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  1. name: freeJah comment: yet notha 6ixa on feds lol, tho i cant see niggas face cuz forehead 2 big. Anyways free the team #essenifnoseas #fnszn #safetyoff #halalgang
  2. Serx

    [MAPPING] Los Santos Public School

    Owl playerbase ain't ready for it. Shit will be full of "memers"(aka the beans think they are funny) and will be nothing but a waste of time, sorry but no. +1 to my gay friend.
  3. Serx

    [Items] - Clothes generic item.

    Yeah, I have tons of sneakers plus chains so kind of a struggle to fit them all in /look. +1
  4. Serx

    A reintroduction w/ some questions.

    Yeah don't let the people get in your mind lmao, RP is good if you know who to rp with, join about and find some folks to RP.
  5. man idk who buffed serx like that

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Serx


      bro how the fduck everyone knows my name

      nevermind i told them

    3. Renny
    4. Serx
  6. Serx

    Cosmetics for players

    just wait for it
  7. Serx

    idlewood gangster 101

    this topic still up lol
  8. same reason on why people dropping millions on farms, nah to be straight I want to do something unique. Love that type of rp. Thought would be a good addition also.
  9. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Addition of Amharic language What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Miscellaneous What is the suggestion?- Would like to see Amharic language added into the game, it's the native language of Ethiopia and spoken by 15 million+ people. There are lots of languages that are not being actively used so why not? What are the advantages?- Realism. Variety in languages. What are the disadvantages?- None. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nah but my mans Unitts and Yannick got it easily. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Up to the scripters to be honest.
  10. Serx

    Eight Deuce HGC

    keep up the good rp folks
  11. and yall wonder why omar my favorite character

    1. Flluroz




      All we gotta say from now onย when something don't go our way.ย 


      yeah we got the discord proofs.

  12. about time sick rae on them with a shotgun watch them dash away But yeah can we not make topics like that again, just host some shit in Beach area if you want to promote the roleplay lol
  13. Serx

    LST | Two Officers murdered in Idlewood

    name: real14rmtrenches comment: tfw niggers has more firearms

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