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  1. [Taking away guns for DM] - Revise

    No, it's plain and simple. If it's actually deathmatch you lose your privilege to keep the gun. It doesn't make sense ICly to lose it, you're right. But neither does deathmatching. Disarm always.
  2. Why OwlGaming!?

    Oh hey, didn't see you there.
  3. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    Sad you feel that way. You've got a voice, use it. L&A'd on request.
  4. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    Why? This is obviously a discussion we have to have, you've brought it up. This is how a democracy works, you give points we give points. We then hopefully get a deciding factor and either inform those who are unaware or end up changing something if given solid evidence/reasons.
  5. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    That's far too broad to put into a rule. Not only does it create grey areas for a lot of situations we don't have a criteria nor do I think we will be able to determine what's solid and big enough to deem worthy a character kill. All this does is create protection for people who fail to understand the difference between legitimate actions against others/police and them disregarding. If you have to question what you're doing is disregard, it's no doubt disregard. Most cases that fall under this are like the majority of situations in Owl, case by case. If you openly fire towards the police, you've escalated the situation yourself in which you will receive a character kill if you die, if you escape etc that clause disappears. It's the same as an in-game character kill request, if what they've done warrants a character kill and the situation diffuses, you're told to either drop it or escalate it to the character kill request via the forums. I believe we have this straight, it links to my last sentence in the first paragraph. Not saying you directly but a large majority of illegal roleplayers fail to understand the difference. If you genuinely believe entering a heated situation which can be sorted out by other means with a gun does not fall under the current rules we have then that's the issue, not the current rule set. It's the interpretation of the people doing these actions. Because you're an active shooter, you've stopped caring by committing the act of murder. "If you openly fire towards the police, you've escalated the situation yourself in which you will receive a character kill if you die, if you escape etc that clause disappears.".
  6. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    And in any good democratic community you're supposed to back up your votes to give clear insight to why you have voted so we can attempt to understand each others point of views. All you've done in this current suggestion is reminisce and give points which are based on primarily false claims. Open to discussion?
  7. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    "Good old illegal roleplay" is a term I see a lot and it's complete and utter nonsense. If you're failing to achieve your idea of good old roleplay you're either lacking imagination or the ability. In terms of disregarding it's written in black and white, it's clear as day. If you care about your life and believe it or not, illegal roleplayers do care about their lives you won't have an issue. Then again, if you're referring to this quote stated above then you either lack imagination or ability to perform alternative methods instead of constant gunfights. The PD as most people know have some grounds to stand on in gun fights. However, with the current administration that by Restrepo, Wright and all who surround him those people who are injured are forced to RP injuries/take leave. It's not a ticket to get out of situations, if they do not follow protocol or clearly disregard they are also open to a character kill. It's about perspective, a lot of players fail to see both sides of the arguments and a lot of the people will not be able to get a real grasp on the view if they are not in an administrative stand point as they cannot see the rules from a third party/oversee all these several situations. But then again, it goes back to the first point. If you stick by that quote and believe you're never entitled to a character kill because your actions weren't stupid in your eyes there's not much to discuss.
  8. dinoco perms people

  9. SLD Perms Removal

  10. Legal Virtual Market

    More than aware of how it was and how it is now, I can also comment on that it's not really decreased in terms of the amount of contacts/requests. It levels out at times, but it almost identical.
  11. Legal Virtual Market

    If you're upset about having to do Faction Team work, don't be in the Faction Team? And if you truly say no on the basis of not wanting to do more work, fine? Don't be an utter prick to people and be sarcastic when people are bringing up valid points, not only does it make you look bad but it changes peoples views on the Faction Team, and for the record the other members do not have the same values as you.
  12. Legal Virtual Market

    Why even reply if you're going to be sarcastic, not give any sort of feedback or reasoning behind it? The illegal side has a lot of virtual markets which reinforces and boosts their passive RP abilities. Not only that it makes it more frequent and popular. The legal side has been lacking it, they should be rewarded for doing roleplay regardless of what trade, if it's actual roleplay that makes sense, do it. They should be rewarded.
  13. [STATE] The People v. Davud Shekhani

    ((Player has been refunded the 100k))
  14. Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    Hello, The character kill request that was made on Manjot Singh was handled poorly. The character kill request should never have been accepted as it was poor judgement by the handling administrators. @Napol and his clique managed to successfully kidnap Manjot Singh in which they stole a 450k vehicle from his possession, after doing so they attempted to push this further by getting straight cash. In the attempt to make quick cash they made an advert saying they have found this missing vehicle, Manjot obviously rang up. You disclose that the amount you want it 250k and you would like to meet on the outskirts of Palomino Creek, known to be extremely precarious and generally unsafe. It doesn't take a genius to realize what was going on. Manjot decided to act like any normal civilian, call the police about the findings of his vehicle. If he was to disregard, he would have simply gone to the meeting by himself and attempt to get it back, he didn't he acted responsible and valued his life, calling the appropriate authorities to deal with it. Now, if the criminals involved would have been clever about this and actually had a plan that worked it would have gone swell, but you didn't you messed up. You then going off of the CK request got detained for it, from checking your MDC I saw an arrest for WF002(Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon) & DF001(Controlled Substance Possession). If the arrest is connected to Manjot calling the police, it was extremely minor and served no real time, if not. Happy days. You as the criminals failed in terms of doing correct planning and setting up contingency plans and ultimately it cost you your entire operation. Manjot only acted as a normal person in this situation and did not act out of the ordinary nor did he disregard. " If you had decided to either pay the money or decide that the car was not worth you getting shot over then you would not have died. " - There was no direct correlation to him paying the money and receiving the car or getting shot. This is a miss calculation by yourself. " I was arrested and put in prison for it. " - You was not arrested for anything related to the kidnapping nor the theft of the vehicle, this was spoken about internally in the character kill request and you should of left it. You did not get affected directly by the outcome of the situation, the only thing that lead you to this was your own mistakes. To conclude, the character kill request should never have been accepted as it was accepted with poor judgement. This was discussed by myself and @Swanker who also spoke about it with @SjoerdPSV. The reasoning was extremely poor and the events that followed was down to your own poor judgement and planning. Regards, Lead Administrator OhhPixelz Accepted.
  15. Character Kill Appeal - Samantha Sheppard

    Hello, After a discussion between myself and the player, I have managed to understand the whole situation and have managed to come up with a decision. The conclusion was decided by myself and Chaos. The character kill appeal is going to be denied for the following reasons; - The roof you was on did not have any safety features, no barriers to prevent falling. You should not be going that near the edge regardless. - The player used a camera to view a car on the street below, zooming in ultimately edging closing the edge, falling. - The height of the building and no consideration for safety warrants the character kill as well as no way to survive or RP being alive. I hope this clears up the any doubts in regards to this and wish you the best! Regards, Lead Administrator OhhPixelz. @Jack1235

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