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  1. Absolutely. I've wanted mapping done that enforces illegal RP in Jefferson for quite some time now.
  2. Yes please. Including the old headlight script for vehicles. That if something looked beautiful with the right settings and mods.
  3. If you ask me, this is not a bad idea and it would increase FPS on some players when in a highly populated area, as the nametags decrease FPS for some reason. It wouldn't make much of a difference in the end, but it would look more appealing and the game would run with a better FPS.
  4. Exactly what I did for quite some time, and attempted to make certain people do it aswell instead of VMing their drugs. This idea is great but, I'm pretty sure a certain number of people would find it annoying and just stop taking the drugs to not have these effects affect their gameplay.
  5. Kryotec

    Liverpool Savages

    My first and final post on this thread. The aftermath of the death of Jasmine Brown. All I want to say of this faction, it was great. Sure, it had it's flaws like many other faction but the only faction and a group of people that I got to build good friendships with. The last few months ever since I joined the faction, was great. The amount of immersion and different characteristics were on point. I cannot deny the fact that I feel ashamed and guilt of what had happened, but in the end the soul of the faction had already died out weeks ago. I deeply wish recent events will not be the reason for our friendships to lose their touch.
  6. Onnea bro

    1. MrPinkPanda
    2. Kryotec


      Ay, late response but appreciate it.

  7. I am the one who was leading this CK, as I was told by the faction leader @Diogo that a bunch of people had snitched, and Edmond is included in that list. We both agreed to take them out once the time is right and I took the opportunity to take some of them out, even if they did snitch or not in reality - I was doing what did seem necessary. I was given the permission to make decisions for the faction, even we both agreed to get rid of the group and possibly rob from all of them for the faction. In my character's point of view, the faction was separated into two groups and these groups were competing with each other, that is selling narcotics and weapons and the competing group was to simply be taken care of.
  8. Happy birthday, Mr. Green the Casino

  9. tfw dinosaurs existed before us

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      Wow you're like a detective or something.
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      I'm an artist
  10. im turning blue and red, im psychopathic garlic-bread

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      or maybe ur just choking
    2. Kryotec


      Incorrect, I was joking.
  11. Has to be one of the most epic song of all time.
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