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  1. hbo should thank me for making nem folks watch wire

  2. mad

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Resident


      AJ Tracey, I like his flow more.



    3. Serx



    4. Resident


      wow, good minds think alike.

  3. Serx

    Oak Ridges Playboys Sureños X3

    good screens.
  4. serx loves giggs and nines

  5. **Hassan Brewster kisses his teeth after Maris pleads guilty, shaking his head and mumbling under his breath.** Hassan Brewster says: Could've pulled an O.J. Simpson on these fools..
  6. Serx

    New way of obtaining guns system.

    Not even going to bother reading this, all IC issue.
  7. serxtron 6 billion

  8. Serx

    The Hub

    As an addition, it reminds me of Continental Hotel from John Wick series lol, if PD bug that shit lots of factions getting zebulon'd.
  9. Serx

    The Hub

    approval of e-serx
  10. Serx

    Kymani Watson

    my jit
  11. Serx

    Oak Ridges Playboys Sureños X3

    YA DIN DU DUN, inbefore this bean gets cked 2 week tops dont @ me WALLAHIII YOU got this homie i got you
  12. Serx

    What's your favorite song name?

    Not a single song but I love every single track of The Weeknd, Denzel Curry, Meek Mill and ScHoolboy Q
  13. Serx

    Grupa Baltija

    wish that was a girl my nigga........... ot good screens yeah keep it up please
  14. ** Hassan Brewster walks in, taking a seat behind Derrick and observing the case, rocking black shirt, pants and Timberland boots. **

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