which is currently inactive, waiting on this script lol). Plus, she was a fire engineer not too long ago, so, she maintained the FD vehicles. So, with that said, would she need to RP all the experience stuff, or could an admin set her level?
  11. I +1 this. My only concern is that I know a lot of people have burner phones, so there would need to be a way to set a 'Main' phone, or, have it just show all the numbers.
  12. Dear Mr/Mrs. Nikki Bishop (( @ShadowSix )), We would like to inform you that we have received your flight school application and processed it already, due to this: Please pay the sum of your invoice below to County Air Administration. Inform us when the amount is paid. Once this is done, please wait for an instructor to send you an e-mail (( forum PM )). * Please send proof of payment. * LICENCES PRICE Private Pilot's License - Helicopter (PPL-H) $10,000 Emergency Services Pilot (ESP) Free Air Radio Certificate (ARC) Free TOTAL $10,000 Signed, Head Flight Instructor, County Air Administration.
  13. Dear Mr/Mrs. Michelle Carter (( @Kjam )), If you are receiving this e-mail, it means you have been accepted and paid for your Flight School program at Los Santos International Airport! Congratulations and welcome aboard! For the theory part of training, make sure you read the chapters that belong to your license(s) in the handbook HERE. After lecturing the manual, respond to this email and inform us about your availability in order to schedule the first hands on training session. The following sessions will be discussed and agreed upon with the assigned instructor. On behalf of the C.A.A. Management and all employees, thank you for choosing us! Sincerely, Head Flight Instructor, County Air Administration.
  14. The discussion of this topic is no longer seen as necessary, thus this thread has been closed from further discussion.
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