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  1. (UPON READING; YOU AGREE TO NOT USE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER UNLESS APPROVED BY MYSELF OR OTHER LEADERS) Back in the 1990s when the notorious Ace Street Locos XIII held power over the El Corona district, Carlos Flores was a high-ranking member of the gang. He ran a little group under ASL13, called the El Corona Aztecs. After the collapse of the Ace Street Locos XIII by the will of law enforcement, the El Corona Aztecs came into more and more power. Even though shotcaller Armando Montez had died from a drive-by and other notable leaders were dead or incarcerated, the ECA13 still pledged allegiance to Armando Montez and the ASL. El Corona Aztecs later developed into a street gang in the early 2000s, fractions of what they had come from. It was led under the command of Carlos Flores, who's ultimate goal was to keep the culture he believed in, alive. Under a gang injunction enforced on the Ace Street Locos, the El Corona Housing Projects were raided by the Special Weapons And Tactics unit of the Los Santos Police Department. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of weapons and narcotics, seized and loads arrested. Included in the list of perpetrators, was one Carlos Flores. He was charged and incarcerated for a total of six years, in 2012. Without the appropriate leadership and literature previously provided, both the Ace Street Locos and El Corona Aztecs ceased to be and ultimately split off into numerous sets. Throughout the years, these street gangs would come and go, some dismantled by their bitter rivals, others dismantled by the long arm of the law. The most famous of these gangs would become the Ace Street Familia XIII who's reach supposedly passed that of the Ace Street Locos XIII, but like all things, the Familia too, came to an abrupt end. In August 2018, Carlos Flores was released from the San Andreas Detention Center prison with high hopes of finding the remnants of his friends and family although when he arrived, he was disappointed at what he saw. There was no correlation between El Corona and the Ace Street Locos. No correlation between El Corona and Corona Aztecs. Nothing of relevance. Just another neighborhood with what appeared to be meaningless graffiti, and rundown projects. At that moment, Carlos had promised himself that he would continue what his friends had started. THE BEGINNING After Carlos arrive to the barrio, Everything was unorganized, people didn't quite know who to call a leader. That was when Shorty ( Carlos ) came back to the place where he belonged and reinstated peace and calm for everyone in place. A group of people was often seen playing basketball or just chatting on the benches or around the neighborhood. As time flew the gang grew up in membership and with it, attention spiked around the gang within each side of the law and as relationships rose and were beginning to rise in importance and convenience as the gang saw a short period of time where everything was going right. THE OBSTACLE As the gang saw a period of prosperity, they began aiming higher and higher but with recognition, Comes the unwanted attention. The gang saw it's path blocked by PD when they were involved in a situation which was nothing but a really awkward and stupid situation but that lead to multiple members being arrested due to one running his mouth. The gang saw it's dream of a peaceful and prosper life being taken away from them on a blink of an eye as multiple members were arrested, other wanted. It is rumoured that they have not yet given up and that they are taking chances somewhere else, in Los Santos. Lore Provided by @Norm @MrKosm0 Phrasing by @Craazy @MrKosm0 Faction name by @Kotromanich UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON
  2. Norm

    [YouTube & WSHH] Roova - No Comment

    Name:King with a crown Comment:canceer
  3. Norm

    Rollin' Twenties Neighbourhood

    good luck guys. I love this faction. FUcK haters.
  4. Norm

    Robocops vs Robocriminals

    lol great job. No wonder why JoseEvil Squad filled a CK app on me because I was passing-by a shoutout lmfao.
  5. Name:KT Comment:No and fuck you Mitchel Martinez.
  6. Name:KT Comment:Dear RM are you Rose Moreno by any chance?
  7. Name:KT Comment:Sparta news is retarded what the fuck did I just read SAAN is the king as always
  8. Norm

    Back again!

    welcome can i have some assests that you've got from 2016
  9. Norm

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

    jesus fucking christ i thought you werent that serious about grande in first place
  10. Norm

    Almighty Saints XIII

    i want to see some action, come on guys. stop posting screens of sitting in a garage.
  11. Young Money Movement is a name of a rap studio which takes place in Los Santos. Young Money Movement was founded by Carlos Flores and Manuel Salazar. Young Money Movement welcomes any type of qualified rappers and Young Money Movement services will be sponsoring the rapper. Young Money Movement is currently new to the business, the company is currently looking out for qualified rappers to push out some rap songs under the name of YMM company. Chief Executive Officer - Shorty 23 E- Mail ([email protected]) Chief Operations Officer:Montana - (MontanaLS.sa.) @Kotromanich We are currently hiring musical and lyrical artists If you are interested please contact us on e-mail.
  12. Norm

    OwlGaming - Snow Wars

    ok showing this for ppl inb4 i get pm'ed like 'how u do this' right click on yourself and select 'Make Snowball' enjoy my friends fellow owlgamer x
  13. * a troll fake advert would show up when you scroll through meme - comedy sites on internet* hello sir im genghis rashid i want to become president of district id 1 please support i would love to introduce myself shortly am 48 y/o man from india my parents are green-card i live un united states los santos i live in district 1 i will open up indian call center for my friends who commits fraud on phone i will make indian fraud legal mosque for my muslim brothers zinzor zamak is retarded he cant open up a mosque paying from his pocket i will pay from my own pocket if its needed and open a mosque for my brothers please support me becoming president id 1 i will make district id 1 very cool very good i will do good things i will make people happy please support genghis rashid i also love my fellow indian friend i will take good care of indian in los santos and maybe create a reservation in district 1 i will make marjiuana legal homeless shelter for homeless people im very open minded man i like listening to people issue so once i become president id 1 you can holla at me in my office in city hall sir sir please voti, kari kari please vote me and show your love i will do good things in id 1 district my offical election song:
  14. Norm

    Genghis Rashid - District I

    Name:Genghis Comment:Your support means a lot to me sir, please vote for me in incoming elections. Be curry'ed my frends, thanks sir also about that mosque thing no worries my frends i got you all covered i will pay from my own pocket and build a mosque
  15. Kevlar Vest - IV The flow of my city.
  16. Name:Patrick Gold Comment:This nigga claims he's russian but he looks like indian ollololololol *two pictures attached below*
  17. Norm

    short film, mta video

    wannabe john harlend
  18. Norm

    [Instagram] roova

    this is fucking powergaming lol, jk looks good.
  19. Name:Khaled Comment:You are fucking racist for voting Nay on a mosque. You would spend millions on a church, idiot.
  20. What's beef? Beef is when you need 2 Gats to go to sleep Beef is when your moms ain't safe up in the streets
  21. Norm

    big homie chaos 


  22. Name:Racer Paul Parker Comment:This rice is overpriced, these ones go for 50 k at stacks
  23. Norm

    OwlGaming - Snow Wars

    ik lol almost pulled out a gun on Tay Keith after this video

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