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  1. If Illumanate is James Nat, which I assume he is, that dude had hyped whole server back in 2016 and he surely knows what mechanical RP is. Also I don't think VT member has to show his vehicles around lol, that's nothing releated to his task.
  2. haha we need kevin taylor and brucee dewitt in prison together thanks
  3. It’s estimated that 22,000 people have disappeared in Mexico since the drug war began in 2006, and the recent disappearance of 43 students from police custody has reignited questions about the relationship between the state and drug cartels. The Mexican peso fell almost 2% Tuesday after Finance Minister Carlos Urzúa announced he was quitting his job. The shock waves roiling the financial markets were due as much to the contents of Mr. Urzúa’s resignation letter as its suddenness. Corruption in Mexico is known to be raising up by each day, will the government officals take a step towards this situation or rather let go all these questions unanswered.
  4. Name:Patrick Gold Comment: Are you saying you'll improve others lives by building a god damn nuclear plant? There's already enough of this bullshit in United States but somehow some Nazi looking guy decides to build his own suddenly yeah its a shame I also agree with Mr. Estaban and Mr. Chances points that shit is not really needed here you are not gonna improve anything you are gonna destroy instead you never asked anyone before deciding to do this
  5. big thumbs up to money printers new indian tactic mate
  6. *this unprofessional article could be written on some random blog sites on internet.* How dare you bring nuclear to Los Santos now you Adolf Hitler looking prick you think people of LOs Santos will allow you to do that? Man for real I ain't tryna get myself bombed or something like that, what you gonna do If that nuclear factory explodes how you gonna take the responsibilty of millions of lives in Los Santos. For real we are gonna end up like these dudes in Chernobyl RIP bruh I am gonna look for a grave with a good view already doubt there'll be anything left from LS if that shit explode but yeha still guys I think we need to stop this asshole building that factory think about your future your family and your children if that explode we are fucked bruh Author: Patrick Gold COMMENTS ENABLED
  7. I forgot I am tryna discuss with a guy who said pawn shops doesn't sell chainsaws IRL, thanks for clarifiying me mister. Have a pleasent week and great night. COme back tomorrow if anything
  8. I don't know If I have to be over 250 + IQ to feel what's inside your mind but yes, that is correct, abuse is ''issue'' like I mentioned which could be prevented If FT+ Scripters take right decisions and preventions about it. Now don't give me any other notifications you chimp im tryna sleep.
  9. u say i dont want to disscuss but u also said u feel people will abuse this so i had to show u abuse isnt the issue here so i had to refeer to another subject to show u abuse isnt the issue i hope u understand wishing u a nice day now ps; not replying to u anymore u repeat yourself over and over. Thank u, next
  10. Yeah would rather not discuss with a person who believes on his own lies, thank you, next.
  11. No, I mentioned about ''different subject'' since you were talking about ''abuse'' and how ''retarded virtual market'' is. Just like I said earlier, anything could be abused and I heavily agree with the stage idea. It might look stupid and unnecessary for a person who straight roleplayed as legal for 5 years or more but trust me you will find more illegal roleplayers agree with this idea. Anyways, would appreicate If we not derailed this thread any-more. If you are looking for a private discussions you are welcomed in my PMs.
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