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  1. Pure Luck™ Some Photographs from the #003 lottery event, taken LIVE!
  2. Pure Luck™ Some Photographs from the #002 lottery event, taken by our SASE - M.Garcia
  3. 1. I'm not sure that'll change anything, as everyone can buy as many tickets as they want to.. 2. Interesting, how would this benefit the system?
  4. Become rich, the fast way! Tired of your boss? Tired of waking up at 5am for job? Tired of dumping other's load? Try out your Pure Luck™ today! Pure Luck™ is a new lottery in LS, founded by William Anderson & Vlad Kuznetsov. Here at Pure Luck™ we're giving everyone a chance, using their true, pure, luck, to get out of debts & their boring life. THE GRAND PRIZES Lottery Grand Prize for this moment stands for: 50,000 $ And the DOUBLE Lotto Prize for this moment stands for... 100,000 $ HOW DO YOU WIN? The rules are pretty simple! • You pick 3 numbers between 1-36. • You can purchase as many tickets as you want for a lottery event! • Numbers can't be repeated. • If one of your ticket matches the 3 numbers rolled in the wheel of luck - YOU WIN! • If one of your ticket contains 2 numbers out of the rolled numbers, you get a refund for the ticket! • You MUST have your identification card on you when purchasing & obtaining the prize. • To enter the lottery event, you MUST be above 18. All you need to do, is to buy a lottery ticket at Pure Luck™, and wait for the lottery event! Ticket Form: OOC ABOUT US Pure Luck™ is located at East Vinewood Blvd, right near the Los Santos Fire Department. Waze Map:
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