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  1. Just now, DxRK said:

    Name : RM

    Comment : Thank you for clarifying how much property actually comes with this "farm". The auctioneer sent me images which showed way more land than what the deed actually entitles. Scummy tactic used in order to sell off a property, close to a scam.   

    I am glad Mister Nicholas Howard enlighted all of us, I own the dirt patch and the shack, no more useless arguements. Now either bid or dip. 


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  2. 41 minutes ago, Resident said:

    Username: RealWill86

    Comment: Real nice, I was actually gonna offer buy-out for it but since you're not interested in answering my questions, I'll look else where.


    Yeah I don't care please look else where

    14 minutes ago, DxRK said:

    Name : RM

    Comment : How much land does the property grant you, would you be able to outline the whole plot of land out on a map to display this? Not looking for any sly remarks as I'm actually interested in the property but it all depends on how much land comes with it. 

    It has sea acces where you can park your boat and you can also get it easily fenced, feel free to peer around the are when you are avaliable


    12 minutes ago, BusterAces said:

    Username: B

    Comment: Big potential to start farming? How exactly? You own a shack, I highly doubt you have access to any land. If anything this is just a shack that should belong to 1, Flatlands Drive.

    No, I own the whole area and I own the property. If you are really experienced on deed become a title deed officer


  3. NrQe6EX.png


    Los Santos Auction House - Residential


    Property Type: Residential
    Address: Gibson Road Farm House
    Description: Little shack located on a very big land. Your place to getaway from the city and have some fresh breather. Big potential of start farming.

    Exterior Images:



    Interior Images:



    Starting Bid: 65,000
    Minimum Increase: 5000
    Buyout: 80,000
    Auction ends: 19.06.2019
    Contact Information: TBA

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