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  1. which is sad
  2. @MissWonder cant believe you went on about digging for this thread!!!!
  3. Oh yeah forgot - but its rare to have it in LS. As @ResidentPeach said.
  4. Why do you need thunder rn. Never seen rain and thunder in Spring or Summer.
  5. No we do not remove banned users, as stated - previous record stays, if you breach your ZTP you get permabanned (20 points).
  6. Nice thing about this is the fact -you- the player are given a chance to get your history cleaned (as of the time of this update being implemented), after something which you might have gotten marked on your record, you could changed over time - after a solid 45 day clean record.
  7. Great updates.
  8. Name: dan Comment: how am I part of GOV if im supporting him fuckhead. What makes you assume so.
  9. woah, turning all natzi and shit :jeb:

    1. DanielV



    2. Wright


      I was always a fashy goy

    3. radhwan


      NSPUSA's protective virus is working, first LS, then SA, the the USA!! Muahahahahahahahaha

      I have problems

  10. Name: dan Comment: nah, I dont push my head up arses. Jews like you do.
  11. Yes hello. https://owlgaming.net/ Appeal it there.
  12. Name: dan Comment: your head was up his intestines, jesus christ.