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  1. undR

    Happy birthday dick head.

  2. happy birt dey zac okuuurtt smeth 

    1. zac


      cheers jerry christmas x

  3. Happy birthday Charava

    1. zac


      nice one charva, its me pc bill bacon

  4. Script

    happy birthday lemonhead. u probably won't see this till the next week considering you'd be pretty shagged and drunk till then xx

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    2. fortnitenogOps


      happy birthday zac when u playing out

    3. zac


      now mate x

    4. fortnitenogOps


      im still waiting at 42s bro its bin 15 hours where are u

  5. Habby birthday :")  <3 

    1. zac


      nice one fella xx

  6. Mogs

    hey zac man hope your alright

    1. zac


      in the gutter at the moment pal

    2. tornstatue


      could be worse you could stink lke mogs PHOWWrrrrrrr get the pegs out

    3. Bum


      yeah im good thanks  -- on the up..! 

  7. VeX

    wait hang on right arnt you Wayne Smith of Wayne Smith's fishing emporium

    1. zac


      suck a fart out of my arse with a maccies straw :wanker:

    2. VeX


      now thats not very nice

  8. stop bullying me hehehe, big bully ?
  9. VeX

    orite our dave how u doing

  10. VeX

    fucking UAT orite m8

    1. zac


      ha ha !! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 1!!!!!!1111!!

  11. Name: Zac Mccourt Smith Age: 19 Country: England Time Playing: February 18, 2015 Favorite Player(s): Too many to name, ma pals x Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: dannyvankleef Favorite Faction: St.Francis Crook Squad / Whetstone Society Favorite Faction Leader: mogs Favorite GAT Member: ? Favorite UAT Member: Chaos Favorite LEO Roleplayer: justin almeida Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: firebird Best Legal Faction: luxury autoworks Best Illegal Faction: montalvo v2(only cause i missed v1) - st.francis croo ksquad and mob beach Favorite Weapon: shovel with /togattach on ur back What makes me play OwlGaming: been here for few years and you know me enjoying life and owl x What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: dannyvankleef What do you aim for in Owlgaming: equality If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: move to bone county looool ?
  12. happy wearhouse day 1

  13. Norm

    hey happy birthday zac oldmafia best friends

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