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  1. Name: ttnB Comment: Since there was only one person running there was no voting since that would be utterly pointless.
  2. Uncontested elections are best elections Today, September the thirtieth would the date where they reveal the outcome of the Board of Supervisors - Seat 1 Special Election. The election was scheduled because Harold Braun resigned from his position of councilman. We from ttn do not know how many people signed up and later got cold feet, because that information wasn't released. What we do know is that only one person was still in the race for the seat when the actual election happened. Without anyone running against him Bill Darling became the newest member of the Board of Supervisors. He is a member of the Los Santos County Republican Party We from ttn had a chat with him today to inform our readers of who he is and what we can expect from him in the future. Either way we wish Councilman Darling good luck. If you want to read more ttn then click here!
  3. Luigikuik

    Need Gov perms

    I won the election on my character so now I need perms. Thank you.
  4. First article is up. Daring protesters speak up against their employer.
  5. Truckers on strike ''I'd rather work for Amazon than drive all the way across the state for 16 dollars.'', said one of the disgruntled truckers that protested on the forth of September. Ever since there was a huge influx of migrants to Paleto Bay, a few days back, the people have been unhappy about the way of things are. Too many cars on the roads, weirdos running in the streets and now people are complaining about low wages. Some of the truckers therefore put down their work for the day to protest. The rest of the workforce didn't however and as far as we know no one actually felt anything of this strike. We asked one of the protesters what they were actually protesting about and one had this to say. ''I drive all day through the desert and I get paid nothing. I had to bring a shipment to Sandy Shores and I all got from that cross state trip was sixteen dollars and fifteen percent of that goes to the governments. It is despicable I say, it isn't right. Even after a full day of work I only get around 400 dollars. A bike for instance cost many times that. It ain't right.'', A trucker that wasn't striking said that the pay increases over time and if you only need to bring packages around town it isn't so bad. He also mentions that he can work as much as he wants and that his boss doesn't mind at what time he works. He couldn't imagine a better job for him. If this protest will change things remains to be seen. We from ttn wish them luck.
  6. Welcome to the trailer trash news website. If you are a barbecue loving, gun slinging, country protecting, beer drinking, yeehawing patriot like me, Billy Bob than this is place for you. Here we post news that is really interesting to read. So we wont post news that is boring and no one cares about. Like what happens in other countries. Darn other countries taking over our news. We will cover all the things from a national shortage of beer cans to a local cow missing in action. If you have any questions regarding my site don't be shy to send me a message. I hope you enjoy the content y'all. Who are we? We are citizens from the north of San Andreas and we are bored by how news is covered these days. We want to bring news to the people in a way that it is actually not sleep inducing. Currently the crew exist of Billy Bob and some of his friends helping him. You can find us driving around looking for things to write about. If you want to donate any beer or money to the cause it would be much obliged. We are very poor. What is our vision? As I stated before we want to bring news in a more enjoyable way. When I read news from the big companies I always fall asleep after reading the first sentence. We also only focus on local news. The way we want to achieve this is to give the articles personality of some sort. Making the article unique among articles, really justifying the existence of the articles. Either way read it or not, I don't really care. Email: [email protected] ((@luigikuik)
  7. Name: BSAAN Comment: just got out of prison for something I didn't do. Good times.
  8. Female parking From the SAAN news desk ''Does anyone have a smoke?'', asked a bystander next to the burning plane. In the evening of June the nineteenth, a large plum of smoke caught the eye of our reporter who just got out prison. He rushed to the scene without going above the speed limit. He found a plane burning to ashes on the highway next to east beach. The fire department was already extinguishing the fire and the troopers had barriers around the burning aircraft. The pilot however was not found near or inside the plane. Troopers are unsure if the person bailed out or somehow survived the crash. They are checking who owns the aircraft and use that to find the person. What is certain is that we are lucky that the plane didn't crash in any buildings and that no one got hurt. If you are wondering to what actually happened to SAAN in the meantime then you best wait for the next article. Want more SAAN? click here.
  9. Generic clickbait From a SAAN representative San Andreas Action News is back for one last publishmentt. Since today is the epic Finale hosted by John Harlend and Wolfcub in an event presented by Harlend Who, Team Wolfcub and SAAN, I thought that I would release my 5 best facts about SAAN. Be sure to visit the event or else you will miss out on the only event that has ever mattered in this City. Like who doesn't want to be a millionaire. A SAAN representative will be present and has thought up ten questions for the participants. These questions will be about the company and the CEO. Check out Team Wolfcub's site if you want to know more about the event, because I have been mostly been in the dark about it. Also if you think that SAAN has been terminated then you are right. The company itself doesn't exist anymore, however Gaston is too much of a retard to stop paying for hosting of the site. Also no one changed the password of the admin account. Without any further ado five facts about SAAN that most people don't know I guess. Fact #1 San Andreas Action News is actually a Belgian Based company. Thanks to the magic of the internet we could operate in San Andreas while technically being from a small nation in Europe. This has to do with Gaston Faubert living in Belgium. Those who, for some reason, could see where the site is hosted from, would notice that SAAN.news is being hosted from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. For some reason. Fact #2 CEO Bruce Dewitt was once almost assassinated. The article about it has unfortunately been deleted by hackers in the big hack attack of 2016. It was the last article made in 2016 before Bruce quit the company. In short, he was driving his Ford Taurus SHO 2014 around while he noticed that a masked female on a motorbike following him around. He did the famous 8 turn and noticed that she was still behind him. Bruce searched for the nearest police officer and found 4 police cars parked behind a traffic violator. He parked his car next to the police car and asked for help with his stalker. The police officer told him to bug off, but before he could finish his sentence the stalker opened fire with an Uzi on Bruce sitting in his Ford Taurus SHO 2014. Bruce was unhurt but his Ford Taurus SHO 2014 was completely made into Swiss cheese. The attacker didn't survive the police onslaught. Fact #3 Several Original series were planned for SAAN but never actually got made. This include Ghetto talk, Action Fishing, Captain Dewitt and Myth Hunters. Ghetto talk was where Gaston Faubert would go to Idlewood and ask the locals questions or something. Action Fishing was a few episode series where the SAAN team would go fishing, but due to a storm, strand on a island and have to fight for a way back home against the natives. Captain Dewitt was that Bruce would take rappers out for fishing and interview them while fishing. Myth hunters started as a ghost hunting show but that would be boring very fast. I have the actual script with me and it was pretty good. It has Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Random ghost as myths but also the off duty cop and the law abiding RS Haul driver. Fact #4 San Andreas Action News used to be called Los Santos Action News and was founded on the Twenty-fifth of January 2015. Making it older than San Andreas Network. Bruce Dewitt wasn't involved with the company during this period. The around one week lifespan of this company was enough for Gaston to try again with San Andreas Action News a year later Fact #5 Bruce Dewitt was never meant to be a journalist. Bruce Dewitt was hired to be an actor for Memewatch, since he was unemployed and wasted his life with memes. Jason Schultz was the person who wanted to do news and made the SAAN template that was later edited by Bruce and everyone had to use. Bruce was later convinced by Jason to write articles as well. There was actually a documentary in the make for the complete history of SAAN but since it disbanded abruptly and without reason it was never finished. SAAN.news
  10. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: Center text reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. Name: Destroyer 12 Comment: I wonder who will represent SAAN since Bruce is in prison lmao
  12. Why are we here? Just to suffer?

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      Don't come back please no one likes u

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      Every night, I can feel my leg... and my arm... even my fingers. The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you @Luigikuik? I'm gonna make them give back our past!-...

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  13. I used to live in Honda Lounge on Bruce. Those were the days.
  14. All you had to do was lock the damn door Croozer.
  15. ESEX is strictly forbidden in this faction. Now this is a rule I can get behind. Good luck, can't wait to report on you lads.
  16. I had the same thing happening with my house in marina. The price went up even though I bought it via an action and had it disabled.
  17. saan.news is the best web domain. Believe me its true.

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