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  1. OhhPixelz

    Help a brother out.

    in music you need to build it up before you can sell, no one will stuff you can get for free
  2. OhhPixelz

    Help a brother out.

    word of advice if you're wanting to do this dont try and sell them, everyone and their dad makes free beats
  3. OhhPixelz

    VT Update - June 2018

    spot on
  4. OhhPixelz

    VT Update - June 2018

    VT Update - June, 2018 Hello, Recently myself and @DxRK have decided to take some time away from the Vehicle Team. It's constant pressure to maintain a team like this that has several things that are required over and over to maintain several laws and regulations to ensure the vehicles within the server are reflective to real life(I know it's on point but we was trying). Been a good run for a while, joined the Vehicle Team on June 8th, 2016. Took leadership of the team in July and set off. Hopefully improved along the way but it's like trying to drag a horse with a square wheel, constant bumps. Want to thank the members that have been in under me, alongside me and joined recently for slaving away every two weeks and constantly voting on the modifications requisitions, vehicle legality forms, public contacts and the several applications both to join the Vehicle Team and Dealerships. Currently, I am going to be working alongside Upper Administration Team to choose new leadership for the Vehicle Team whether we run that like the Faction Team as UAT being the ones above or a single person takes control. However, as a reminder we are currently wanting new members to the join the Vehicle Team and the applications are open. Vehicle Team Member Application- https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/22-vehicle-team-member-application-ooc/ Finally, best of luck to those who apply and we'll keep you informed with the progress and status of the Vehicle Team and hopefully deal with this huge transition as soon as possible, as of now it's going to run as it did. Due expect some delays with the current processes due to lack of man power and leaders. I haven't abandoned the team and will still oversee it until we resolve the issue. DxRK's message- Had a good run lads, joined VT back in around June 2017 (Give or take a month) after being pushed to join it by @RileyBaxter & DSIDanny (Both absolute legends). Managed to work my way up through all the ranks and finally ended up landing the position of leader under Pixelz. Ever since joining, tried to push myself when it came to performance, this meant I was constantly on forums voting on public contacts and modifications requests whilst also doing two dealerships spawns at a time. Recently my forum activity regarding voting on requests has seen a decline but I've still kept up the spawns. Recently like Pixelz said, there's just too much pressure, both internal and external which has pushed me away from wanting to be within the team. I've had a right blast in the team, all the bants with previous members and new and also made a lot of friends along the way as well as enemies (You know who you are so dont even try to pipe up, will put you in your place - This person isn't a VT member and hope he never is one). Obviously wish the current members who are staying the best of luck when it comes to continuing to improve the team, love all of you lads but I'm wearing socks at the moment so its all good. Would list out all the members I'd want to give a shout out to but that would mean tagging the whole team. Signing off from the Vehicle Team. Regards, Lead Administrator OhhPixelz.
  5. OhhPixelz

    Happy Eid

    eid mubarak
  6. jumps off a 20 foot building, knocked out x dont make sense sweetheart
  7. OhhPixelz

    [GUI] - New way of showing "age" in /look

    There's a simple fix which I brought up when the suggestion to have an age range added but it was never brought into consideration. The age range doesn't work, I know many people who don't look '35-40'. They look about 25 and there's several cases of this in-game. Having the child, young adult and adult doesn't do it as much but will have these same limitations. It's easy to do and if you're not updating your /look or creating one, I suggest you do. Either have age there as their actual age or remove it completely, you can describe how you look in your /look. I've done this on several characters where I'm 30 but I've aged badly, scars and poorly treated skin are signs of someone who is older, create that in your look instead of making scripters do pointless tasks : )
  8. OhhPixelz

    Newsletter - End of May 2018

    feet off the table
  9. OhhPixelz

    announcing the john man party

    Name: Abdulah Mo Iqbal Comment: Mr shaky wakehy steven John Man, go on sir !
  10. OhhPixelz

    Suggestions to improve illegal RP

    From someone who has experienced "illegal roleplay" in all shapes and sizes from leading my own factions to joining up and coming and being in some of the best factions the server has ever seen, St.Francis Crook Squad, Montalvo underneath LikeMike, South Beach Mob and Khram at the very start there is no such thing as dying. It's down to the people who orchestrate it. How did Khram become what it was? Hundreds of hours into preparation before it even was a thing in-game, I doubt a lot of you have seen the internal documents they have as very few managed to see them but things as underground rosters, the policies and even OOC guides to help you be as realistic as you can was implemented and basically forced down your neck when you started. All of the things they planned or did was done correctly, they operated as they would in real life. What does this mean? Police/FBI couldn't touch them, they really was a shadow. Khram wasn't even a known thing in-game, it was just "the Russians". How to improve illegal roleplay? @Serx has a perfect example, re-evaulate the roleplay you're doing and take a step back and see why it's going right. Don't just sit there and say it's because Faction Team didn't help you, the Faction Team is there to assist, not hold your hand do it all for you. If you're lacking responses feel free to hit any of the UAT up, we'd be able to get it sorted as soon as possible. The reason why a few select people are complaining about how it functions and how Police MG/PG is because, there's no other way to put this but shit at doing it. If you're sat there at Pizza Stacks for the majority of your time playing and then commit murders in cars that are linked to you/people in your gang then let's be real, you're going to have police around you or investigating you. If you sit there shooting 6 people because they called you a nigger then you're obviously doing it wrong. Overall, illegal RP is a category of it's own. If you want it to be good, do it yourself. Nothing will ever be perfect however the UAT and FT can support factions in most areas, whether that being creating drug drops or even weapon drops. However, if your members are being punished and your overall image is terrible, then you're not likely to receive it until you step up your game. TL:DR, Don't complain about illegal roleplay if you're not doing anything to add to it, by adding I mean creating developed back stories, actual roleplay scenes and not shooting people over the smallest things and rely on weapon drops to be alive, get creative.
  11. OhhPixelz

    Talking about the Staff

    Constantly needs improving, nothing is perfect. It'll plateau and dip in productivity, constantly fluctuating in terms of being good/bad. Hopefully threads like this a place where people can actually provide constructive criticism to help improve the team in the areas that lack. From a perspective like mine, being UAT we can't always see the issues nor when we investigate do we have the time to, people who point that out in a decent and constructive format is taken on board. If you're sat there crying smashing your keyboard about how bad something is but do not provide context or a solution then where are we going to get?
  12. OhhPixelz

    Disregarding life, right?

    It's common knowledge, fight or flight. If you're running from an armed victim you're not only regarding your life but you're doing what everyone would do. If someone is aiming a gun, you would either try flee or hand it over. That's not disregard.
  13. OhhPixelz


    Name: Wazlar Comment: Possibly the most unfunny shit I've seen all year, terrible.
  14. OhhPixelz

    Free Taxi Advertisements


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