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  1. Happy birthday mate, hope you're doing good.

  2. happy birthday xx

  3. I won't argue you any longer, this is not the place. Point stands, you were in a public area, especially a governmental area. Like it or not, these are the events that were partaken.
  4. No, an inside of an RS Haul unit where trucks only go there to load up cargo isn't a public space, so you are wrong. Don't mix up 2 situations, as they are not the same.
  5. Logic plays a role, you are in a public area beside two governmental buildings. I'll leave this one for you to think about.
  6. Are you kidding me, the guard at the gate would see you even. You are as close as you can get to the townhall. Not to mention, many people passed by you and called the cops.
  7. I'm saying you disregarded from the beginning.
  8. That you were near a Countyhall, that itself is disregarding. Trying to rob and kidnap someone near the PD and CountyHall lmao.
  9. I'm Johnny, sad part is it was done beside the Townhall, I had to run thru pershings statues so I can evade them, but they chased me. Up until I crashed and they tried kidnapping me a cop came. You did not manage to kill me, so what are you an about, if your friend shot me it would have probably been a CK. Luckily a detective arrived.
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