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  1. [Advertisement] Vinewood Call Girls!

    name: Concerned Citizen comment: I have a question, can we see the STD and blood tests of girls?
  2. [Advertisement] Vinewood Call Girls!

    ((can we comment on this icly Dear sir?? Or nah))
  3. The Montgomery Organization

    he didnt even see us rping but still, thanks?????¿¿¿¿
  4. Well then they are not putting work, thats how it looks like. They got Access to latest tech and they cant even find a murderer or a mugger for wearing gloves & helmet? Sorry but something is legit wrong here. Instead of pulling over citizens for speeding in their unmarked curisers they should investigate, know what i am saying?
  5. Dont attack me for not knowing that but do we have crime scene investigation unit? Guess we need one for more RP and all that stuff MindScape mentioned about.
  6. Aces Street Familia 13

    [email protected]meontHatkavianuareanopptometHatsmysHitcatcHuinendzcomeprepardbitc
  7. Healthbar thread

    History repeats itself, my boy Neema been grindinin for them scooby snax and got scrapped aint that racism Mane
  8. Aces Street Familia 13

    mane filipe rodriguez n bodie Hawkins r my cuHs yaH dig bitcHboy we Running up on ur fams wHen u sHleep /wHat for ur bitcH ass, doin /sHake witH ur baby mommaH #period
  9. Aces Street Familia 13

    tHat's it cuH u a real one now
  10. Username: JesusRiveraTheOnlyNiggaThatIsAlive Comment: PULL UP WITH THE M4 YEAH BOY I AM INSPECTOR GADGET fuck tHat floey tHo lol #LongLiveSpooky
  11. Guap Squad

    I mean, majority is like that. Youngins wilding on block with extendo magazine glock 18C's and dealing that tooka pack. 80% percent just pretending to be "real" one though lol
  12. Aces Street Familia 13

    He's* scHeming* mane learn the slang what r u lol 1738 ganton bl00dz triple og MicHael Gaymer
  13. Aces Street Familia 13

    wHy u no rockin orange cuH zytHum

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