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  3. I'm going to make some comments, here, after reading over EVERYTHING. I've noticed this myself, and I agree that if people want to be in multiple factions they should do so on different characters. While each role in legal, government and business factions would be a full time contract making this statement true for those types of factions, people in illegal factions like gangs, mobs, and the like, are not bound by contract, however, (and I can't speak for EVERY illegal faction here, because idk how the other people operate their illegal factions) the way I handle the multiple faction issue in Ombra is, if you work for any of the fronts of Ombra, as well as do stuff with the mob, I don't allow them to join legal, government or business factions, without consulting me, and even then, I make sure it wouldn't realistically interfere with their work with the front. If they don't work with the fronts, they are free to join a legal, government, or business faction. Also, I don't use the scriptwise wages system in Ombra, fronts or otherwise, to pay my employees, to prevent ombra members from paycheck farming. My point is, if every person actually did this, it would solve the majority of the issues, and prevent the need of such a restriction. I agree with this statement 100 percent, and I feel that this is where the bulk of the issues arise. I agree with this statement too, however, I must say (and again, this is just what ombra does, although I think that every faction should do this) I have a spreadsheet set up with my employees, that has an hours count. Now, while I don't realistically expect my members to work 40 hours a week, I have my own psuedo system in place, where I set those hours based on activity in the server, and the people I have that are in another faction as well as working a legal front for Ombra only get paid for part time hours. Yea, again I agree with this, Owl is supposed to be a hardcore RP server, not an RPG, and if you are working in 5 factions and doing scripted jobs, it makes it seem more like an RPG. Now, While I agree with the bulk of what you are saying, I don't think a limitation needs to be put in to force the issue, I think the faction leaders need to do more to ICly prevent this stuff, because OOCly limiting how many factions a character can be could prevent other RP oppritunities. IE, say someone is setting up legal fronts in their illegal faction, and they make a faction per business (Ombra don't do this, but I know some factions that do) If they have the staff to work each business, they would still need to be in each faction, as an owner, to manage and keep an eye out on things. I agree with this statement to, as I think character development should be an important part of this community, the issue is that people don't want to put in the time for a full time career change like this.. The fix to that issue is to make a separate character for the new line of work. i don't know why people don't utilize making new characters for each career they want. I dont think there should be scripted limitations at all, I think if you want to work as a bartender part time, and a bouncer part time, and you could realistically put that kind of time into said development of this, you should be able to, that said though, I think that if you want to be a you should do it all on different characters.
  4. pfft, probably, lol... @Lotto
  5. Hey, good luck with this. If you need any help, in an OOC manner, let me know, however, Los Santos is only big enough for one mafia lol. and if this don't work out for you, Ombra is always recruiting!
  6. Opened a new pawnshop as another legal front and revenue source!
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