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  1. Accepted - please call our hotline for an interview.
  2. Hhapybday halbfayl to you. Hahbby birthday to law.
  3. [General] - Trailer Fix

    Yeah. I'd do that to my trailer - got my yes.
  4. [DENIED] pizza stack application - Senhor lagrto

  5. [DENIED] pizza stack application - Senhor lagrto

    Hello, You are currently being denied for the sole purpose of lying and not awaiting the 48 hour cooldown before reapplying. Email me at [email protected] (( Forum PM )) for any questions. Regards, Pizza Stacks' IA
  6. Accepted, you'll be mainly focused and interviewed on your behavior and English - being fluent or not. Call our hotline and schedule an interview. Regards, Pizza Stack' IA
  7. pizza stack application - Senhor lagrto

    Sorry for the inconvience, I'll be personally re-reviewing your application. -- You are currently being denied reasoning the fact you have a bad attitude and bad morals. Regards, Pizza Stack' IA
  8. Pizza Stack application - Jayden Waren #3

    Sorry for our employees attitude, we won't be accepting you solely for your english skills and grammar. In order to understand customers and speak to customers you need proper and fluent English. Consider it denied. Regards, Pizza Stack' IA
  9. [SOLD] Residential - Centeral Complex Condo #1

    Winner. Call me @ (555) 716-056.

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