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  1. This thing is fire bro keep it up best of luck
  2. Norm

    Toast you are not dead man come on man i know you can do this man

    1. Resident


      Norm stays retarded.

    2. Beta


      not even cool, go fuck urself norm

    3. Norm


      captain, loser squad is still here!


    1. Norm


      Thats what they heard during CK war

  4. Norm

    The Underground

    Interesting concept. Let's see the logo soon.
  5. I believe this is a temporarily shut down though even tho I wasn't around for a year almost and from what I know owl was the last standing english rp. So I won't be surprised if they revive this in nearby future. Just hope hundreds of people will come and beg for this to open again and hopefully with new players/admins. You know stuff get boring with same people everytime.
  6. Holy fuck bruv this was my whole childhood, shoutout to everyone took a part with me in this. Rip 2014-2020 such a long time. By the way I see discussions about MTA's low playerbase but it was announced last week that MTA broke record of 40,000 online players at the same time just two days ago.
  7. El Italianio pepperoni pasta The Ultra Cosa nostra capo was in trouble, he had a five star wanted level on his name. So he went around for some legal job to get rid of some stars. Ps; great work guys i love this faction and its stability, keep it up even El Capo himself might fall in love with this one
  8. Vubstersmurf now you are UAT as I told you will be one day

  9. One of the quality cosa nostra organised italian mob high quality faction can't wait to see how this goes
  10. Sorry, we don't like the admins whom leak top secret admin information and continuously MG after being warned about three times. :Shrug:
  11. Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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