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  1. no luck needed, this is already the best faction in the server right now.. Try to keep up with this type of heat peers.
  2. Not type of guy to make videos but I'Ll drop my factions instead ngl I made some lifelong homies shoutout to @Flluroz @DaLuppo @Klippan @Stretch @BboyEnzo @Taliban @Craazy @RUNYOUOUTYOURHOOD @Dynamo @Matey @Immaculate @ertidog @Kevin @Matey @Mills @BlanK @JamalWalker @Smallz @Notorious @Poffy @Roi @Muamer112 @GeroXy @ZythuM @Vubstersmurf @Squirdo and many more that I can't think of rn, I got mad luv for you guys Last but not least, LONG LIVE @ToastyBud. This shit taught me how to grow weed, how to cook meth, how to boost a car and many more Catch yall around.
  3. Prayers up fam... heard you got shot in Rovaniemi...

  4. 20 inch chrome rims? thats me

  5. alex "allah" lacazette 

  6. Serx

    Show yourself!

    they aint ready for it ;)
  7. @VeX i dare you to fight me you fucking baboon

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    2. VeX


      salty ass nigga ill fucking squre you one right on't nose right ont bonce dont even try me cunt cos im a mad cunt trust me mate dont do owt i know u wont your a little pussybitch with no penis and your brains a mashed taties, trust me mate i'm well hard i sniff heroin for brekfast and inject cocaine so dont u try nowt. ill brek yer legs off with my bat and throw u in river u jewish consipracy lookin ass

    3. Serx


      i am on phone with latvian drug dealers in UK, send me your borough so we can close thisdeal you ugly ass

    4. VeX


      yeah yeah meet me HD5 FAM Hudds fam HD5 BLUD

  8. Went down my first year in the finals just like Kyrie Irving

  9. No fat bitches allowed in the club


    1. eoozy


      watch uat ban you for this

  11. still ;) 


  12. i told yall bucks in 5

    1. Immaculate


      need y'all to fuck golden state up in the finals

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