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  1. Interview with county commissioner Nicholas Howard From the SAAN news desk For some time now the county government has been under fire by the public for questionable decisions. People are calling it fraud and urge the people involved to step down. There were rumors going around of Nicholas Howard resigning his position. Commissioner Howard has always been involved with the people of Los Santos in the form of public appearances and funding events. One of our reporter asked him for an interview and he happily accepted. Here below is the sound file of the interview. Want more SAAN? click here saan.news
  2. Luigikuik

    [SAAN] Briefcase 5 found a new home

    Name: B.Dewitt Comment: The briefcase has been found. A new one will be placed next week. Good luck hunting next week.
  3. Luigikuik

    The meaning of "Ricer."

    Everyone that has a car that goes above 120 km/h is a ricer.
  4. Luigikuik

    [Youtube] Antimatter

    Name: B.Dewitt Comment: This is by far the best show that has ever been made. Especially the acting of that reporter was superb.
  5. Luigikuik

    Things only owlgaming oldfags will remember

    Akiyama-Kai falling apart because of esex
  6. John Man ready to lead Los Santos From the SAAN news desk ''Just say oh john mans running again'', said John Man to our reporter when he was asked what he was doing at Pizza Stack. On the twelfth of October the people at Pizza stack got blessed by the second coming of John Man. He announced to the world that he will be running for County Commissioner in the next elections. He has assembled a great staff already. He has the help of Huw Edwards, CEO of the largest company of Los Santos. Huw Edwards will be in charge of funding his campaign as he is the owner of Dinoco. John's legal advisor is Scott Murphy the old Chief of Police. And he hired a local from Idlewood to be his personal Chef. The name of this person is not important. From right to left: Scott Murphy, Huw Edwards, John Man and local fat man John Man ran for commissioner in the last election, but his name wasn't on the ballot. He was disappointed about this but is convinced that with the support of the people and the money from Huw he will win the next election. We from SAAN are happy to see the return of one of Los Santos most influential people to the lives of the people of stacks. Hopefully he will be on the ballot this time. Want more SAAN? click here. saan.news
  7. John Harlend saves Los Santos From the SAAN news desk ''Your dads got lego hands.'', was the insult the victim used to set the whole ordeal off. On the eleventh of October our reporter spotted the famous Time Horder John Harlend at Pizza Stack with his Nephew. One of the people at stacks told Harlend's Nephew that he was a nerd. The man got so angry that he headbutted the Pizza stack goer. The stack goer fought back by punching his attacker. The attacks went back and forth while bystanders tried to stop the fighting. The stacks goer pulled out his pistol and aimed it at his attacker. John got out his pistol before his nephew could be shot and aimed it at the man. He didn't lower his weapon so John opened fire and called the police. The police arrived and investigated the scene. The stacks goer was rushed to the hospital and he miraculously survived. John Harlend's nephew got arrested for evasion from the police not long after. John Harlend was kind enough to make time in his busy schedule of saving the planet to show our reporter his retardis. We from SAAN can't wait for the next episode. Want more SAAN? click here. saan.news
  8. Briefcase 5 found a new home From the SAAN briefcase desk The fifth briefcase hasn't been found after almost a month of laying on top of the old Neptune in east LS. The briefcase has been moved to another location. This time Mister Stars from Stars Corporation has provided extra funds so that the prize money can increase from ten to twenty grand. Hopefully this spot isn't as hard as the last one. The same rules apply as always but this time you get more money from it. The hint is: Back home. Take a picture of you and the briefcase on the spot where you found it. Send it to [email protected] ((forum PM)). Get invited to the SAAN HQ to collect your 20 grand. Location of the old briefcase Extra sponsor for the briefcase hunt
  9. Luigikuik

    [SAAN] Free car giveaway

    Name: B.Dewitt Comment: Correct.
  10. Luigikuik

    [SAAN] Free car giveaway

    Free car giveaway From the SAAN car desk ''Mercedes-Benz is giving away a mystery AMG car at the DPS parking lot!'', was the advertisement that attracted people to come to parking lot next to the DPS HQ. On the seventh of October our reporter stumbled upon a car meet organised by Mercedes of San Andreas. They brought out their best cars and displayed them for all to see. They held a Mercedes quiz and the winner would get a Mercedes for free. More than the average crowd appeared to be interested and showed up for the Mercedes quiz. Our reporter didn't participate since he knows nothing about cars that aren't Ford Taures SHOs. After a few questions the winner emerged and got a Mercedes SL63 AMG sports car for free. The other participants were bummed out that they didn't get a free car and left once they were eliminated from the competition. The winner himself wanted his face blurred from the shot for unspecified reasons. Maybe next time Mercedes of San Andreas will host a barbecue. Want more SAAN? Click here. saan.news
  11. Luigikuik

    [SAAN] Suicide by cop

    Suicide by cop From the SAAN news desk ''No priors from our side, no idea why he did it.'', told a police sergeant to our reporter when he was talking about the reason the suspect was killed. On the sixth of October an police officer ordered a motorcyclist to stop and park on the side of the road when the motorcyclist violated one of the traffic laws. The motorcyclist had other plans however. He raced away from the police officer and the officer called in back up to chase him. The cyclist was driving recklessly through the city with the police on his heels. He lost his grip in a corner on Pasadena Boulevard and fell off his motorcycle. Three units aimed their guns at the suspect and he complied to their orders. He then decided to get up from the ground and take a handgun from his waistline and fired on the officers. One of them got hit on his upper body, luckily saved by his vest. The other officers opened fire on the suspect killing him. The motive of the suspect why he opened fire on the officers is unknown. One of the officers thought that it might be a suicide by cop. Want more SAAN? click here saan.news
  12. Can't wait for the story where you pay me back my money. 👍
  13. Killer clown in Los Santos From the SAAN news desk ''Yo, I'm gonna tell you to keep 2 meters from me, or we gonna have a serious problem'', Said a gun carrying civilian to the creepy clown when he tried to approach the civilian. On the thirtieth of September a very creepy clown was spotted around Pizza stack. He had eerie make-up on and razor sharp teeth. At first he sprayed people with silly string from the roof of a store across Pizza stack. One of the witnesses called the police to inform them of a suspected lunatic, but they didn't show up. After several warnings from one of the victims the clown kept spraying people. One of them pushed the clown against a car and the clown got punched in the face. The clown walked away sniffing. The clown returned and his appearance was now even more terrifying with blood all over his face due to his broken nose. The clown kept laughing and smiling at the person who punched him and he kept placing his hand on his waistline. When the clown was once again warned that if he got close he would be in a lot of trouble he left the scene. Shortly after he returned with a shovel. He presented it to a civilian and kept saying that it was a gift with an eerie tone. When the clown was told to drop the shovel and leave he laughed and said, '' You cant shoot me. Last person who tried to... well he ended up..''. A civilian said that if the clown would try to harm any of the people he will use his gun for defense. The clown left with his shovel. One of the bystanders tried to grab the shovel from the clown. The clown then swung his shovel at the man's head. The gun carrying civilian then shot the clown in the leg. The gun carrying civilian called the police again, this time they would arrive. The clown was treated by the medics and send to the hospital. The gun carrying civilian was detained and witness statements were collected. Both parties claimed self-defense since the clown implied he knew how to use a shovel and was clearly showing lunacy. So when he tried to attack a civilian he got shot. The clown stated that he was defending himself from a robber and didn't show an intend to kill. The witnesses didn't agree with each other on who was in the right and the police didn't have a clear answer at that moment. The gun carrying civilian was let go after he gave the police his contact information. This will probably not be the last time a ''killer clown'' shows up in Los Santos since it is getting close to Halloween. Hopefully no one will get hurt in the future. Want more SAAN? click here. saan.news
  14. Luigikuik

    [SAAN] Fire out of nowhere

    Fire out of nowhere From the SAAN news desk ''Don't worry officer I'll keep you company.'', said our reporter to an police officer waiting for BoTS to arrive. On the twenty-ninth of September our reporter got alerted by a smoke cloud coming from outside the city. The smoke cloud was first to be thought to be coming from Flint County, but it turned out it was actually coming from Whetstone. The cause of the smoke cloud was a random car that was on fire next to the railroad. A firetruck hit our reporter's car presumably by accident when he wanted to reach the car fire. The hill was too steep for the truck so the firefighters parked the engine on top of the hill and went down with fire extinguishers. There was no one near the car and no owner was found. The fuel cap was missing from the car. The situation was a very odd one to say the least. One of the bystanders had a theory about the cause of the fire. He thought that it was a get away vehicle used by some criminal organisation and that they were destroying evidence. Firefighter Martinez thought that the car was perhaps used by someone making an off road joyride and then crashed. The owner would be too embarrassed to call the emergency services. There is no clear evidence for if it was arson or not so it will remain an mystery until an investigation yields definitive answers. Want more SAAN? click here! saan.news
  15. Luigikuik

    Things only owlgaming oldfags will remember

    I used to live in Honda Lounge on Bruce. Those were the days.

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