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  1. saan.news is the best web domain. Believe me its true.

  2. Luigikuik

    SAAN Group

    SAAN Group is a group of multiple companies under one name. SAAN Group was founded on 22 of June in 2016 by Bruce Dewitt. Bruce Dewitt took leadership over San Andreas Action News when Gaston Fabert went back to Belgium. After many reforms and diligent work he made San Andreas Action News the household name that it is today. After he made loads of money with his articles Bruce Dewitt founded other companies such as Action Printing and Dewitt studios. Because of this he founded a company called SAAN Group so that he can keep expanding under one name. The companies under SAAN Group are: The SAAN superstore is a superstore that sells all kind of stuff, next to the Well Stacked Pizza in Idlewood. The car parts are the most frequently sold and the coffee table is busy all day long aswell. We will always have our stock in order for the customers. In short, visit the SAAN superstore for your daily/monthly/yearly needs! The Action Printing in Dillimore was the first company that made SAAN Group more than just San Andreas Action News. However the building got sold after multiple setbacks and now the company is searching for a new place of operations. Dewitt studios always was one with San Andreas Action News from the beginning, but the two split after SAAN Group was created. Dewitt studios is most known for the serie Memewatch and has other series in store for the future but those are still on the drawing table. SAAN also known as San Andreas Action News is the reason why SAAN Group exist. It was founded by Gaston Faubert, the founder of the predecessor Los Santos Action News. Together with Bruce Dewitt and Jason Schultz, the co-founders, he made San Andreas Action News great and it was a big hit in Los Santos. He wanted news to be entertaining and made sure that the reader would want to read the articles, since the views on articles made by the biggest news source in town were almost non-existing. Lots of love and hate came towards the articles made by the company for doing something different. After Bruce Dewitt took over, the company reached it height in both fame and revenue under him. SAAN was quite during late summer and Fall but was revived in October. Now with more stories to be told. The staff will fight to regain their fame doing the news their own special way. CEO - Bruce Dewitt Others - The rest
  3. #FreeSAAN Don't even know where it went.

  4. Username: B.D. Bid 20,001 Comment: fight me 1v1
  5. Username: B.D. Bid: 1400 dollars Comment: this is going to fast.
  6. Name: B.D. Bid: 420 dollars Comment: I will not lose.
  7. Name: B.D. Bid: $3 Comment: I got this in the bag.
  8. Username: BruceDewitt Comment: But why?
  9. Username: Destroyer 26 Comment: I thought the goal of a gangster was to not follow the law, so isn't this completely pointless?
  10. Username: Destroyer 26 Comment: When SAAN makes a joke everyone thinks it is good stuff. When SAN makes a joke they get sued. Leave jokes to the professionals.
  11. SAAN>SAN

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      SAAN>SAN indeed, we have news people care about. Also ads, lots of ads. We're basically buzzfeed when it comes to ads.

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  12. My first char got killed by an mexican who has excellent hearing.

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