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  1. I'm working on a list which includes All Vehicles | In Real Life Name | In Real Life Prices I've divided it in bulks If anyone would like to help feel free to PM me so we can rearrange and make pricing more accurate ASAP (before more players buying more cars)
  2. HIV

    Vehicles IRL?

    Audi A4 B7 Repainted in Nardo Grey LY7C Aftermarket Headlights with me since 2012 Modifcations: H&R Lowering Springs. b5 RS4 2.7T bi turbo swapped. 6speed manual Bi-K04 (S3's) Turbos On the list: RS4 Wide Body kit RS5 18 Inch Rims APR Manifold, K&N Drop in Filter. APR ECU. Golf R Injectors High Pressure in Tank Fuel Pump.
  3. Great idea, has been discussed before, but that would increase unnecessary work for server admins and everyone in LS will become a mechanic.
  4. Name: Jake Comment: its costs 68k brand new and your Starting bid is 85k?
  5. India is a country of people who pretend to be poor when you step on them. They always keep trying to reach the top just to seek revenge, and they revenge on anyone.

    1. Shekelberg


      And they have designated shitting streets

  6. The new VCT system will reduce the prices of GT-Rs and upgraded highly priced cars. I support them whatever they do. Because someday you woke up and you thought I need a new turbo to this car. why not?

    1. bartman
    2. HIV


      Someone people are saying that VCT accepts a lot of requests lately, but i think its the right thing to do, because upgraded cars won't be as rare as before this will destroy the issue of high priced cars. For example: a regular Audi costs 40K when a person upgrades it and put it on auction I swear sometimes it reaches 300K

  7. Maxime was the heart of the server as a scripter, but no as a head admin so don't blame him..

    1. Biggy


      RIP Maxime - Gone and forgotten

    2. Ice


      I still don't get that hatred coming on Maxime from certain people (not only you Biggy). Did you guys forget who actually started whole thing? Yeah, Maxime used VG/UG scripts as base, but then again, should I really tell you we'd not have oG if not him?
      cmon now...

  8. Lower gas prices IG! IRL it reached less than 0.4$ a liter!

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    2. TheNeonGuy


      Meanwhile, i'm paying 1,68$ a liter GG

  9. I've changed my mind seriously Trump can do lot of changes.. always trust the person that media hate...

    1. Maboo


      My enemy's enemy is my friend, :P

    2. Snazzz


      once in a while the media's fucking right tho... I mean... come on..

    3. Platinum


      If Trump wins, we're all screwed..

  10. I will vote for Clinton!

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    2. Shekelberg


      moe sanders is a fucking communist lol

    3. maramizo


      tfw u call someone a communist because he's increasing corporate taxes and supporting the middle class

    4. Biggy
  11. roses are red violets are blue Admins are admining MGers are MGing hackers are hacking.

  12. Haters will hate you, and I will hate you with them.

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    2. DeadUser


      Nah, don't go there. Keep it cool.

    3. HIV


      Oh I'm sorry for that.. I never knew you had a gf

    4. DeadUser


      It's alright bud' :)

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