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  1. [00:13] Better hope I don't catch you, fuck nigga die slow, took my niggas from me so I'm ready for smoke pullin on shit if you think it's a joke, Got that heat on my waist and I'm ready to blow can't tesitfy cause I ain't see a soul vision not clear I don't know where to go I said show me the path, so i hopped on the road. OG stayed solid so I never broke just dropped a track, but I'm coming back harder, I was young a crash dummy, but I'm older and smarter up in the kitchen whippin' dope like a scholar, niggas is snakes like on gucci collars [00:35] young nigga about paper, no one can stop it hand in the pot, get some soft and I rock it got the Mac-11 and it's tucked in my robins niggas hate status cause a young nigga popin' my style too expensive you can not jock it Don't walk in the trap if you niggas ain't shopin'. sell by the zone, bitch I been bout my profit up in the kitchen, my wrist steady lockin' [00:49] my flip doing numbers, my bando go crazy, was born in the 90's sell dope like the 80s hatin' and plottin that shit do not faze me. pull up real easy cause I think you fugazi we light your shit up and that's on bro and he crazy murder block savage throwin' sets like he crazy I'm off of these pills and my mind going brazy
  2. That's not what I was getting at.
  3. Fine line between quality and quantity.
  4. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    "All bark no bite"
  5. [Taking away guns for DM] - Revise

    If you DM usually an admin would use a command to take that weapon away from you, then ban you. If it was taken off because you dmed why would they put it back in your hands?(if it was actual DM)
  6. [YouTube] YXNG DXYZO$ - LIKE I'M KOBE

    Comment: Shraggy? 🤔
  7. [YouTube] YXNG DXYZO$ - LIKE I'M KOBE

    Name: BankrollOffical Comment: Man everywhere but the streets. 🤣
  8. [WSHH & Youtube] Bankroll Baby - R.I.P

    Name: BankrollOfficial Comment: Where you at though?
  9. [00:15] I just copped me a couple of choppas, show me them bands and I'm sending them robbers send a whole fucking fifty fuck everything that I'm hittin' E-B-K bitch and I'm blooded and drippin Big Bs up to a nigga who Crippin' I don't give a fuck on who listen feds can get it we'll have yo ass missing block hot I warned these niggas but they ain't listen. [00:30] It's war time and a few of mine missin' we gon' double up and have your team crippled hollows loaded and they really persistant take you off nigga fuck a witness run through your block like I'm doing fitness pull up and leave your block empty we ain't playing with semis fully auto if you wanna get with me I'm gone shoot the whole clip till you missing [00:45] one time for my young nigga Milly, Lando dropped too damn man that really hit me But that's what make a young nigga go harder so I stack up this bread while a young nigga get smarter sell the benz and get back to a charger keep it basic cause the feds steady watchin already caught once so a nigga movin' in caution attempted murder but these other niggas be flodgin' I'mma take you off and there ain't no dodgin' you niggas hittin' the race run for your life cause I'm doing the chase for you lil niggas there ain't no getting away for your big niggas you better stay where it's safe my nigga I'm playing for keeps there is no space now watch how this 38 Special blow out your brains for me I'm ridin all the way to the grave just to take you off it's gon' take a pretty lil' penny send them dogs out, they slayin' they killin ten bands on your head cause you a witness thirty on you if I feel like you fishy fifty on you have you gone in one day. my nigga you better start digging a grave. North side where it is not safe We staining these niggas in broad day.
  10. The Grajales Familia


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