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  1. Don't know if it's possible but the current animation looks retarded.
  2. Qainer

    Kielbasa Posse

    Growing product Los Santos is has been though on the Kielbasa Posse these past few months, There connections aren't the same as what they had back in Philly. They've turned to bud growing whilst they make up what there next move might be... Maybe something big...
  3. We have the mapping section on forums, but I think a seperate chat channel for help where not only the admins but also the community are able to help out quickly through chat will be nice to have. +1
  4. Proof of payment provided below. The aircraft is parked inside County Air Administration's Ground Crew Hangar. (HG-GC). Signature,
  5. Maintenance Request Date: 29/07/2020 Owner's Full Name: Freddie Lee Representative's Name: - Phone number: 1581630086 Email: [email protected] Tail Number: FLEE-01 Vehicle Identification Number ((VIN)): 4336 Aircraft Model: Civilian Helicopters Havok Type of aircraft: [Regular / Advanced / Heavy] Date of purchase: 30/06/2020 Image of the aircraft: Relevant information regarding the aircraft: Aircraft has been bought recently second handed and needs a firm check up to ensure everything is up to par. Type of service requested: [One Time Maintenance / Weekly Maintenance / Monthly / Propose another plan if needed] Me, Freddie Lee, fully understand that my application can be rejected if my aircraft is in a degraded state which may come in conflict with the aircraft engineer's safety of environment. I agree to allow the C.A.A. to perform a maintenance on the mentioned aircraft, identified by the mentioned tail number, and allow the C.A.A. representatives to contact me if anything that requires an additional fee will be needed. I confirm that the information provided are correct and I am the rightful representative of the owner of this aircraft, or its owner. Signature,
  6. I like the idea but maybe people should just roleplay the addiction. It's a roleplayer server afterall. But if it would be implemented it would force people to roleplay the addiction. And provide FD and PD some more roleplay opportunities whenever the addict doesn't get a shot.
  7. I'd like another subforum added under the Aircraft Maintenance folder called "Active Maintenance Contracts". Thanks in advance.
  8. I'd love this. Hard work pays off (once it's implemented).
  9. I fully agree with @Excyted25 here. I'm so happy that I've stayed around since February. Even in the dark times where the player population was nil. Keep up the good work guys
  10. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Scuba gear What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Currently the scuba clothing gear is purchasable in the clothing store but hasn't got a script that you can actually use it. I've gone ahead and found the clothing ID's for the developers and everyone else that would like to use it before a script function has been made. Torso = ID 96 Top = ID 243 Undershirt = ID 123 Leg = ID 94 Shoes = ID 67 NOTE: Helmet is not included as all helmets have been removed temporarily. I'd like to see the scuba gear implemented for players to go diving. The GTA 5 map is made for diving and actually has some very nice under water spots that you could visit. What are the advantages?- - More usages for boats - More RP possibilities What are the disadvantages?- - People may camp underwater Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope How would you go about implementing this idea?- Probably make it into an item purchasable in a general store or maybe at the fishing npc NOTE: Scuba tank get's removed once you've exited the clothing menu
  11. Agreed, one little drive around an my car looks like it's been off-roading in the desert. +1 for clean cars. I'd like to see more car washes but they should only be placed where actual in-game car washes are on the GTA 5 map. Just so they don't look out of place. (Could always get @Jer into a bikini and let him wash the cars on a parking lot)
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