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    MG much?

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  1. >:)
  2. When I used to be in SD, it was pretty cool interacting with people, passive RP is fun.. you should try it.
  3. I dont see you around, hmm.

  4. Name: Dan. Comment: Be smart and sue him if he does not respond, easy. You will get 20% of the auctions cost and youll keep the vehicle.
  5. Good luck man, you got this.
  6. Accepted. Contact me on 716-056. For anyone who have not seen this..:
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: BusinessAddress: Zer-O Superstore, Beside IGS. Description: The store's location is a great, costumers are always flowing in and out, I have not gotten the time.. to actually manage it, which lead to some loss of customers. Anyway, if you are a very intelligent personal, with time and what not for supplying it, you are the right one. You are looking at a gem. Images: http://imgur.com/a/ZPQkU Starting Bid: $35,000 Minimum Increase: $2,000 Buyout $90,000 Auction ends: 2017/01/25 or until I accept a bid. Contact Information: Given to the winner! (( Please no OOC comments ))
  8. Name: Proxy_01 Comment: Fucking fake, you can't rap for shit man. Just stop.
  9. Name: Dan Comment: GO EUGY.
  10. F10>Settings>Anti interior falling. Forgot if taht is the name of the bubble to toggle/where it is exactly, but toggle that, it should be down on the left side.. it should help when falling through interiors. -- About the Administration part, you could attempt to simply @- Administration on discord, you might get a Administrator online, depending on what most are soing.. most likely you'll get one online.
  11. I ain't fishin em likes homie. I'm sharin his golden work.
  12. @BusterAces - idk how I found it. But this is golden. @ShadowNG - vroom vroom.
  13. Welcome back. o/
  14. Name: I see.. Comment: I didnt, I bought a muscle.