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  1. Name: ttnb Comment: I asked mister Turner, who I saw in real life if he wanted to do an interview with me. He agreed and answered some questions. If Vincent would ever go outside I would also be able to ask him some questions. I do not know how to reach him and as I said I have never seen him before. I think we can both agree that his platform is a bit wacky. I also stated nothing but facts. If you don't agree with Turner's answers than don't vote for him.
  2. County elections in full swing with Richard Turner In a few hours people from the county are allowed to vote for their next county commissioner. Both the Republican party and the People's party of labor and Democracy have send a representative for this election. The last two elections were won by the Republican party who ran unopposed. Will this be another victory for the well established party or will the underdog somehow win? Either way we spoke with Richard Turner and you can read all about it below. Don't forget to vote. More ttn?
  3. Demolition derby almost gone wrong ''Holy shit'', shouted one of the bystanders when one of the drivers almost hit the people in the crowd. Today on October the twelfth was the first annual Paleto Bay Demolition Derby at the beach. It was powered by Irvine Industries and hosted by Jeb. A lot of locals showed up including Councilman Darling, Republican leader Richard Turner, Assistant Fire Chief Rae Williams and many more. The rules were simple. Don't go out of bounds. If you can no longer drive then you are out. The last one standing gets ten grand. The contestants drove into the ring and started smashing into each other making it a spectacle for everyone to see. The medics were ready to help anyone who got injured or trapped inside the car. At first one contestant got knocked out after the other in a rapid pace. But it got quite stale after there were only four left. The host drove our reporter into the fray in the hopes of getting action shots. A few of the contestants got injured and the medic patched them up. One of the Drivers got close to the audience to say something while another driver saw it as the perfect time to ram him. They crashed into each other and got launched into the audience who stepped back, apart from the host who got slightly nudged and dramatically ragdolled to the ground. The last two held out surprisingly long but in the end a winner was crowned in the Mojito Inn. We asked Republican leader Richard Turner, who has put himself electable for County Commissioner what he thought of the event. (Full interview coming soon.) He stated: ''These kinds of events are something we need to see more often, it brings us together. If I'm elected I vow to host events like this for Charity, for development of our County Housing Crisis and for sick children. The entire community had a lot of fun and more events like these will most likely happen in the future. Be sure to not miss it this time. More ttn!
  4. Another easy victory for the Republican Party Today, October the ninth would be the last day people could vote in the Board of Supervisors - Seat 3 Special Election. The reason for this election was that Council member Achim Hegeler's term expired. The Republican Party immediately announced that Veteran Texan politician Jonathan Foreman would run for them. With the slogan honesty, dedication and reliability they hoped to get another seat on the council. It was easy to say that they would win again since they already won an election by default last month. This came true when the results were announced on the seventh of October. Once again they won the election on contested. Now with Political Apathy at an all time high we interviewed Councilman Jonathan Foreman about his views for the future. Either way we from ttn hope that the next elections actually have more than one candidate so we have more to write about. Want to read about what happens in Palito Bay at night?
  5. A rabbi, a priest and a councilman walk into a bar ''Isn't this the start of a joke?'' Said one of the people in the bar when he noticed a priest and rabbi walking in. The night of the fifth of October was a very busy night for the Mojito Inn. People from all walks of life came from far to enjoy a cold one. What was unusual was that an obvious Jewish man and a priest walked in for a drink. Many of the customers thought it was a joke at first, but it turned out that it was completely legit. The Jewish man argued about the price and boasted about being a lawyer and entertainment manager. He turned out to be a very interesting man and even had a bet with the bartender. He stated that he could eat a whole lemon for fifty dollars. No one believed him but he insisted. The bartender agreed with the bet and signed a contract that the Jewish man had. He actually managed to eat it and earned the fifty dollars and the respect of the bystanders. Not only was it crowed inside of the bar, but also outside. A very muscular man was blocking a street with his small car. A man wanting to enter the street asked him to move his vehicle. The Muscular man said he would move his car for ten dollars. The other man said he would push the car away if it wasn't moved. The muscular man insisted that ten dollars was needed for him to move his car. The other man rammed the car and parked behind the Inn. This angered the muscular man a lot and would park his car next to the other man so he wouldn't be able to exit his car. After many childish back and forth they both drove away. After they both returned a security guard made them shake hands and say sorry. After this they both went on with their day. Want more ttn?
  6. Name: ttnB Comment: Since there was only one person running there was no voting since that would be utterly pointless.
  7. Uncontested elections are best elections Today, September the thirtieth would the date where they reveal the outcome of the Board of Supervisors - Seat 1 Special Election. The election was scheduled because Harold Braun resigned from his position of councilman. We from ttn do not know how many people signed up and later got cold feet, because that information wasn't released. What we do know is that only one person was still in the race for the seat when the actual election happened. Without anyone running against him Bill Darling became the newest member of the Board of Supervisors. He is a member of the Los Santos County Republican Party We from ttn had a chat with him today to inform our readers of who he is and what we can expect from him in the future. Either way we wish Councilman Darling good luck. If you want to read more ttn then click here!
  8. Luigikuik

    Need Gov perms

    I won the election on my character so now I need perms. Thank you.
  9. First article is up. Daring protesters speak up against their employer.
  10. Truckers on strike ''I'd rather work for Amazon than drive all the way across the state for 16 dollars.'', said one of the disgruntled truckers that protested on the forth of September. Ever since there was a huge influx of migrants to Paleto Bay, a few days back, the people have been unhappy about the way of things are. Too many cars on the roads, weirdos running in the streets and now people are complaining about low wages. Some of the truckers therefore put down their work for the day to protest. The rest of the workforce didn't however and as far as we know no one actually felt anything of this strike. We asked one of the protesters what they were actually protesting about and one had this to say. ''I drive all day through the desert and I get paid nothing. I had to bring a shipment to Sandy Shores and I all got from that cross state trip was sixteen dollars and fifteen percent of that goes to the governments. It is despicable I say, it isn't right. Even after a full day of work I only get around 400 dollars. A bike for instance cost many times that. It ain't right.'', A trucker that wasn't striking said that the pay increases over time and if you only need to bring packages around town it isn't so bad. He also mentions that he can work as much as he wants and that his boss doesn't mind at what time he works. He couldn't imagine a better job for him. If this protest will change things remains to be seen. We from ttn wish them luck.
  11. Welcome to the trailer trash news website. If you are a barbecue loving, gun slinging, country protecting, beer drinking, yeehawing patriot like me, Billy Bob than this is place for you. Here we post news that is really interesting to read. So we wont post news that is boring and no one cares about. Like what happens in other countries. Darn other countries taking over our news. We will cover all the things from a national shortage of beer cans to a local cow missing in action. If you have any questions regarding my site don't be shy to send me a message. I hope you enjoy the content y'all. Who are we? We are citizens from the north of San Andreas and we are bored by how news is covered these days. We want to bring news to the people in a way that it is actually not sleep inducing. Currently the crew exist of Billy Bob and some of his friends helping him. You can find us driving around looking for things to write about. If you want to donate any beer or money to the cause it would be much obliged. We are very poor. What is our vision? As I stated before we want to bring news in a more enjoyable way. When I read news from the big companies I always fall asleep after reading the first sentence. We also only focus on local news. The way we want to achieve this is to give the articles personality of some sort. Making the article unique among articles, really justifying the existence of the articles. Either way read it or not, I don't really care. Email: [email protected] ((@luigikuik)
  12. Name: BSAAN Comment: just got out of prison for something I didn't do. Good times.
  13. Female parking From the SAAN news desk ''Does anyone have a smoke?'', asked a bystander next to the burning plane. In the evening of June the nineteenth, a large plum of smoke caught the eye of our reporter who just got out prison. He rushed to the scene without going above the speed limit. He found a plane burning to ashes on the highway next to east beach. The fire department was already extinguishing the fire and the troopers had barriers around the burning aircraft. The pilot however was not found near or inside the plane. Troopers are unsure if the person bailed out or somehow survived the crash. They are checking who owns the aircraft and use that to find the person. What is certain is that we are lucky that the plane didn't crash in any buildings and that no one got hurt. If you are wondering to what actually happened to SAAN in the meantime then you best wait for the next article. Want more SAAN? click here.
  14. "I would like to get a lawyer from the state if that is still an option.'' (( @EvilScotsman @Zebulon ))
  15. *Bruce Dewitt enters the courtroom and walks over to the defendant desk.*
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