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  1. I always thought both erotic RP and child related RP in any form are abhorrent, but pedophilic RP shits on other forms of disgusting RP and is too far in my opinion. This is especially when you consider that many people may make <10 year old characters for the sole purpose of minor ERP with no development put into the character otherwise.
  2. As long as you're not bugged running in one direction while you reload, sure.
  3. I think the OOC restriction is there partially because, unlike real life, it's easy to give no regard for one's future or be unafraid of criminal repercussions. That combined with being able to rephrase the correct answers across various different characters will result in many people creating criminal throwaway characters for the sole purpose of robbing people since it'll be much easier to obtain a firearm with no character background or development involved. And if this criminal alt gets arrested/CKed, you don't risk losing much character development or progress as you would if it were a cha
  4. Love the avatar xD AliĀ G lmfao

    1. usev25
    2. Buddy


      You will grow up successful.

  5. Noted. Call me tomorrow and we can finalize this, or leave your contact info and I'll call you.
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2017 Make: Dodge Model: Charger R/T VIN: n/a Mileage: 1000 Images Starting Bid: $20,000 Minimum Increase: $2,000 Buyout $34,000 Auction ends: 13OCT2017 Contact Information: 856704
  7. You've won the auction. Call 311 and ask for a public relations officer to collect your vehicle.
  8. You've won the auction, call 311 and ask for a public relations officer to collect your car.
  9. Bid noted. The top speed is approximately 140 mph. Outbid.
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