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  1. Right now please. No admins online is really killing the mta server.
  2. Thank Vubs for replying so soon. I also want to add that legal guns should have their owner tag removed so that everyone can pick them up and don't need an admin to supervise you picking up a weapon. People can't buy weapons anymore anyway and this is just hampering the fun basically.
  3. Hopefully more people will get online now.
  4. Since there has never been an official suggestion for the MTA before I thought it was my duty as one of first people to suggest the new setting to voice my opinion that people can officially comment on in the official comment section. All jokes aside I have been lurking the forums for suggestions a bit and spoken to a few people on what their experience is with the new Owl theme. 1. Not far enough What I heard from people and what I think so myself is that the rules imply that there is still an active PD en FD even though that is not the case. Also the current setting suggest that phones and electricity and internet still work while almost no one is rping that. People are unsure if they have to rp the guard npcs or the gas npcs. I think we should get rid of all npcs since they don't add anything. Maybe there should be a looting script or something for getting supplies. Like right now you'd break into a container and an admin would roll and you'd get something random. Either way more anarchy. 2. Legal/Illegal Since there are no laws anymore it is vague what a cop can and can not do. This would mean that if a cop would let someone break into a building he would be corrupt and breaking the rules. Either way I believe all cops should have full corruption perk and make it so that they can't spawn in any equipment. Same with the other legal factions. 3 Factions Just get rid of all the old factions. It can't be abused if it doesn't exist anymore. Have fmt or something decide how many gov cars can be kept by old gov employees and delete the rest. Maybe have people who use gov vehicles to be at least friendly. Also clean up the forums with all those inactive factions. Give people with a genuine faction idea an f3 like in owl V. Don't forget to set faction interiors to no one before they are deleted though. 4 Interiors Another thing that could be interesting is putting all none owned interiors to no one and locked so that people could easily break into interior for free and sleep there or whatever. Maybe put some stuff in some of them for people to find. 5. Money Now that money is basically worthless the banking system can be deleted. Money can be used if there returns an economy however but getting free money is unrealistic in this scenario. Maybe players will use something else as currency since I have also just traded supplies or used bullets as money. Either way close the banks or at least the state benefits or interest. 6. Admins Opening up the apps for people who just want to be admin on MTA is a way to get more people online since most of the people I spoke to quit since there were never admins online when they needed them, while you need them for a lot of stuff. Vubs replied positively when I suggested this in the shoutbox. Also tell us what you are doing regarding MTA people from the UAT, people feel like they are being ignored. 7. Lore I do think that there should be some clarity about the whole situation and what people should roleplay. I do think that people that actually rp have a say in what actually happened. I also believe that it doesn't have to be hard. Something like Los Santos economy has been struggling for years with a high murder rate and when the flood came and there was no successor to the last commissioner everyone left making it a ghost town or something. I think there should be a poll on what the lore should be about from something magical to probable. Either way let the people who actually play decide 8. Events I still believe to have admins in dog skins harass people could be fun and interesting however. Other anarcy theme events or just natural events could be organised by the staff to have something to look forward to. Maybe a group of raiders from another city waltz into Los Santos to look for stuff or a group of traders who sells fuel or ammo. These are some suggestions that I find interesting. The crafting system that was suggested in the not official suggestion is also something to think about.
  5. Just noticed that all screenshots are at the Hospital. I do go outside I swear.
  6. Luigikuik

    MTA Event

    We need the attack of the hungry dogs that people left behind. Have admins roam around the streets with dog skins attacking everyone who doesn't have meat to give them or something.
  7. With the last Ammunation closed we finally beat capitalism.
  8. Another day another near death experience. These are dark times.
  9. I keep forgetting to take screenshots when I actually do something but here are some I made.
  10. Finally we got some protection now. Hopefully arming criminals won't bite us in the back. -Bruce Dewitt
  11. Maybe a list of added/removed/adjusted features and rules could be helpful. Right now it is kind of confusing.
  12. I would like to thank ttn for bringing us some news.
  13. Does this mean that there is still internet, active shops, cellphones, radio and some police/FD? Doesn't that mean that nothing actually changed? Just like what Croozer said. Most people are rping total anarchy where there is limited electricity and supplies and people will have to fight for supplies. And no one wants an army to suddenly show up to kill all the baddies. People want to establish their own governments.
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