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  1. Norm

    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    leave f in the chat for respect
  2. Norm

    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    Throwaway alts for robbing and shooting nothing interesting boys
  3. Norm

    Eight Deuce

    Loved the beginning and the mids of this faction. Safe.
  4. Norm

    South Side Aztecas

    We made it, thanks to everyone whoever partipicated in this faction!
  5. Norm

    South Side Aztecas

    Just another life of uneducated street fool who has to learn a lot.
  6. Norm

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    A big NO from me.
  7. Norm

    [Items] - Wearable Bandanas

    This is already being worked on m8.
  8. Norm

    South Side Aztecas

    Ese never been a faker, Ese do it now or later but for sure getting handle doing business like a banker...
  9. Joe Unitt absolutely doe bae great FT member
  10. Norm

    South Side Aztecas

    You want us dead now You want to see us sinking We have no choice now, this is the game you've choseeenn
  11. Norm

    Just wasted a fiver hi - Free Games

    got all of yours aswell loool
  12. Norm

    Just wasted a fiver hi - Free Games

    got all of them bunch of useless games but thanks for the free games x
  13. Very nice suggestion it has my support.

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