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  1. Norm

    Almighty Saints XIII

    Sad to announce my farewell from the faction. On 19 November by this night, I was DM'ed by JoseEvil and his friends for actually no reason. When they couldn't win against me even tho they were outnumbering me they appereantly got Aman on their side to ban me. I find this whole situation funny as hell. I actually appreicate the people who was with me since the start of this faction. I also wish luck to people whoever will contuine this. That was all from me, Owlgaming, never forget 19.11.2018!
  2. Norm

    Almighty Saints XIII

    You can join by roleplaying with us.
  3. Norm

    Almighty Saints XIII

  4. Norm

    Skin designers assemble!

    i need a real bloodz nigga crip character skin for my strong gunner nigga char skilled man need tattos all around his body and gucci flips dolce gabana jacket with jordan expensive sneakers and if possible i need rolex submariner watch on his wrist and maybe add some gold chain on his neck so i can /editlook thank pls help @eoozy @klippan
  5. Norm

    [SAAN] The final article

    name:Kevin Taylor (Bruce's best friend) Comment:This shit is cringe as fuck bro
  6. Norm

    Opening Mt. Chilliad

    inbefore you get cked by redneck
  7. name:S comment:top speed?
  8. Norm


  9. Norm

    Almighty Saints XIII

    The Brave One Lives as long as the coward lets him.
  10. Norm

    [STOLEN] 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

    name:S 2 3 comment:Whoever stole this motherfuckers car, please give it back. this shit saddens me
  11. how many times this has to be suggested
  12. First of all Hello and after greetings, I'd like to tell you that I want to make a request to remove my ban.
    First, the reason for the ban is multiple accounts, but when I did two accounts, I didn't know very well. Rules of the Rolla play this was a long time ago, and in the meantime, two accounts were created without the knowledge of the multiple accounts rule and now I've learned all the rules and I want to apply I learned lesson from mistakes, please help me with that. Thank.

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    2. Plurfect
    3. GamerX27
    4. EDR


      Greetings, as the handling administrator I declare this ban appeal denied, in addition you have the biggest gay.


      Kind regards,

      Your dad

  13. Norm

    Older roleplayers

    roleplaying since 2010 being a proper rper since 2015 not gonna lie got banned in vallhalla like twice my acc name in valhalla was adanali

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