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  1. Next Event

    Last years public figure visit was a disaster. (No offense.) But like the other idea, Independence day of Los Santos perhaps?
  2. Next Event

    Toxic gas leak? One happened back in the day.
  3. [SOCIAL MEDIA] Year of the Rat

    name: oppexterminator3000 comment: shits like chiraq back in the day #freesmoke
  4. nice for what?

  5. The Bike Den

    mad business
  6. also please use /ame instead of /me. The spam is real.
  7. [YouTube] Ty 66 - Headshots

    name: hollowmanx comment: giggs crying as we speak
  8. name: standartenführer comment: nigger with a licensed gun lol what a joke
  9. Freshly Local

    i see, i see
  10. cavs in 6 still #whateverittakes

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Serx
    3. Radhwan


      Says the dude who followed lebron when he "took his talent to south beach"

    4. Serx


      not really cuh

  11. name: standartenführer comment: might as well hand out potato sacks?
  12. rped as a highschool dropout prospect back in the day, #TrustTheProcess gl with it
  13. Just realised ive posted twice
  14. where is ur little hood rat blood char at??????????

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    2. Serx


      bring magdalena out, we got yachtys with two wardrobes in it drooling-face.png

    3. BusterAces
    4. JameZ


      buster won't ditch me ;)


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