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  1. he he he how arem Doings mr Drama??? hah

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoSVpUJoQt8&app=desktop
  3. Nah. The car was moved to another place in order to prevent your car from being burnt down during a waging war between factions. Just inquire about the car and I'm sure Franco will get back to you once he finds out about the harsh truth himself, seeing as him being proclaimed would be a thing happening quite soon, given the location of his death.

  4. Character still owns the place even though he's CKd?

    Suppose if I found out icly he died wouldn't be hard getting it back as long as the shop isn't forcesold

  5. Yeah. Not going to be hard getting it back, though.

  6. CK'd lol? Now I need to figure out how to get the car back.

  7. Occupied being dead. Sorry, lad, looks like it's gonna be a bit hard finishing that Delorean request.

  8. Lyricist? Lyricist :D

  9. You're go to do the RP and PM me the logs.

  10. I find that license plate to be the bigger fail in the picture tbh. Hurts seeing [MENTION=1737]Franco[/MENTION] and my first car project ruined with [email protected] license plates..
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