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  1. Vubstersmurf now you are UAT as I told you will be one day

  2. Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  3. hey guys new to RP where do i join crimstone owlgaming faction i have teamspeak installed incase

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    2. Resident
    3. Resident


      ever gonna come up with anything new Norm, still waiting to get banned for all this MG there's no proof of.

    4. Norm


      resident stop talking like barrack obama please


  4. come back to owl fag - hb

  5. man you did the right thing :D 

  6. happy birthday my mate ❤️ you are not forgetten and you'll never be

  7. just joining the my mate congrulations xx train

  8. Norm

    Ok listen up ✋??

    You have made it ❗ this far ???

    we demand nothing but our mate's right ??

    we want ? @TheNeonGuy ? to have his e-mail fixed ??

    and we want that to happen today ???

    we ?gamers

    need your staff members ?‍?‍??‍?‍? to be effective ⛏️⚒️ as much as possible ?

    to decrease the waiting time on reports ??

    we now ? will do our casual stuff ? and ?

    demand justification ?✋

    of why this guy ???

    haven't gotten his email fixed yet ⁉️‼️ 

    you have come across ❌one of my cult members ?? and this will not be tolerated ⚔️⚔️ 

  9. Norm

    happy birthday mate still need an ak with 2 magz thanks

  10. Norm

    listen up i want nothing but an ak47 with two clips thanks

    1. Scooter


      Too bad an AK-47 doesn’t take clips bud

  11. happy birthday day one buster aces mad faces

  12. Norm

    listen up i want nothing but i will appreicate if you can spawn an ak 47 on me with two extra clips thanks

  13. Norm

    happy birthday cunt even tho you are retarded sometimes still love you so much x

  14. 45-50 men stood ballied up in gym

  15. men resien men pls i know u eight years

  16. selling my kidney for ak47 ig 2 extra clips tho

    1. noahcool111


      Selling my heart for a empty glock

    2. Norm


      heart costs more, i sell my heart for 1m ferrari and filled m4

  17. happy birthday man x

  18. First of all Hello and after greetings, I'd like to tell you that I want to make a request to remove my ban.
    First, the reason for the ban is multiple accounts, but when I did two accounts, I didn't know very well. Rules of the Rolla play this was a long time ago, and in the meantime, two accounts were created without the knowledge of the multiple accounts rule and now I've learned all the rules and I want to apply I learned lesson from mistakes, please help me with that. Thank.

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    2. Error404
    3. GamerX27
    4. EDR


      Greetings, as the handling administrator I declare this ban appeal denied, in addition you have the biggest gay.


      Kind regards,

      Your dad

  19. happy birthday my little bunny

  20. doğum günün kutlu olsun kardeşim

  21. Happy birthday Almeida still got the fly x

  22. Norm

    Happy birthday brother wanted to be last

  23. Hahahahah u 18 now small kiddo hf hb

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