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    Truckers on strike


    ''I'd rather work for Amazon than drive all the way across the state for 16 dollars.'', said one of the disgruntled truckers that protested on the forth of September. Ever since there was a huge influx of migrants to Paleto Bay, a few days back, the people have been unhappy about the way of things are. Too many cars on the roads, weirdos running in the streets and now people are complaining about low wages. Some of the truckers therefore put down their work for the day to protest. The rest of the workforce didn't however and as far as we know no one actually felt anything of this strike. We asked one of the protesters what they were actually protesting about and one had this to say.



    ''I drive all day through the desert and I get paid nothing. I had to bring a shipment to Sandy Shores and I all got from that cross state trip was sixteen dollars and fifteen percent of that goes to the governments. It is despicable I say, it isn't right. Even after a full day of work I only get around 400 dollars. A bike for instance cost many times that. It ain't right.'', A trucker that wasn't striking said that the pay increases over time and if you only need to bring packages around town it isn't so bad. He also mentions that he can work as much as he wants and that his boss doesn't mind at what time he works. He couldn't imagine a better job for him. If this protest will change things remains to be seen. We from ttn wish them luck.

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    The final article

    From Bruce Dewitt


    ''And now, the end is near and so I face the final curtain'', Sang Frank Sinatra in his famous song ''My way''. Today on the seventeenth of November it is exactly half a year and seven days ago since I rebooted SAAN, but to all good things must come an end. Today is the end of San Andreas Action News. I have decided to terminate the company due to personal circumstances and will be leaving Los Santos once this article is posted. When i was asked to reboot SAAN back in May I was unsure if I would do it. I got talking into it anyway and when I announced the return of SAAN I got mixed responses. But after a few articles I received enough attention and love from the readers to give me the motivation to continue. And now 73 articles later I sit here announcing my retirement. I want to thank you, my reader for sticking with me all this time. To read past my horrible grammar and my sometimes failed attempts of humor. My occasional mistakes in articles because the PD would not reveal information or I just misunderstood it. I hope that I have done the city of Los Santos a service and that people enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me do it my way. Yes it was my way.



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