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  1. I feel like crimstone is getting unarchived soon
  3. Azteca Nightclub is finally opening on this saturday at 20:00 PM. ((ingame time)). We wish to see everyone attend in our grand opening and enjoy their special drinks and of course the latin music. DJ Bato will be performing at 20:30 and more surprises to come. We wish to see you all there! Special Guests; DJ Bato Tequila Hugo Sponsored By;
  4. Good luck bets, you're more than capable to take this far. Make it last long.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://i.ibb.co/8xWMtpw/mta-screen-2019-06-18-14-01-47.png Property Type: Residential Address: Idlewood Car Shop Description: Car shop in Idlewood. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 40,000 Minimum Increase: 5000 Buyout: 55,000 Auction ends: 20.06.2019 Contact Information: TBA
  6. I am glad Mister Nicholas Howard enlighted all of us, I own the dirt patch and the shack, no more useless arguements. Now either bid or dip.
  7. Yeah I don't care please look else where It has sea acces where you can park your boat and you can also get it easily fenced, feel free to peer around the are when you are avaliable No, I own the whole area and I own the property. If you are really experienced on deed become a title deed officer
  8. Name:TrueNigger66 Comment:Yeah you can see it from pizza stacks
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://i.imgur.com/BvPQXdE.jpg Property Type: Residential Address: Gibson Road Farm House Description: Little shack located on a very big land. Your place to getaway from the city and have some fresh breather. Big potential of start farming. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 65,000 Minimum Increase: 5000 Buyout: 80,000 Auction ends: 19.06.2019 Contact Information: TBA
  10. Azteca Club is the name of Latin club which takes place in Little China, China Town. It was founded by young investors in the El Corona Community, main purpose of the club is reviving the night-life in Los Santos once again and allow our citizens to meet with true Mexican Culture. Azteca Club welcomes all the citizens of Los Santos, where they can have real tastes from Mexico and also meet with the mexican food culture. In Azteca Club, you can easily find all kind of Latino drinks and latino foods even. We offer our customers a great place where they can truly enjoy their stay and the great latino music. Our experienced DJ El Bato will be holding special night events from time to time and we guarantee that will be the one of the greatest experiences you'll ever witness. Also our grand opening soon to be announced on advertisments, we suggest you to have an eye out. Located At; Sponsored By;
  11. Norm

    La Corona Bar

    LA @Mogs
  12. LA @Mogs @Vubstersmurf
  13. [INTRO:BLADE] Yo bro you are in this game now yo. [INTRO:SINNA] Just give me the beat bruv. *beat goes on afterwards.* talkin like you fuckin know me nah you just a fake always been able to spot these yellow bellied snakes chop the head and watch it squirm did it just to reaffirm Im no joke Im wrapped in cloaks I creep in silence past the sirens crime scene mothafucka a dope fiend why these fuckas so keen finna catch a blade to the neck bottom of the wreck want to flex wont you check cock the tec throw that set was a threat not to fret wipe that sweat cash that check sinna has got that paper taking out these perpatrators call me mad max like a raider cuttin deep its like a razor remember these fuckin words little more than just a verse cross me twice Ill do ya worse send you off inside a hearse *beatkill* Sponsored and Managed By: Hot Cash Movement Record and Investment Manager - Producer El Bato (( @noahcool1111 )) Avaliable On; ((Comment section is strictly managed by the employees of HCM, any abusive, criticism, personal insults will be immediately removed))
  14. Name:Kevin Taylor Comment:You are still retarded though
  15. [INTRO:BLADE] *Heavy Breathing* [INTRO:EL BATO] *Blade you are standing too close to the mic, bro. Take a step back.* [INTRO:BLADE] *Oh, shit. Sorry holmes, young blade in this bitch game ese.* *beat goes on* Stay with me and fucking burn Got fears in my eyes and bloods in my hands Let the game play the dice in my hand The daytime is a fucking narrow don't be afraid the twelve is on patrol Got my arrow but missing a bow no worry puta I'll get you somehow The pairs on my wrists there's no espace from this I will run but I won't escape all I need is a little escalate When I hit, hit the pen locos be dizzy but don't be same Pockets are empty locos going insane, I don't feel guilty got a fifty but locos be missing fourty Smile with me when you think of me, I don't trust myself but my waist Two locos stayin with me for a murder assist Loco asking me how I fit, I fit my life in a single hit Fucking putos be talking shit, they get hit when they talk shit Puto coprses get lit on fire but that's the shit I admire We repping in this mothafucka you get stand in our way and catch a hit from the Le Gata I'll snap you in have like the seahawks did with Randell El 'Cause when It come to winning you don't have something to tell Me and the homies grabbin some lola, so we can go and ride in the Impala The bitch loco askin me where I get the bombala And I will tell him that's non of your business mothafucka I'll hit the kush and think of Sinaloa, Everything for El Corona I deliver knockouts like Ronda mothafuckaaaa, young Blade in this bitch ese *Beat Kill* Sponsored and Managed by; Hot Cash Movement Record and Investment Manager - Producer El Bato (( @noahcool1111)) Avaliable on; ((Comment section is strictly managed by the employees of HCM, any abusive, criticism, personal insults will be immediately removed))
  16. Young Loco Records is a name of a rap studio which takes place in Los Santos. Hot Cash Movement was founded by a El Corona youngsters Blade and El Bato. Hot Cash Movement welcomes any type of qualified rappers and Hot Cash Movement services will be sponsoring the rapper. Hot Cash Movement is currently new to the business, the company is currently looking out for qualified rappers to push out some rap songs under the name of HCM company. Chief Executive Officer - El Bato E-MAIL :[email protected] (( @noahcool111)) Chief Operations Officer - Blade - E-MAIL: [email protected] (( @Norm )) We are currently hiring musical and lyrical artists. If you are interested please contact us on e-mail.
  17. That's straight disrespect to my father who has served in US military and that's also straight disrespect to my grandfather who has also served in US military and even more straight disrespect to pa's father who has also involved in civil war, sir
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