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  1. Swalox

    NRG-500 Fuel Consumption Tweak

    Also, I think a lot of vehicles need their fuel consumption tweaked. As an example, my previous bike was pretty fast, and it drained 1% after around 8minutes+, not 6 seconds. This is the same for cars too. But I don't have any concrete example to give as it was some years ago I had a car and currently can't afford one.
  2. Swalox

    NRG-500 Fuel Consumption Tweak

    Calculated fuel time of around 1% per 6second was going the speedlimit of 90Kph.
  3. Hello! I noticed after buying a BMW S1000RR in game that the fuel consumption is literally 1% every 6 seconds. I asked an admin about it and he told me that the fuel consumption is based on the OOC model. And that I should write this suggestion. So the suggestion is to lower the fuel consumption on the NRG-500 model, as it is a motorcycle. Not a SpaceX rocket

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