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  1. Name: D Comment: You are a douche for blocking the road like that.
  2. Name: Danny Comment: Mid-life crisis?
  3. Imgur plays with the quality. I use http://prnt.sc/.
  4. Nice. Keep the tremendous work in place.
  5. Bye. Never really knew you, but yeah. oi stop stalking my old threads
  6. I worship you for that. : ') Esexing imo is weird af and cringy lmao. Anyway the main issue that I usually had is that, I used to quit on characters when there was no motivation at all and pretty much I was a "noob". Everyone has been one at some point aye. I'd go active and inactive on each character, but as time passed, knowledge developed.. I managed to balance that as I built my first solid character and it got me introduced to open fields that I could passive RP in, as soon as you know it one door opens another. ;')
  7. Old acc rip

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    2. BestRiven


      care to explain the profile picture you set for it xd?

    3. DanielV


      Dont even ask :::))

    4. BestRiven


      About Me

      MxGamer84, Minecraft, Songs, Mod Showcase,


  8. Name: Johnny Comment: Ours is cheesy and very tasty. So.. no competition.
  9. Looking for someone interested in doing me a skin. Hmu in PMs Ill give a description, we can discuss it further. I can pay GCs if needed. Skin ID 280
  10. Name: Danny Comment: Starting
  11. Name: Dan Comment: I puked when I saw the doors. God damnit..
  12. Name: Johnny Comment: Everyone can argue about this at PizzaStacks! We serve the best pizza around LS. Buy our pizzas. We got the cheesiest 12 inch you will ever taste.
  13. Name: Danny Comment: You made my day grats. Apply gently.
  14. Tried twitter and forums before. He never responded back.