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  1. Khram

  2. Ant

    Public Enemy No. 1

    Public Enemy No.1 is a white supremacist semi-organized street gang generic white trash folk, mostly consisting of ex cons and white supremacist thugs. Most of the members were recruited into Public enemy No.1, a white supremacist street gang which has seen fast growth in recent years, both inside and outside of prison. Often they have been known to recruit young white suburban adolescents Into their ranks. The main crimes committed by this group have been noted to drug production and distribution, mostly methamphetamine and Crack Cocaine. They have also been noted to be involved in identity fraud, dog fighting and extortion. The group set up in San Andreas have been thought to have a tight grip in some areas of the County, with small pockets of control within the city of Los Santos itself. Disclaimers Any information contained herein, is for OOC promotional purposes only. Those who are privy to this information IC as members of the faction will be knowledgeable on certain aspects of this thread. Otherwise, all information is to be regarded as OOC until one's character discovers it via IC means. Upon associating with members of this faction, you hereby agree that your character can be CK'd at the discretion of the faction's leadership. This faction is not for the faint of heart. If you choose to join, you will encounter some themes and roleplay that may make you feel uncomfortable. This includes but is not limited to drug abuse, sexual degeneracy, racism, extreme acts of violence, and perhaps even more shocking and vile behavior. You have been warned. Bear in mind that the thread will be under constant work and thus will be updated.
  3. Remove yourselves from the premises, stinking Arabs.
  4. tHiS wOuLdNt hAVe HAPPenED iF IT wErEnT fOr kARAm @Craazy
  5. Ya didn't exactly remain silent, pal.
  6. If we could get someone to clean up the thread and to have everyone refrain from posting except for the handling admin and the people directly (the CK'd person and the one executing it) involved. You should have said this and enforced it long ago @Portside.
  7. Ant

    lets fucking finish prison school

  8. (( The exterior link doesn't work. @AKA ))
  9. Well considering they rush hostage situations with three under-equipped officers I think he's going to be just fine.
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