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  1. Briefcase 2 has been hidden From the SAAN Briefcase Desk The first briefcase was found almost immediately after it was announced. So the first winner of the briefcase hunt got his 10 grand relatively easy. This time we have a harder spot to hide the briefcase. I hope. The second briefcase should have been hidden yesterday, but the place where all the briefcases are stored was unexpectedly locked and no one had their key with them. So it got planted a day late. It has the same rules as last time and always will. Take a picture of you and the briefcase on the spot where you found it. Send it to [email protected] ((forum PM)). Get invited to the SAAN HQ to collect your 10 grand. Good luck hunting. Tip: What is the top speed? A photo of the first winner and Bruce.
  2. Luigikuik

    [SAAN] Crusade against business owners

    Name: B.Dewitt Comment: My mistake. I misread should be fixed now.
  3. Crusade against business owners From the SAAN Newsdesk ''I was in Italy for two weeks and when I came back my store was sealed and I had to pay a ten grand fine.'', said a small general store owner from Idlewood. On the thirty-first of July the government released a publication called ''Campaign Against Illegal Businesses''. In this publication they reported that they have fined and closed several businesses and they boast about issuing a fine of half a million to JGC. If you are wondering what these illegal businesses are then you aren't the only one. No, they aren't businesses that sell drugs or unregistered firearms. They aren't businesses that host dog fights in the basements of their stores. Are these businesses evading taxes? The answer is no. The reason why half of Idlewood's stores are locked up and sealed is because the owner didn't get a business license in time. All stores are sealed by the CPQL If you have a business then you will get an e-mail from the government informing you of your crimes. They give you 72 hours to apply for a license or they will fine you with a maximum of ten grand each week. They will close your shop if you don't pay them. The current version of the law that forces owners to get a license has been in effect for almost a year now. However the enforcement of it is unpredictable. Our reporter spoke with one of the business owners and he wasn't happy. He stated that he is aware that it was his own fault for not following the law, but he doesn't understand the need of such a system. He said: ''My business was running well and I have been paying my taxes since I bought it in April. I don't know why there even are licenses to begin with. A license brings me no benefits other than not getting fined.''. There also seems to be no reason why the fines are so high since the SPQL has almost 21 million on the bank and made a 6.5 million profit last month. Should the licenses stay in Los Santos or not? All stores are sealed by the CPQL except the one in the middle. Want more SAAN? Click here! saan.news
  4. Anti-Capitalists in Palomino Creek From the SAAN News Desk ''DON'T FLAUNT YOUR WEALTH'', was the name of a publication by an unknown person that could be seen on several sites. Today on the ninth of August, two houses were completely vandalized in Palomino Creek. Both houses were completely covered with graffiti. The text on the sides of the house said that the rich should leave Palomino or else they will be killed. The person who wrote it made clear that he was anti-capitalist and that the rich weren't welcome in Palomino, even though Palomino is known for their above average income living area. One of the houses had 4 cars parked outside. These cars were almost entirely destroyed. The second house looked like it was the average house that wouldn't deserve to be vandalized. One of the text on that house said that it was justified, since the person owning the house had a super car. The second house had all of its grass removed for some reason. There were also dicks drawn on the houses. Cars demolished, windows cracked, walls painted over with various text, thrash all over the place. The police is currently investigating the cases of vandalism, but we here at SAAN have a few suspects in mind. First of all, since the texts are anti-capitalist, we can assume that the culprits are socialists. They could be members of Antifa that have made their return to San Andreas after a short absence. Another possibility is that the suspects are sympathetic to a terrorist who spread fear in Los Santos in April 2016. The terrorist was convinced that Los Santos was filled with greed and pride, prompting him to detonate explosives at the Idlewood Pizza Stack, killing five people in the process. The final possibility is that the locals of Palomino Creek are banding together to rid it of the rich. A similar case occurred several years ago in Angel Pine, when the locals enforced an "Anti Rice Law". They harassed and assaulted owners of modified vehicles, which is known as "rice" to some. A man was even murdered over his possession of a modified car. The ground is dug up and the house is sprayed with text telling the owner to move out. Want to read the last update? click here. saan.news
  5. Luigikuik

    Moving main roleplay to beach/marina?

    The beach is my turf I will ck everyone who comes near it. Bethha Bloodz Marina Beach for life.
  6. Luigikuik

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    *Bruce Dewitt enters the courtroom and takes a seat in the back.*
  7. Luigikuik

    Guess who's coward?

    name: B.Dewitt Comment: He would have charged in alone and safe the day, but he knows that if something would have happen his fans would be sad. So of course he tries to protect himself. #don'tslandermax
  8. The update to end all updates From the SAAN Project Desk I, Bruce Dewitt have returned from my two week vacation. Does that mean that I was just relaxing and taking a break? Much to my wife's annoyance I have not actually stopped working. I have been busy writing shows and I had numerous call meetings with the SAAN staff. The SAAN documentary is close to be finished as it has entered the last editing phase. You can expect it to be up next week. We also want to announce that shooting has began for a new SAAN original series called Myth Hunters. The first draft of the show was a ghost hunting series, but after writing the second episode I already got bored of it. So now the SAAN team will hunt myths. I have written the first five episodes and first episode will premiere soon. Expect an article about the whole PD situation at the moment since a lot is going on. We from SAAN want to send our condolences to the family members and friends of Hank Smith. It is a shame that he had to leave Earth in such a way. The first SAAN Briefcase has been hidden in the city. When you find it, you have to take a picture of youself and the briefcase at the place it is hidden. Then you send the photo to [email protected] ((Forum PM)). After that you will be invited to a place to get your reward. Most likely the SAAN HQ, not some back alley. Don't forgot to bring the briefcase. First reward is 10 grand so good luck hunting. An article about the hunt will be posted when the first one is found. Hint: It is at the place were a star would park. Don't fight each other over it though. You can ask any question down below and I will answer it. Want to read the last update? click here. saan.news
  9. Fire Chief position vacant From the SAAN news desk ''At this present time. I'd not like to comment on the internal's of the DPS and I respect their privacy.'' Said County Commissioner Howard when our reporter asked him what the meeting was about. On the seventeenth of July the County Commissioner met with the DPS staff for an at the time unknown reason. We asked a DPS member and he stated that the meeting was about the resignation of Fire Chief Freya Keller, who resigned due to personal reasons. This resignation left the DPS without a Fire Chief and is now in the hands of Battalion Chief Kevin Taylor. The government is looking for a new Fire Chief and people can apply as they like. The most likely candidate to become the next Chief is Kevin Taylor as he is the most veteran member in the DPS. He also has already taken the duties as a chief on him and is respected by his crew. Who the next chief will be is yet to be seen. The activity of the DPS has already increased and we hope that his will end the dark pages of the history of DPS Quick update on SAAN. The CEO, Bruce Dewitt is going on a vacation and Leonard Spreenen will take over his position for the time being. You are all relieved form my trash articles for at least two weeks. Enjoy. Want to read on what DPS has done lately? click here. saan.news
  10. Luigikuik

    SAN | Interview | John Harlend

    Name: Destroyer 26 Comment: Understandable, have a great day.
  11. Luigikuik

    SAN | Interview | John Harlend

    Name: Destroyer 26 Comment: Did SAN just promote hate speech once again. ISIS shout out flashback.
  12. Luigikuik

    How you know your faction is about to die

    He would have killed me otherwise
  13. Luigikuik

    [SAAN] Coincidence or arson?

    name: B.Dewitt Comment: Better now?
  14. Luigikuik

    [SAAN] Coincidence or arson?

    Coincidence or Arson? From the SAAN News Desk ''Burn baby burn!'', shouted world famous super star Max Brookes at the scene of the fire next to Idlestack. The seventeenth of July was one of the busiest days for the Department of Public Safety. The County Commissioner visited them and spoke with the command and other members present. What was actually discussed is being investigated by our investigation team. After this they rushed to the beach since one of the shacks were on fire. They extinguished the fire in mere minutes and could rest for the moment. A stove that was still on caused the fire in the shack. It is unclear if it was done on purpose by someone. Not long after this fire they got another call about a fire at Pizza Stack in Idlewood. The container next to the restaurant was lit on fire. The sound of sirens caused a commotion with the locals who all came to see if their favorite Pizza place was on fire. When they noticed that the place itself was fine they left as fast as they came. Right after the fire was put down they got another call about a container fire. This fire was just outside of the city in the trailer park near The toll Bridge. This fire had already spread to the trailer, but the Firefighters put the fire out before it could do any serious damage. We asked a firefighter about the fires and he said that he never fought this many fires after each other and that he thought it was quite odd. The fires are being investigated, however it is presumed that it was arson. Could this be the work of an serial arsonist or is it all just coincidence. The DPS seems to be getting back on its feet and will be operating like it used to before the incidents happened. Want to read about what people do with briefcases nowadays? click here. Saan.news
  15. Luigikuik

    The Vault

    Can't wait to raid this

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