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  1. Norm

    Show yourself!

    dude,I'm laughing like horse again...
  2. 13.09.1996 ,Rest in peace,2pac.

    1. TPG


      fk him, he fake asf

    2. Mogs


      was my best mate, rip man

  3. TPG I'm going to Russia man.

    1. DellWood


      Bring me back some vodka would ya? jk, too young. lel :P

    2. TPG


      lmfao, too young HAHAHAHHAHAHAA

    3. DellWood
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  4. [ADMIN-JAIL]: Trial Admin Skippy jailed Dresta OG indefinitely.. (REAL OG)

  5. Shoutout to unicorn toast and his partner TPG

  6. Shoutout to Toast,if he still alive.

    1. Version


      He's alive no worries :) toasting somewhere fo sure.

  7. Two cigarets and bottle of water.

  8. Gz maracha and all newbies

  9. I play soldier,you play king.

  10. TPG is best rapper.

    1. PaddyMcGee


      No I am. Check dese raps.

      Skid skid flid wid dibbly dop, get outta my face you fuckin mop. Fuck'd ur mum.

    2. TPG


      swag swag yolo, i wear a polo, fuck off n igger fking shit ill kill you boom boom?!?!?!?!?!?

    3. PaddyMcGee
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  11. When I'm thinking about beers,It's calling RCFIZPRO.

    1. Spectre


      I'm thinking about beer right now...

  12. Leave it all behind'

  13. There was a child His Name is John Skully,His parents bought a bike for his birthday,After a short time,he learnt how to drive bike,Then he applied for LSPD.

  14. @@Toast ur still best admin for me @@Kevin and @@ertidog BEST FMT members @@Skippy Best SP @@RCFIZPRO Beerman @@RichardBanks Awesome guy,i love his voice tho )'> @@HashMush Awesome boy,I was happy,when he promoted to Admin (thanks for last jail tho) )'> @@zimak COOL VCT DAWAY KURWA @@TeeKho thank you too dude,I remember when you spend 15 min for lock my generics xD @@Bunny Rabbit ass SP,love you too
  15. Heil for emporer Shibbi!

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