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  1. hey sexy i miss u hit me up x 

    1. Toast


      Check ur DMs

  2. I don't think you got what I was pointing out
  3. >petrolhead >tesla Anywho, this is pretty decent, MTA already has a vehicle editor option for cars to go diesel, electric or Petrol, so if it was implemented some way like that then it'd work fine.
  4. Personally I'd say it'd have to be something slightly better than /glue, as when you do that the object that is /glue'd is just no-clippable
  5. Wouldn't really work so well, the only way you can properly do tire wear is probably if as you drifted and a script senses you're sideways is have the gravity be lowered, but since drifting wasn't even intentional in GTA SA it's hard to actually even figure out a way to do it.
  6. Name: Bax Bid: Buyout Comment: This car is a lot more luxury than a Mitsubishi GTO, fuck off with that rice shit.
  7. personally I agree but I also disagree, from what I see admins seem to be more active on the forums than on the UCP, that's just atleast from my experiences though.
  8. ((well, basically, I'll admit, I fucked up, apparently I didn't click save when I edited the handling.))
  9. ((Conclusion: It was never fixed.))
  10. Name: Bax Comment: I imported this car for 62 grand and put coils on it and you're trying to get double? lmfao.
  11. I already thought it was in the works due to @Hurley redoing the whole GUI for other parts of the script, I assume it's already in progress but feel free to prove me wrong
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