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  1. I'm not sure if you're aware but from an adminstrative perspect that becomes tiresome in itself for both players and admin, have full reigns whenever is all I'm saying. How many players previously complained about having to wait for a report to be answered whilst it stalled their RP? Keep the RP fluid homie.
  2. Pretty much what @Vubstersmurf said, ultimately I think it will include the use of the NPC.
  3. The issue with that is that we stop players roleplaying whatever whenever, players should be able to roleplay what they want(excluding our extreme RP rules etc). This is something we have had brought to us on several occasions stating it was a bad thing, people having to apply and request to do certain things in the server. We don't want players to jump through hurdles to pursue something. I just don't think it'll be possible with actual players as it requires you to view the customize character screen.
  4. As much as I agree, how would this be perfomed? Customizing your character requires you to go to the customization screen and the player roleplaying the tattoo artist/hairdresser wouldn't be able to change your character for you. It would ultimately require the assistance, if not rely upon an NPC to allow you to actually customize the model. The only reason I've mentioned this is due to our current clothes store NPC if you've spoken to him(if you have made a custom character), it sets you back to edit your guy. If there is a work around, all for players doing it. I like
  5. zac


    It is, but unfortunately that has occured. MTA servers as a whole in terms of English speaking roleplay servers, they've declined massively. Launch up MTA and search RP and there will be very little to none active English RP servers. It's sadly one of those things, look at when GTA:IV MP came out MTA:SA/SA:MP players took a hit and MTA has. It's still up and running though, all it needs is a group of people to join and players naturally flow. It was a given our existing player base on MTA will be testing out our new V server so that may be the reason with zero players.
  6. zac


    V 100%, something completely new and exciting. All I ask is that you don't expect it to mirror MTA, because MTA is a project that has a lifespan half of a few peoples ages playing here. With time, suggestions and constant improvements it'll get there x
  7. undR

    Happy birthday dick head.

  8. happy birt dey zac okuuurtt smeth 

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      cheers jerry christmas x

  9. Happy birthday Charava

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      nice one charva, its me pc bill bacon

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    happy birthday lemonhead. u probably won't see this till the next week considering you'd be pretty shagged and drunk till then xx

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      happy birthday zac when u playing out

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      now mate x

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      im still waiting at 42s bro its bin 15 hours where are u

  11. Habby birthday :")  <3 

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      nice one fella xx

  12. yabba dabba doooo, i canny wait me xx
  13. zac

    GAT Update - June 2019

    what say something pussyhole
  14. GAT Update - June 2019 Hello, It's been a while, we know so sorry about that and we've been re-jigging things around in the trial stage of admin. We've been applying additional questions after the trial period, the questions have been mainly situational based. This allows us to gauge what knowledge is and isn't there with the trials before we accept/deny them. It's something we may continue doing. With that out of the way, below will be the recent changes within the Administration Team. This will be all of the changes within the GAT from April up until now.
  15. name: abdul Comment: Abdul from Abdul's Taxis here, $5 everywhere, nice man, a to b quickly yaaahh x love you
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