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  1. On 11/14/2019 at 2:44 PM, Vubstersmurf said:


    6 Admins - We had only recently open up applications and allowed people to apply just for MTA if they want to, obviously staff can either be on MTA or V and aren't forced to do one of the other. However staff activity is still expected and those who aren't helping out on either server will face internal action, this has always been the case however I do feel its time more action was taken. If there comes a time when we do need more staff then of course apps will be reopened.

    Right now please. No admins online is really killing the mta server.

  2. 6 minutes ago, DrJoseEviI said:

    What should be done is to disable hourly paydays so we don’t generate new money, and all faction banks be wiped. Some people may accept paper cash, some may only do direct trade or some might only accept a certain item as currency.

    That is what I meant basically.

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  3. Thank Vubs for replying so soon. I also want to add that legal guns should have their owner tag removed so that everyone can pick them up and don't need an admin to supervise you picking up a weapon. People can't buy weapons anymore anyway and this is just hampering the fun basically.

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  4. We need the attack of the hungry dogs that people left behind. Have admins roam around the streets with dog skins attacking everyone who doesn't have meat to give them or something.

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  5. Does this mean that there is still internet, active shops, cellphones, radio and some police/FD? Doesn't that mean that nothing actually changed? Just like what Croozer said. Most people are rping total anarchy where there is limited electricity and supplies and people will have to fight for supplies. And no one wants an army to suddenly show up to kill all the baddies. People want to establish their own governments. 

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