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  1. Name:Goodcitizen Comment:Thank you for making our community aware of scammers sir.
  2. Name:RandomPerson comment:You should be restricted from using internet. You either believe on your own lies or trying to drag attention on you. You are the real corrupt yourself. Also the part about racism is totally true. Point me a black person that holds high position in 'YOUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT' right now. Oh I forgot, you are wannabe nazi.
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: East Los Santos Car Wash Description: Great place for business. Has two secured gates, and It's based on a big land. Could replace it with an apartment even. Has a nice meeeting room and parking space inside. Also a small bed along with a storage. Well secured place. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 250,000 Minimum Increase: 5000 Buyout: 400,000 Auction ends: 3.06.2019 Contact Information: TBA to winner BOTH IC AND OOC COMMENTS DISABLED
  4. Name:Captain Owan Golden. Comment:You are the real corrupt yourself. I'll be taking this situation to courts and publish a press release soon.
  5. lovely day in the neighbourhood for a drive by
  6. looks great mate take it far i see potential in this
  7. Hello community. I decided to make a very short announcement. It amazes me to see players showing decent interest to faction as I also recently received some PM's ingame. If you have doubts or any questions releated to faction please contact me on discord. (Köks$vl#4564). I'll be more than happy to give you directions. We are looking forward to roleplay with you!
  8. First time in owlgame. Best of luck!
  10. still nothing comparing to bum, yikes
  11. earthquake following with a nuclear plant explosion at docks then a meteor hits LS which causes flooding then after a week Metallica comes to Santa Marina beach to morale citizens of LS ps:billie eilish or xxxtentacion concert might do too
  12. I believe Ariana concert wasn't text, and yeah there is still many options flooding event would be nice aswell but my heart goes for #1
  13. I already spoke to @Vubstersmurf and @QueenC about the first option. Glad it was taken seriously. We never had rock concert at beach before, vote 1 everyone.
  14. Hit dat motorbike, good job so far so good guys. Keep it up.
  15. https://gyazo.com/17441ee57490efcd1ddeaaa474f4866c OOC: -Selling or buying on the market, you automatically agree to a CK clause being applied on your character. This can only be executed by the leaders of the faction. I believe you can not enforce this. This is like I can kill my customers that buys some weed from me on the corner. Other than that, looks good so far.
  16. loving the screens guy, prolly the best black faction out there since there's none atm (not lying ½100 true ) ps:fuck haters man keep up the amazing work
  17. -12313/10 loll dont understand a piece of it
  18. me gustas cocaina, me gusta tu hagamos la paz, no la guerra locos.
  19. im glad this one runs MTA smooth
  20. Join a faction before you decide to make one strictly applies to this faction, good luck though fellas.
  21. Name:Margaret Penaflor Comment:Been following Sparta News lately, I think this is a new replacement for SANews. Keep up the good work.
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