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  1. loving the screens guy, prolly the best black faction out there since there's none atm (not lying ½100 true ) ps:fuck haters man keep up the amazing work
  2. -12313/10 loll dont understand a piece of it
  3. me gustas cocaina, me gusta tu hagamos la paz, no la guerra locos.
  4. im glad this one runs MTA smooth
  5. Join a faction before you decide to make one strictly applies to this faction, good luck though fellas.
  6. Name:Margaret Penaflor Comment:Been following Sparta News lately, I think this is a new replacement for SANews. Keep up the good work.
  7. welcome im sure you made @Script happy today xx
  8. name:Citizen comment:whats the top speed and hows the acceralation
  9. Welcome back, nice introduction.
  10. LA merged under Mexicano Group Limited @Vubstersmurf
  11. LA merged under Mexicano Group Limited @Vubstersmurf
  12. LA merged under Mexicano Group Limited @Vubstersmurf
  13. Thread under construction Thomas Lloyd President of Top Mexico Real Estate Top Mexico Real Estate was founded by Thomas Lloyd in Mexico. Top Mexico Real Estates offers you the best estates and buildings for very reasoanable prices. The Top Mexican Real Estate has just opened its new brand in the United States - Los Santos. The company offers luxury, comfort and the highest quality places to customers for best possible prices. The company aims to expand It's brand around the Los Santos and serve to citizens with It's best abilities. Services we offer; Sales of Commercial/Residental Buildings Building constructions in private owned estates Motivational payment methods with our Human Resources Crew Renovations in residental buildings and re-designing services. We offer our services in many fields, but not limited with above. Contact Information: [email protected] Forum PM (@Norm) MAYAN TACTICAL Mayan Tactical offers you the best and brand new weapons. We do offer any kind of weapons that could be reached by having Tier 1 license. Mayan tactical also provides tactical gears and hunting clothes. We are offering you the brand new weapons for economic prices. We also have a shooting range where you could reload your energy and spend some time in the range. Our shooting range is free for people who use our services. La Corona Bar is placed in El Corona. La Corona Bar was founded by a group of youngsters living in El Corona but later was transfered into elderly people's hand in El Corona. La Corona Bar is offering It's customers the best taste beers and other mexican drinks in Los Santos, also offering most delicious mexican food. La Corona Bar is currently ran by a group of elderly male and females living in El Corona. This is the best place for you to meet the Mexican Food & Drink culture. The bar is usually open at the weekends. Contact Information: [email protected] Sponsored By; Restaurante Azteca is a name of Mexican Restaurant which takes place in Los Colinas. Restaruante Azteca was founded by Chef Jose Louis Angel who sadly passed away in early 2000's. Since then, the skilled Chef's in Los Colinas contuine what Chef Jose Louis Angel has started. Restaurante Azteca welcomes all the citizens of Los Santos, where they can have real tastes from Mexico and meet with the Mexican food culture. The restaurant serves all kind of Latino foods and drinks.
  14. lifes hard what can you do
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