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  1. OhhPixelz

    716 Peckerwood

    nice song
  2. OhhPixelz


    tell you what, i'll invest £0.47p & a choccy biscuit for 33% percent of the business
  3. happy wearhouse day 1

  4. OhhPixelz

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    looool restrepo's not admin looooooool !!
  5. OhhPixelz


    It's the same when it comes to Faction Team. You don't see all of the illegal roleplayers crying over the details they need to include with marijuana production or the meth production. They get on it with it and display high levels of roleplay in a detailed fashion. I'm sorry your dream car mission has been put on pause because of your lack of detail. EDIT: VT*, there's no consultation x
  6. I'd round it up to 95%.
  7. This is the point. Visit sometimes is a push personally, it will not be used. Why round up and somewhat force these imaginary 'San Tortugilla PSS Troopers' to give up their active roleplay in the city to stand around and watch what ultimately be the supposed ricer people flaunt their assets for no real reason. It'll be used for the first week then gradually die down into what it was when it was previously removed. Great idea, real shame it's not fit enough to be implemented.
  8. As much as I'd like to see this back it's clearly not feasible. The reason it was removed was because it was an unused ghost town, not only does it bring an unnecessarily large amount of objects into the dimension 0 potentially causing lag for people who have lesser PC's specifications than others, it'll be pointless. Look at the Go-West initiative, if we're unable to move as a server to a different part of the city then how are we going to maintain and keep a city that is only accessible by boat/plane active? As much as I like the lure of the island and the many new roleplay scenarios it created back when it was a thing and the new ones it could create from being re-implemented it just will not work. In terms of realism over there that's something we're not going to be able to achieve and in a roleplay server we obviously attempt to get things as immersive as possible and get it to the realistic portrayal we physically can in a game this old. There would be no active law enforcement, if there was there would only be 1-2 people who would ultimately become either overworked from people committing crimes and then forcing the other law enforcement members to travel over from the active city, thus making it even more difficult for LS. Or on the other hand they would become bored from the nothingness the island offers and go back to main land. By creating these OOC measures, like "No crime can be committed" just adds more rules. We try to shy away from creating more rules that limit RP already, we're aware there's some in place that people disagree with but we're trying to work out the best(Referring to the interior break in situation where it's been made more accessible to players with script updates and rule updates). Not only would we have to make this rule it would also have to be enforced, how can we do this with limited resources? Overall, the amount of effort that'll be needed not only from an administrative point of view, that being creating the island ensuring it's being ran smooth and putting the time in needed to make it feel like an actual island would be for nothing. Interiors being made, ensuring the prices and interiors are correct. The businesses wouldn't be able to get stocked and it would more hassle than it's worth. Also from a players perspective they would have to ensure the island is being used for the amount of effort put in to create and run this just wouldn't match. It's a huge no from myself and I'm aware the majority would like to this, but it will be a waste of time, effort and resources. EDIT: I read through a few replies I previously missed and the amount of arbitrary laws and rules that come hand in hand with this island is insanely stupid as well, that's another reason why it will not work.
  9. Leadership Update Hello, After reviewing the current situation of the Vehicle Team with the rest of the Upper Administration Team, we have allowed it to rebuild and progress in terms of getting back onto its feet and at this moment in time the team is working efficiently and effectively in regards to forum work. The Upper Administration Team has taken some time to discuss and review the ongoing situation and after a long process, we have decided to promote Disappoint to Full Leader of the Vehicle Team. The Vehicle Team is going to work similar to the Faction Team; we will have a key figure that being Disappoint who will handle all day-to-day tasks, run the team alongside the rest of the members and deal with any queries the team may face. However, they will work closely with the Upper Administration Team in terms of making larger decisions and ensuring the productivity within the team remains high. We still have not decided whether it will be a dedicated person(s) or the team as a whole but we will keep you updated on the progress of that. Applications to become a Vehicle Team member are still open and we encourage anyone and everyone to apply, as a team, it is desirable that you have knowledge in the field of mechanics. Although it is not a necessity, so we would like to see some new faces applying this time around. The application form can be found here. Right now, the Upper Administration Team is going to be working side by side with Disappoint and the rest of the Vehicle Team to ensure the transition is smooth. Alongside catering for any needs from the community. If you have any suggestions or queries in regards to the Vehicle Team, whether it may be current downfalls that need improvements or new systems you may like to see being added. Forward it to the Vehicle Team's Public Contact. As of now, we would like to congratulate Disappoint on becoming the new Vehicle Team leader and wish him the best of luck. Regards, Upper Administration Team.
  10. OhhPixelz

    [General] - In-Game Auction House

    sure why not waste resources on something that is probably going to cause more hassle than it's even worth, i like the idea but is it plausible in terms of delegating scripters to add this and then having to regulate it nah ur alright from my end
  11. OhhPixelz

    Eid Mubarak

    Eid Murabak fellas x
  12. name: abduliqqerzZz comment: aged 16 as well pure header sir
  13. OhhPixelz

    [Properties] - Hide-able or new interior markers

    ye wouldl be nice for screenshots x

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