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  1. 'Before the beat starts a loud scream would be heard' DJ BATOOOO MUSIIIICCC [INTRO]Blade: Bato put this studio on fire man [INTRO]DJ BATO: *Lighter sound*There you go amigo Blade been in this game, blade never lie but he rap I've seen lots of trap, but your game is weak The hood is burning all fucking night, you can ask all the vatos Guard vatos picked some rice and patos Vato is only 18 and he got a mercedes His enemies can't win, they never can We paid for this in blood and rage Now go say there's a new rapper called Blade You ain't got no shape, whatever you say is a fucking lie Bato always say don't stay close to microphone, Blade has to spit this like using a megaphone You all don't want fourty on your heads, five different vibes, three different straps Don't complain but stick with the vape, because this is Threce homicide SUR presence No-one can catch me slippin, I am the young Blade prodiggin I see other vatos around hood always snitchin, I fuck their bitch so hard and they always trippin Aimin for the top, that's my go to stop, Blade never stop unless he's told I bump with the beat and always shake my fuckin' head, I take a ride thru the streets' and always make it tight Trust me you don't want to pick a fight, you'll end up laying in a crap Weak vatos keep bringing me scrap, I ignore them all' but aim for the top I just got my setup, and making sure to always produce rap *Beat close with Gunshots* Sponsored and Managed By; Hot Cash Movement Record and Investment Manager - Producer El Bato (( @noahcool1111)) Avaliable On; ((Comment section is strictly managed by the employees of HCM, any abusive, criticism, personal insults will be immediately removed))
  2. Name:Citizenman comment:They really copied campaigns from each other, Harold and Nikolai's campaign is the same lmfao
  3. need perms for @Valgus @Ralof
  4. great character story man take it far
  5. Norm

    Last Drop Perms

    Need last drop Courier permissions for @SexyStakk and @DetectiveSGT thank
  6. Need courier perms for @hook aswell @Script
  7. Thank you so much Valentine Payne from Dinoco for supporting us! Make sure to visit our nightclub at 20:00 today dear citizens!
  8. Norm

    /afk command.

    literally most useless suggestion i've ever seen in my life no offence darling
  9. Are you excited to see DJ Bato on stage? Make sure to visit our club tomorrow at 20:00!
  10. Yesterday was so much fun! Thanks to everyone whoever partipicated in the event! Cartel Deal Gone Wrong (Mexican Army and US Border Patrol involved- NO CLICKBAIT)
  11. I feel like crimstone is getting unarchived soon
  13. Azteca Nightclub is finally opening on this saturday at 20:00 PM. ((ingame time)). We wish to see everyone attend in our grand opening and enjoy their special drinks and of course the latin music. DJ Bato will be performing at 20:30 and more surprises to come. We wish to see you all there! Special Guests; DJ Bato Tequila Hugo Sponsored By;
  14. Good luck bets, you're more than capable to take this far. Make it last long.
  15. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://i.ibb.co/8xWMtpw/mta-screen-2019-06-18-14-01-47.png Property Type: Residential Address: Idlewood Car Shop Description: Car shop in Idlewood. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 40,000 Minimum Increase: 5000 Buyout: 55,000 Auction ends: 20.06.2019 Contact Information: TBA
  16. I am glad Mister Nicholas Howard enlighted all of us, I own the dirt patch and the shack, no more useless arguements. Now either bid or dip.
  17. Yeah I don't care please look else where It has sea acces where you can park your boat and you can also get it easily fenced, feel free to peer around the are when you are avaliable No, I own the whole area and I own the property. If you are really experienced on deed become a title deed officer
  18. Name:TrueNigger66 Comment:Yeah you can see it from pizza stacks
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