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  1. Not type of guy to make videos but I'Ll drop my factions instead ngl I made some lifelong homies shoutout to @Flluroz @DaLuppo @Klippan @Stretch @BboyEnzo @Taliban @Craazy @RUNYOUOUTYOURHOOD @Dynamo @Matey @Immaculate @ertidog @Kevin @Matey @Mills @BlanK @JamalWalker @Smallz @Notorious @Poffy @Roi @Muamer112 @GeroXy @ZythuM @Vubstersmurf @Squirdo and many more that I can't think of rn, I got mad luv for you guys Last but not least, LONG LIVE @ToastyBud. This shit taught me how to grow weed, how to cook meth, how to boost a car and many more Catch yall around.
  2. Prayers up fam... heard you got shot in Rovaniemi...

  3. Define boomer Twitter lurkin mental issues having SoundCloud listening deadbeat reject ass
  4. tfw you used a madlib sample on your video https://open.spotify.com/track/4w5m4X0OZ2IslxNOgtntTN?si=Ni9Ci8TgSHWNPcIaJzfAyg
  5. 20 inch chrome rims? thats me

  6. Life, my PC and various people. Also tired of RPing
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