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  1. Serx

    Eight Deuce

    "Ain't no nigga above a Deuce..."
  2. Serx

    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    Grats btw, every suomi perkele knows I vittu perkele this faction onnealy
  3. Serx

    Rothstein Connection

    I'll play 3 Monkeys on this one.
  4. Uh what is your camster.com user name and private snap name, asking for a friend ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. Antonia


      camster.com/zebbysgrill6969 i take donations love

  5. Serx

    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    Hyvรครค screens.
  6. Daytona better get that Grammy.

  7. Serx

    Rollin' Twenties Neighbourhood

    Where is the story? How this clique decided to rep purple? Based off Grape STREET Crips? Sorry but lots of things wrong with this faction. From what I saw and experienced at First hand you guys rushed your development, hopped on doing hits, drug dealing etc.. Would be way more nice to see few local ebonics slowly getting pushed into making money off the paper because of poverty or something similiar. What this faction lacking: -Development. -Not rping the fear factor accordingly. -Being trigger happy. -Subpar RP skills.(Seen on few members) I hope you guys fix those wrongs, good luck.
  8. Serx

    Robocops vs Robocriminals

    You know im afraid to give people a beating cause they might fill an app on me, if you know you know.
  9. Serx

    82 Records

    Damn I forgot about this, thanks for reminding me and no, It is active.
  10. "fuck timbs" - magnolia

  11. Serx

    [Instagram] roova

    ((dont want it to be in my recommendations how to stop))
  12. name: unknown comment: I'm donating 200k myself alone, enjoy.
  13. Serx

    Bank Loans

    There was a loan system back in 2015 along with a Bank of Los Santos faction, perhaps UAT could bring it back?

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