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  1. I've said this here and there, you guys need to advertise owlgaming on different platforms instead of sitting here and complaining all day. Secondly, you've asked Staff's opinion about MTA, the answer is ''NO LOL''. Staff doesn't give any kind of fuck If MTA dies or not and we are in owlgaming, where the people will move along with their ''groups'' (can say circles). Owlgaming needs to change, first of all UAT should destroy all the friend circles like they did back in 2015, so people can finally have peace and motivation to login to server. Literally! Everything is owned and controlled by those ''circles''. And no, please don't come up to me and ask for evidence when It's legitimately clear friend circles do exists. We are also talking about friendly admins here and there? Friendly who? Most of the admins has issues with players, even though they will deny all of my claims using ''doing my job'' card. If you want to revive the Roleplay start making up your bed first before attempting to judge anyone. This community was once user friendly, lovely and decent. If everyone can man up and be the person who they were before I believe this community will be much better than what it is right now and truly will give people motivation to login. Owlgaming is last standing English Roleplay server in whole MTA and It's in our hands If we want to kill it or not, this is not up to me, not up to him, not up to her, but this is up to ''us''.
  2. People who making fun of MTA are the statwhores who usually login once a week to keep their 1-2 million interiors and cars active. : )
  3. Norm

    Owl MTA dead boys

    Still better than being SEMC director Police Officer State Trooper Government Supervisor FBI Agent District Attorney Lawyer Businessman and Russian Mob leader at the same time : )
  4. Fuck İçyüz nigga Allame Joker for life ps; thread looking good so far take it far.
  5. Norm


    I absolutely agree but I still believe MTA will be back sooner than expected. I remember back in 2015 or 2014 owl had the same issue and the playerbase fixed itself naturally. However, I don't personally have any intentions to play GTA5 at the moment, last time all I saw was flying cars and annoying truck sounds everywhere. Let's just hope MTA will be what it was before.
  6. Norm


    Modern Warfare 4 or Black OPS 2? Answer is MTA, old but gold.
  7. Did you set opacity to full?
  8. Puta dies thousand times, soldado only dies once.
  9. Norm

    RageMP crash on start-up.

    I had the same issue @Mogs knows how to fix it
  10. I didn't know daddy resident allowed you to turn on your PC at 4 am
  11. Thank you fellow ganer i'll shot u plane from forest arma 3
  12. Thank you Robbin Thank you Jesus Thank you Virgin Mary
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