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  1. happy birthday our VT.

  2. happy birthday xxxzxxx

  3. Sounds good fair play to you zeb head screwed on for once +1
  4. Agreed, acknowledging it in character is pretty much the base of people charging retarded prices for them. It's hard to determine something to balance this though as the bans are forced for characters to not being able to acquire said vehicles. I have thought of changing it to a "limited imports" system instead, but even then they'd be mass queue ordered for every batch or so making them flood in regardless. We are however aiming to be a bit more "lenient" on amounts before banning as it is just a game after all.
  5. iV7Z

    VT NPC Dealerships

    Nah they're already noted
  6. Yeah, this would be well good.
  7. Well said. Do me a favour and DM me something alike this on discord with your suggestions and issues from the players side of view. We’ll work on it all as soon as and get things smooth in the areas that aren’t. About this topic though, it honestly just sounds like you’ve had a shit run-in with an outdated slightly overpowered police vehicle and instead of making a report for us to fix it you’ve made this. As DxRK and Chaos have mentioned; we can only humanly get around to sorting vehicles one by one that come through via needing changes. If you want us to change one you know is outdated then make in-game reports. I also said in the update topic that we will get around to doing them over time as that’s all we can do.
  8. This pretty much summarises it. It was put in place to balance out more realism for cars obviously being crazy fast as they are in all ranges; whether its 0-60, 0-100 or 0-200 for examples. Even with this inertia rule in place they're only affected by around 1 whole second in slowness of acceleration; still being faster than their replicated real-life speed times. But obviously its a game and not everything will be perfect but with the systems and scripts in place we do our best. All vehicles are still faster than they should be and due to map scaling its definitely quite balanced as it is right now. Not being rude at all but complaining that your personal car is suffering from acceleration loss is pointless because we're all affected by it. My characters Benz' are significantly slower but we're all in the same boat for the better. As mentioned by ResidentPeach, if you want insane specifications that are dedicated for track usage only then feel free to rip the plates off and stick a jet engine in it or some shit. I personally think from overseeing all of the vehicles since the change and how many tests I undertook before putting it in place; it's much smoother and off-the-mark acceleration isn't as stupidly unrealistic. It's a no from me on this rule removal. Regardless of vehicle acceleration it actually does balance out every vehicle whether its a shit-tier AMC or a McLaren. PD vehicles are not exempt from this, only their top speed rule is exempt to balance out with modified vehicles outrunning on limiter removals and such.
  9. Tim the Terrapin apparently holds his breath for 8 mins

  10. Name: Bob the builder Comment: Its a barn find GT-ES that's not import banned and was tuned to have 300HP.
  11. iV7Z

    Will you be there?

    this is it see one of them really
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