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  1. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    You can ask [MENTION=60426]aethi[/MENTION] if he'd be willing to be used as a bench press too, 'cause he's pretty light too.
  2. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    You can use me to bench press from now on :^)
  3. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    Nah I'm almost 19 funnily enough, a lot of people think I'm like 16-17 when I show them images of me but I'm almost 19 years old, every time I go to buy a game for my Playstation I get carded lol.
  4. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    I do, believe me, I do, pizza rolls, pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets, whatever I want to eat I eat it and luckily, I have a hard time gaining weight so far so I should use this time I have to get my food on :V
  5. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    Ah, I suppose it just comes later on in life, after all I'm still developing so it's very possible that I'll sprout (build-wise) eventually.
  6. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    I'm 18 almost 19...I'm pretty tiny, my father was pretty tall but my mother is only 5'0" and weights about the same as me, so I'm in between, I'm tall for my family but tiny in build.
  7. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    I am 175cm and 45kg to put my size and weight into perspective, I don't have any eating disorders/problems with gaining weight, I just don't seem to gain a whole lot of weight no matter what I eat. I am still young though, and for men it seems that gaining weight when eating seems to come later in life. I don't really care, it's not a problem that he's calling me skinny, I'd much rather someone call me skinny than fat personally.
  8. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    @pittfan498 That hurts, I am faceless.OT and no troll: It says "show yourself" not "show your face" I'm not trying to be a cunt but I personally haven't seen any actual mention of having to post faces, it's not like posting in Off-Topic makes my post count go up.
  9. Fwah

    Show yourself!

    And yes, that's taken in the only room in the house with a mirror like that, and it's a guest room aka we throw all the shit we don't want to put in our rooms in there, also, no, no face for you.Phone is an LG G2.
  10. Fwah

    We are indeed long lost brothers.

  11. Bwah

    We're like long lost brothers.

  12. Fwah

    Hi Bwah, I'm Fwah.

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