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  1. I also agree. I'd say a big percentage of the revenue made from the gas sold goes to the government. Then a smaller percentage goes to the owner of the fuelstation. The percentage of the fuel going to the government will include the costs of keeping the fuel capacity up for the tanks at the gas station. Good suggestion anyways would like to see this.
  2. Qainer


    Have had great interactions with you already. Looking forward to our futher interactions!
  3. Qainer

    S&E Imports

    A full list of available items for orders will be listed soon!
  4. Qainer

    Hunter Automotives

    Posted by: Sean Hunter Chief Excecutive Officer at Hunter Automotives (( Apply by filling a application form at https://forms.gle/NSnYbJFGU7t8HRpJ6 or call #1579209219 in-game ))
  5. Who are we? Hunter Automotives (HUNT) was founded by Sean Hunter in early 2020. After the death of, in automotive industry respected, Richard Hunter in late 2019. His son Sean Hunter inherited the assets of him. Including his old workshop that he turned into this business in memory of his beloved father. What do we do? Events Hunter Automotives is based on automotive activities. Therefore we as Hunter Automotives provide Los Santos with automotive activities through out the state of San Andreas. As for an example, we host Autocrosses, karting, off-road and meet-up events on a regular. Modifications and re-spraying At our Hunter Automotives mechanical repair shop, we are a state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with the latest in automotive tools and technology to ensure that your vehicle always receives the best care possible. Our ASE certified technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to mechanical repairs or sprays and work on all makes and models of vehicles. For great customer service and a fast turnaround on repairs, trust our Los Santos repair shop with all of your vehicle’s needs. Feel free to wait in our comfortable waiting room equipped with free Wi-Fi and refreshments. We also offer a complimentary local shuttle service if you need a ride while we repair your vehicle. For Los Santos mechanical repair or respray, stop by the experts here at Hunter Automotives today or give us a call for assistance. Meet the staff Sean Hunter – Chief Executive Officer (( Qainer ))
  6. Name: Averill Fortune Comment: I thought bidding was closed at 17:00. I'm assuming the last two offers are invallid and you will take my offer?
  7. Name: Averill Bid: $23,000
  8. Name: Averill Fortune Bid: $16,000
  9. Name: Averill Bid: $14,000
  10. Name: Averill Bid: Starting
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