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  1. Just now, BusterAces said:


    so how is this "less pain" for ft exactly? to me it seems like a lot more work instead of u just having the pot changed into different stages for immersion.


    i would prefer if u didnt insult me, thanks.



    I forgot I am tryna discuss with a guy who said pawn shops doesn't sell chainsaws IRL, thanks for clarifiying me mister. Have a pleasent week and great night. COme back tomorrow if anything

  2. Just now, BusterAces said:

    abuse is the main issue hence why im arguing against this suggestion.

    I don't know If I have to be over 250 + IQ to feel what's inside your mind but yes, that is correct, abuse is ''issue'' like I mentioned which could be prevented If FT+ Scripters take right decisions and preventions about it. Now don't give me any other notifications you chimp im tryna sleep.

  3. Just now, BusterAces said:

    u dont wanna discuss it because u dont have a valid argument to bring thats why u brought up my vote on a irrelevant suggestion. 

    u say i dont want to disscuss but u also said u feel people will abuse this so i had to show u abuse isnt the issue here so i had to refeer to another subject to show u abuse isnt the issue i hope u understand wishing u a nice day now


    ps; not replying to u anymore u repeat yourself over and over. Thank u, next

  4. 22 minutes ago, BusterAces said:

    so whats the point of this suggestion if FT still gotta approve logs


    u can earn a decent profit from selling weed, especially with the dumb virtual market. all u need to do is not rp anything and get weed because its all done via a script and use vm to sell it. repeat and boom u've earned a decent amount of money.


    Just now, BusterAces said:

    if you plan on quoting me i suggest using the actual words instead of using words i clearly did not use. also, don't really think i'll trust a person that thinks i've been legal rping for 5 years when that couldn't be further away from the truth. im not derailing your thread, this is a script suggestion thread and its a place where the community can openly discuss what is being suggested.



    Yeah would rather not discuss with a person who believes on his own lies, thank you, next.

  5. Just now, BusterAces said:

    im failing to see what my vote on a different subject has to do with this one, however, keeping this on topic instead of reaching for nonsense, i had this discussion with unitts about 1-2 weeks ago and we talked about how the plant mechanic (how it grows etc) would only be able to be controlled by ft. that way it ensures that its properly rp'd. so when u complete a stage and send the logs to ft, ft then can use a form of script to upgrade the stage etc. though i personally find the whole thing useless since it's all aesthetics at the end of the day.




    No, I mentioned about ''different subject'' since you were talking about ''abuse'' and how ''retarded virtual market'' is. Just like I said earlier, anything could be abused and I heavily agree with the stage idea. It might look stupid and unnecessary for a person who straight roleplayed as legal for 5 years or more but trust me you will find more illegal roleplayers agree with this idea. Anyways, would appreicate If we not derailed this thread any-more. If you are looking for a private discussions you are welcomed in my PMs.

  6. 4 minutes ago, BusterAces said:

    so whats the point of this suggestion if FT still gotta approve logs


    u can earn a decent profit from selling weed, especially with the dumb virtual market. all u need to do is not rp anything and get weed because its all done via a script and use vm to sell it. repeat and boom u've earned a decent amount of money.


    Can you please explain to me why have you voted yes for FD members being able to revive usual players (even when admins are not online) and added a note saying 'Admins should get an alert?' Don't you think that can be abused just like any other script suggestion?. Well let's say the same here then? When someone harvest the pod admins should get a ''warn'' and this  is surely according to your sense of humour which made me chuckle aswell, and If the player fails to provide any logs of harvesting and growing 'which is also should be monitored by FT' the player should be punished for abusing the system. Remember, anything can be abused but best thing to do is give this to trusted people. This was just an example, there's surely other ways to prevent people from abusing this. 

  7. Just now, BusterAces said:

    ur response shows exactly why this should be thrown in the bin.


    You know If It gets abused there's surely a way to dealt with lmfao. FT should ask for logs regularly and if the players fail to provide any logs then It's being abused, but I am sure as my name there's fair amount of people who's willing to RP this accordingly. Also you must be over 100 IQ to think weed makes you earn a lot unless you're selling it to some newbie in the server rofl.

  8. Just now, BusterAces said:

    no. this provide absolutely no rp what so ever and if anything this promotes less/no rp by not having a group supervise what is actually being done. it can easily be abused to gain a large sum of money with little to no effort.

    yeah was exactly my plan I was planning to become millionaire selling weed on the corner. 

  9. OwlGaming.png


    Script Suggestion


    What would be the name of the script(s)?-

    Marjiuana Growing System

    What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?-
    Growing System

    What is the suggestion?-
    Make a script which allows you to grow your seeds inside a marjiuana pod and once It's grown, right click on the item to collect your product.

    I am going to leave a video here, watch it and leave your opinions below. 




    What are the advantages?-

    Less pain for both Faction Team and the Illegal roleplayers. This should be given out to players whom has approval from Faction Team or rather to Established and Offical factions.



    What are the disadvantages?-


    I don't think there will be any disadvantage since It looks like a simple script which allows you to grow weed and harvest it afterwards. Also, in the video the marjiuana grows so fast but he says I've set it like this because I am going to show you guys how this system works. I believe scripters can easily change the time-line of it and make it grow slowly and realistic.

    Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?-
    No but I found this video on youtube recommendations. Dunno If It could any help.

    How would you go about implementing this idea?-

    Dunno if feller jon unit will do this

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  10. Just now, Snipes said:

    I wish dude but I doubt I will be unbanned, this was just a post to say where I've been and that I'm going to be a father in less than a month

    I suggest you to take a look at this thread;

    Chaos just announced not so long ago they'll be pardon'ing some people If they are not community blacklisted. Assuming that you are not community blacklisted since you are still unbanned on forums I suggest you to try ban-appealing since It's way more easy to get unbanned right now. Also, congrulations dude I am honored to hear that : )


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  11. Just now, Snipes said:

    I was never banned from the forums, just in-game (Still banned) I choose to not say anymore than what was needed at the time.

    Friends circles can be what ever you want it to be. I say it in the views of stop trying to find them and out them. I can tell you a fact, My friends circle haven't spoke to me in over a year. Things do change over the years and I've changed. I've learnt to not hold on to assumption of who is buddy buddy with which admin. if this server was on a buddy buddy admin system with everyone. New comers won't join and people not in groups will leave. I guess another way to see it is, if you don't see it don't look for it. Enjoy the server and enjoy why you came to this server, don't get angry or bitter. I did and I regretted it.

    Different hearts and mind my friend. Different hearts and mind. I am not a type of person to lower his voice against corruption & friend circles. I've always spoke and I always will. Anyways, let's not derail your thread no-more. It's good to see you back : ) Hopefully we tie up somewhere and rp together.

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  12. Welcome back, glad to have you here. But it seems like a bit of propaganda to me you are getting unbanned after a year and 8 months later and first thing you are saying is ''Friend circles isn't a thing.'' It has to be a either a funny meme or big assumption. Things change through years. 

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  13. Since we are moving over to different platform, how are the admins going to deal with such things? Since you know GTA5 has a huge playerbase and probably most of the incomers will be unaware of what RP is, it applies on the players that play in Voice RP servers. Do you have plans of bringing supporters back? Any plans of hosting roleplay schools?


    Also It's good to see you guys are changing the ban pressures.

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  14. Just now, ItsMelodyy said:

    You must be retarded if you actually think I'm protected by admins you knob. I don't break rules unlike you. Get out of here lol.



    Truth hurts this guy too much lmfao


    ps;I won't reply on this thread anymore, I made my remarks very clear earlier. So don't tag me nerds

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  15. Just now, Ixosis said:

    I'm talking in complete general about all admins. I've seen the way you treat admins when you don't get your way and it's generally sickening honestly. This has nothing to do with QueenC but take it as you wish. I don't have to provide you with anything. 

    Then I don't have to provide you anything neither, you are rather ignorant, selfish person who only aims to feed his friends in ''general'' playerbase and of course his friends in admin team. Anyways, thank you for making me chuckle dude your pointless comments just made my day. I would actually take you as a serious person or roleplayer If you roleplayed anyone else instead your friend circle. And please, next time you try to make a claim you better have proof of it.

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  16. I don't want to give out any admins names but some admins should be really ashamed of theirselves. Like come on guys, don't you have fucking 'shame'? didn't your family teach you respect other humans? Imagine being named '****nC' where everyone calls you horrible, terrible etc etc how do you manage to stay in GAT still? If you have a ''little'' shame you would fucking resign instead of making this community's players struggle. I'd personally resign If I was called ''terrible admin'' numerous times. Instead of using ''this is internet I don't care about people's opinion about me'' card. This shoutout goes to all corrupt admins in owlgaming and they surely knows who they are! This community is sick of you! Either leave or resign! But I doubt you'll stay in this server If you are removed from GAT. Where did the loyality go?

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