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  1. Name: Destroyer 26 Comment: Did SAN just promote hate speech once again. ISIS shout out flashback.
  2. name: B.Dewitt Comment: Better now?
  3. Coincidence or Arson? From the SAAN News Desk ''Burn baby burn!'', shouted world famous super star Max Brookes at the scene of the fire next to Idlestack. The seventeenth of July was one of the busiest days for the Department of Public Safety. The County Commissioner visited them and spoke with the command and other members present. What was actually discussed is being investigated by our investigation team. After this they rushed to the beach since one of the shacks were on fire. They extinguished the fire in mere minutes and could rest for the moment. A stove that was still on caused the fire in the shack. It is unclear if it was done on purpose by someone. Not long after this fire they got another call about a fire at Pizza Stack in Idlewood. The container next to the restaurant was lit on fire. The sound of sirens caused a commotion with the locals who all came to see if their favorite Pizza place was on fire. When they noticed that the place itself was fine they left as fast as they came. Right after the fire was put down they got another call about a container fire. This fire was just outside of the city in the trailer park near The toll Bridge. This fire had already spread to the trailer, but the Firefighters put the fire out before it could do any serious damage. We asked a firefighter about the fires and he said that he never fought this many fires after each other and that he thought it was quite odd. The fires are being investigated, however it is presumed that it was arson. Could this be the work of an serial arsonist or is it all just coincidence. The DPS seems to be getting back on its feet and will be operating like it used to before the incidents happened. Want to read about what people do with briefcases nowadays? click here. Saan.news
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  5. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: I like how there is enough content to make a reality show about DPS now. My favorite FD story by far is that Battalion Chief Nick Deimous once shot a guy in the chest, then left the scene. When the cops arrived they called the medics and he arrived to treat the person he shot earlier. It was very awkward.
  6. Briefcase Throne From the SAAN Throwback Friday desk ''One man's trash is another man's briefcase throne.'', said our reporter to himself when he saw the throne. Our reporter got an interesting call from a local artist who made a throne out of abandoned briefcases. When he arrived at the location he truly saw the most impressive throne made out of briefcases that he ever saw. The artist, Yuu Nagashima started building it out of boredom but quickly became passionate about it. When she was asked about where she got the briefcases she stated that she found them in front of Verona Mall, all alone and afraid. She took them in and gave them a warm home. In the last two months she collected fifty of them with the help of Bruce Dewitt. If you know or are the owner of one of these poor fellas please call 757539. Hey Bruce Dewitt here. If you are wondering if this is actual news than I have to disappoint you, unless you think that the amount of briefcases littered around Verona Mall is news worthy. We from SAAN are trying to spice it up a bit and introduce Throwback Friday. When we aren't busy on Friday we will reference old SAAN. Today it was the article made by Jay Knight who wrote a hit article about the briefcases littered around Idlewood Gas Station. The true veterans will remember that one. We are also currently working on a SAAN documentary so more on that in the future. Want to read actual news click here. saan.news
  7. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: Our highly efficient millennials have fixed the problem. Now everyone can read this article again.
  8. DPS falling apart From the SAAN News Desk ''You have until tonight to resign or the three of us are resigning'', was the ultimatum send to Fire Chief Keller by her assistants. The three assistant chiefs of the DPS resigned due to being unhappy about Keller's leadership. The comment section of the last SAAN article certainly showed that there is unhappiness about the current state of the DPS. People resigning left and right ,arguing with each other online and no solution to everyone's problems in sight. The assistant chiefs had enough of the lax leadership of Keller and demanded her to resign. They reported that Keller has pushed her work onto the assistants while doing almost nothing herself. She did nothing of the work that a Chief should do and used Fire Department documents about regulations and policies without even bothering to change the name from FD to DPS. She also intervened with the work of the assistants and she has overruled majority votes, showing that she is more like a dictator than a leader. They also stated that Keller doesn't have time to lead the department in the first place. A firefighter stated that he hasn't seen Keller for at least three days now. Keller didn't reply to the ultimatum and is now without any leadership in the department. The future of the DPS is now uncertain. The resignation email will speak for itself. Want to read about what happened before this click here! saan.news
  9. Name: B.Dewitt comment: That sure made me laugh. Keep up the work though.
  10. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: Why can't we all just get along.
  11. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: Please share with us the facts that the DPS didn't want to tell me.
  12. Internal battle in DPS finally over From the SAAN news desk ''As of June 20, 2018, I (Fire Chief Sebastian Wright) will officially step down as the leader of the Department of Public Safety.'', stated Sebastian Wright on the DPS site. The leadership in the Department of Public Safety has been questionable for a long time now. It really started to go down hill when the Fire Chief fired multiple members of his command staff for no good reason. The Emergency Services Oversight Committee looked into this and agreed that the terminations of the command staff was unjust. Wright lost faith in the committee and stepped down voluntarily and became a firefighter rank 4. He promoted the then Deputy Chief Steven Ramos to Chief without the approval of the committee. Ramos was demoted to Battalion Chief and Freya Keller got promoted to temporary Fire Chief. Wright deleted all department related documents and was fired and banned from the department by the Chief. This caused Ramos and Captain Hammond to resign. When Keller became the temporary Chief the first thing she did was getting the command staff back that was fired by Wright. She is busy rebuilding the department with new roles. There are now three Assistant Chiefs and they will each lead their own division. The divisions are Field Operations, Administration and EMS. A lot of new recruits have joined as well and the department is still hiring. Keller is acting under the supervision of the county government for a thirty day period, until they can vet out other applicants for the position. We from SAAN wish Keller and the DPS good luck. Want to read the latest article? Click here. saan.news
  13. County Commissioner shot From the SAAN News Team ''Isn't that the County Commissioner?'', asked a local when he saw the Commissioner being treated by medics. On the fourth of July the Commissioner attended the SAAN freedom barbecue before returning to the offices. When the commissioner was in Idlewood he suddenly collapsed. He was shot in his arm by a sniper and dragged to safety by a bystander. The PD and the medics arrived shorty after they got the call. He was taken to the hospital with police guarding him. He is out of life's danger and recovering. This isn't the first time that people in Idlewood get shot by a sniper. Yesterday a high ranked police officer was also shot and a few weeks back the coroners got shot at by a sniper as well. The police is investigating the shootings and we hope the perpetrator will be caught soon. People should realize by now that Idlewood is a dangerous place and that you shouldn't go there when you have no business there, especially at night. Want more SAAN? saan.news
  14. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: Understandable, have a great day.
  15. Happy Independence Day From the SAAN America Desk It is the fourth of July and that means that it is time to party big. It is the day for firework, parades, barbecues and baseball. The one and only national holiday of the United States. Since there are a lot of immigrants in Los Santos that may not know what this day is all about, we will summarize it real quick. The fourth of July 1776 was the day that the United States declared itself independent from Great Britain by adopting the declaration of independence. We kicked Britain's ass all the way until 1783 when they also recognized our great independence. The day has been celebrated every year since 1777 and in 1938 it became a paid holiday so that everyone can celebrate their freedom in peace. We from SAAN wish everyone a happy fourth of July and God bless America. Be careful with the fireworks. Those who don't have any plans for the day can come to the Freedom Barbecue at Santa Maria at seven PM. Want more SAAN? click here saan.news
  16. Angel Pine goodness at Pizza Stack From the SAAN crab Desk ''Get your fresh delicious Seafood. Dungeness crabs'', shouted a man advertising his food at Pizza Stack. It was quite an unusual day for the people around Pizza Stack. Normally they would enjoy pizza and or chicken, but this time they could enjoy fresh crab and lobster. The people from Angel Pine fisheries sold their goods from a truck at Pizza Stack and were soon out of supplies. The lobsters were almost immediately sold out, as well as the butter sauce. Our reporter spoke with the owner and asked him if Pizza stack knew that they were selling food on their property. He stated that he has a permit from Pizza Stack to stand here with his food truck and that he finds it amazing that a large company like Pizza Stack would support a small company like his. Our reporter asked customers what they thought about the food and one of them said that the crab legs were delicious, but that it would have been better with the butter sauce. They go out on sea every two days to catch lobsters and crabs. They are happy to take on private work if you want them to catch something specific. They are currently recruiting as well. We hope that they won't be raided by Somalian pirates. Want more SAAN? saan.news
  17. The competition is killer out there you know.
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