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  1. Briefcase hunt part 5 From the SAAN briefcase desk The last briefcase was found before I could even give a hint. There truly are some top notch briefcase hunters out there. I am glad that people take time out of their busy day of standing around Pizza stack and what not. I never thought that people would still care after the second one but this is the fifth one already and I think it is hidden pretty good. The same rules as always apply. The hint for this one is burned walls. Good luck hunting everyone. Take a picture of you and the briefcase on the spot where you found it. Send it to [email protected] ((forum PM)). Get invited to the SAAN HQ to collect your 10 grand.
  2. Loved the poker night. I will totally join next time.
  3. Torture in the middle of Los Santos From the SAAN news desk ''You will transfer fifteen thousand dollars to miss Michelle's bank account.'', demanded a hostage taker from Bruce Dewitt. On the seventh of September our CEO got a disturbing demand. A hostage taker wanted money from him, because he had one of the employees held hostage. The employee was at the Brittney's Bakery in Marina when two masked and armed men arrived and took our employee hostage. They blindfolded her and took her to a basement. They forcefully striped her and stole her ATM card and her radio. They tortured her relentless for the code. After hammering a nail through her foot she gave the code and the hostage takers noticed that it only had five grand on the account. They called for anyone on the company radio to send fifteen grand to our employee's bank account. Our CEO immediately called the police and informed them of the threat. Officers aiming their guns at one of the hostage takers behind the car A detective met with our CEO and he informed the detective what happened. The police tried to track the signal but no one was found yet. The hostage takers then let our employee on the radio and made her beg for now fifty grand to be transferred within an hour. The police transferred the amount of money to the account and kept an eye on the ATM's in the area. They finally found one of the hostage takers and arrested him. He was armed with a handgun and didn't resist. Not long after they busted in the house where the hostage was kept. They found her locked in the basement behind a metal door. They smashed down the door and saved her. She was in a bad state and was first treated on the spot before being rushed to the hospital. After a heavy surgery and a lot of painkillers she went to sleep. She is now resting at home thanks to the brave state troopers and police officers and the skilled people from SEMC. Want more SAAN? click here! saan.news
  4. I had the same thing happening with my house in marina. The price went up even though I bought it via an action and had it disabled.
  5. Briefcase 4 is somewhere From the saan briefcase desk The last briefcase was a little bit too hard for some, but it was found within a week so don't blame us. we really enjoyed seeing people actively searching for it. we also found out that someone put a regular briefcase near the SAAN one to trick people. So if you are searching for the SAAN briefcase don't celebrate too quick if you found a hidden briefcase. This one was one the left side of the docs behind a vacant house. This briefcase is hidden on a place we couldn't really think of a tip for without giving it away. It's in Los Santos. Good luck! Take a picture of you and the briefcase on the spot where you found it. Send it to [email protected] ((forum PM)). Get invited to the SAAN HQ to collect your 10 grand.
  6. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: The Briefcase has been found. Good luck next week everyone.
  7. Yeah even if RATS fails if it can make BoTS more active then its a good thing. Not that RATS will fail when it is backed by old RT instructor Bruce Dewitt.
  8. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: I saw around 5 people who almost found it yesterday. Keep up the search everyone.
  9. Loads of money for charity From the SAAN news desk ''Make sure it is not too late!'', was the title of the charity event hosted by The Wise Giant Foundation. on August the twenty-sixth TWGF hosted a charity event for the emergency services of Palomino Creek and the other towns in Red County. This date was also claimed for the open day event hosted by the Department of Public Safety. Once the DPS noticed that the events were on the same day they canceled their event since charity is more important. The event was hosted at the Iron Giants MC clubhouse in Palomino Creek and people from all over the state came to help the people of Red County. There were multiple vehicles that you could bid on and the money would be send to the charity. Iron Giants MC merchandise was also being sold and the profits would be send to charity as well. In the end they raised 325,000 dollars for the Red County emergency response unit. Our reporter spoke with the president of the Foundation and he was asked what he thought about how it went. He said:''The event went really well, people from all over the state showed up and bid on the vehicles, Iron Giants merch was bought and the grill managed by our Sgt at Arms was fantastic. The atmosphere was wonderful and many people donated. I would like to thank Rennsport and Dinoco for the big contributions.'' Want more SAAN? click here saan.news
  10. Briefcase 3 is on the loose From the SAAN briefcase desk I hid the briefcase a few days ago to see if people would find it without an announcement since I wasn't too sure about the spot. Luckily no one has found it yet so here is the announcement. The briefcase is hidden on a place I used to come all the time. The last briefcase was hidden next to the highway on the part from LS to Palomino. It was found not long after the second hint. It is true that hiding something in Los Santos County is actually pretty hard since it isn't that large to begin with. Anyway the hint for this one is that it is very fishy. Good luck hunting. Take a picture of you and the briefcase on the spot where you found it. Send it to [email protected] ((forum PM)). Get invited to the SAAN HQ to collect your 10 grand.
  11. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: The briefcase has been found. Better luck next week ma dudes.
  12. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: Maybe you should try looking again with the new hint in mind.
  13. Update on briefcase 2 From the SAAN briefcase desk It has been 1 week and the briefcase hasn't been found yet. I heard that people thought that the hint meant that it was on the drag strip in desert or the highway in Las Venturas. A good guess but nowhere close. I have watched the surrounding area of the briefcase and no one has even appeared. Here is the second hint. Good luck.
  14. Where the police at? From the SAAN news desk ''Where are all the people at?'', Shouted a crazed gunman at Idlestack when he noticed that no one was stopping him. On the fifteenth of August our reporter got robbed by a gunman who is suspected of escaping an insane asylum. After receiving the cash he threatened the reporter. He said that if he didn't follow him around and report on his deeds he would shoot the reporter and his friend. He walked to Idlestack and started robbing more people. He started shooting at people that tried to get away. He told our reporter that the FBI is looking for him so he is preparing for a last stand against the police. He got furious when after 10 minutes of shooting and robbing no one even tried to stop him. He got on a car and shouted that he was disappointed in the gangsters for not protecting their turf and in the police for not protecting their people. It was once again the task for gun carrying civilians to put a stop to criminals at Idlestack. However the man drawing his gun on the mad man got shot down and left in a critical state. A second man reached for his gun and shot at the lunatic, hitting him in the leg. The gunman fled to the motel after being shot. The bystanders who he had at gunpoint could finally run to safety. An ambulance arrived near the scene waiting for police to show up. After minutes of shooting the police showed up and a standoff occurred. This would be the end for him since he got mowed down immediately. DPS moved in and helped the bystander who got shot. SWAT secured the scene and told people to get away. Hopefully people will stay away from Idlewood from now on. Want more SAAN? saan.news
  15. Fishing for bikes From the SAAN News desk ''LOCATE THE BIKE!'', shouted the captain of the Flying Cunt who lost his motorcycle in the river near Palomino. Deep into the night of the fourteenth of August our reporter got invited to a hunt for a lost motorcycle. Our reporter was uninformed about the current whereabouts of the bike and offered his help. He certainly was surprised when they all drove up to the harbor in Palomino and entered a boat. The owner somehow lost his bike in the river and wanted to scoop it up using the net of his fishing boat. One of the crew members jumped in the water and located the bike. The bike got scooped and the boat returned to the coast. The rescue mission was to no avail since the bike was completely destroyed due to the water. The group was disappointed of their fruitless efforts and the bike was loaded into one of the cars and brought back to Los Santos. At the scrapyard they hosted a funeral for the bike before it got scraped. Rest in peace motorcycle. Rest in peace. Want more SAAN? click here. saan.news
  16. Briefcase 2 has been hidden From the SAAN Briefcase Desk The first briefcase was found almost immediately after it was announced. So the first winner of the briefcase hunt got his 10 grand relatively easy. This time we have a harder spot to hide the briefcase. I hope. The second briefcase should have been hidden yesterday, but the place where all the briefcases are stored was unexpectedly locked and no one had their key with them. So it got planted a day late. It has the same rules as last time and always will. Take a picture of you and the briefcase on the spot where you found it. Send it to [email protected] ((forum PM)). Get invited to the SAAN HQ to collect your 10 grand. Good luck hunting. Tip: What is the top speed? A photo of the first winner and Bruce.
  17. Name: B.Dewitt Comment: My mistake. I misread should be fixed now.
  18. Crusade against business owners From the SAAN Newsdesk ''I was in Italy for two weeks and when I came back my store was sealed and I had to pay a ten grand fine.'', said a small general store owner from Idlewood. On the thirty-first of July the government released a publication called ''Campaign Against Illegal Businesses''. In this publication they reported that they have fined and closed several businesses and they boast about issuing a fine of half a million to JGC. If you are wondering what these illegal businesses are then you aren't the only one. No, they aren't businesses that sell drugs or unregistered firearms. They aren't businesses that host dog fights in the basements of their stores. Are these businesses evading taxes? The answer is no. The reason why half of Idlewood's stores are locked up and sealed is because the owner didn't get a business license in time. All stores are sealed by the CPQL If you have a business then you will get an e-mail from the government informing you of your crimes. They give you 72 hours to apply for a license or they will fine you with a maximum of ten grand each week. They will close your shop if you don't pay them. The current version of the law that forces owners to get a license has been in effect for almost a year now. However the enforcement of it is unpredictable. Our reporter spoke with one of the business owners and he wasn't happy. He stated that he is aware that it was his own fault for not following the law, but he doesn't understand the need of such a system. He said: ''My business was running well and I have been paying my taxes since I bought it in April. I don't know why there even are licenses to begin with. A license brings me no benefits other than not getting fined.''. There also seems to be no reason why the fines are so high since the SPQL has almost 21 million on the bank and made a 6.5 million profit last month. Should the licenses stay in Los Santos or not? All stores are sealed by the CPQL except the one in the middle. Want more SAAN? Click here! saan.news
  19. Anti-Capitalists in Palomino Creek From the SAAN News Desk ''DON'T FLAUNT YOUR WEALTH'', was the name of a publication by an unknown person that could be seen on several sites. Today on the ninth of August, two houses were completely vandalized in Palomino Creek. Both houses were completely covered with graffiti. The text on the sides of the house said that the rich should leave Palomino or else they will be killed. The person who wrote it made clear that he was anti-capitalist and that the rich weren't welcome in Palomino, even though Palomino is known for their above average income living area. One of the houses had 4 cars parked outside. These cars were almost entirely destroyed. The second house looked like it was the average house that wouldn't deserve to be vandalized. One of the text on that house said that it was justified, since the person owning the house had a super car. The second house had all of its grass removed for some reason. There were also dicks drawn on the houses. Cars demolished, windows cracked, walls painted over with various text, thrash all over the place. The police is currently investigating the cases of vandalism, but we here at SAAN have a few suspects in mind. First of all, since the texts are anti-capitalist, we can assume that the culprits are socialists. They could be members of Antifa that have made their return to San Andreas after a short absence. Another possibility is that the suspects are sympathetic to a terrorist who spread fear in Los Santos in April 2016. The terrorist was convinced that Los Santos was filled with greed and pride, prompting him to detonate explosives at the Idlewood Pizza Stack, killing five people in the process. The final possibility is that the locals of Palomino Creek are banding together to rid it of the rich. A similar case occurred several years ago in Angel Pine, when the locals enforced an "Anti Rice Law". They harassed and assaulted owners of modified vehicles, which is known as "rice" to some. A man was even murdered over his possession of a modified car. The ground is dug up and the house is sprayed with text telling the owner to move out. Want to read the last update? click here. saan.news
  20. The beach is my turf I will ck everyone who comes near it. Bethha Bloodz Marina Beach for life.
  21. *Bruce Dewitt enters the courtroom and takes a seat in the back.*
  22. name: B.Dewitt Comment: He would have charged in alone and safe the day, but he knows that if something would have happen his fans would be sad. So of course he tries to protect himself. #don'tslandermax
  23. The update to end all updates From the SAAN Project Desk I, Bruce Dewitt have returned from my two week vacation. Does that mean that I was just relaxing and taking a break? Much to my wife's annoyance I have not actually stopped working. I have been busy writing shows and I had numerous call meetings with the SAAN staff. The SAAN documentary is close to be finished as it has entered the last editing phase. You can expect it to be up next week. We also want to announce that shooting has began for a new SAAN original series called Myth Hunters. The first draft of the show was a ghost hunting series, but after writing the second episode I already got bored of it. So now the SAAN team will hunt myths. I have written the first five episodes and first episode will premiere soon. Expect an article about the whole PD situation at the moment since a lot is going on. We from SAAN want to send our condolences to the family members and friends of Hank Smith. It is a shame that he had to leave Earth in such a way. The first SAAN Briefcase has been hidden in the city. When you find it, you have to take a picture of youself and the briefcase at the place it is hidden. Then you send the photo to [email protected] ((Forum PM)). After that you will be invited to a place to get your reward. Most likely the SAAN HQ, not some back alley. Don't forgot to bring the briefcase. First reward is 10 grand so good luck hunting. An article about the hunt will be posted when the first one is found. Hint: It is at the place were a star would park. Don't fight each other over it though. You can ask any question down below and I will answer it. Want to read the last update? click here. saan.news
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