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  1. Been reading through the complete topic, seen a few flaws and I am agreeing with BeyondSalvation. If supervision gone a bit better, a complete different outcome could of happend. In my opinion this CK can be reversed. @SjoerdPSV
  2. Should be countrye_5.col, countrye_3.col and ce_groundpalo03.DFF The fixes in there fix bugs in the road aswell.
  3. http://gtaforums.com/topic/739169-wipsa-gta-san-andreas-map-fixes/ Been using that myself in my GTA3 and had no issues, might be better than a server implentation as the col files and such are harder to find than a DFF. ALWAYS make backups of your GTA3.img
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Palomino Creek Bridge bug fix What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Basically, the bug at Palomino is that there is an invisible object coming through the ground. If you drive over it, your car starts to have a bad trip. Only way to fix this is or either let your gas go and go over it or fly off the road. Been looking around and tried to fix it myself with remapping the place, which did work for some time. At some occasions the map fix works, but sometimes not. That's why I looked further and found a fix from 2015, which seemed to work on my private server. Sent the fix to Chaos, but he wanted to see what the community thinks about this, seeing it will need server modding, which increases the download. What are the advantages?- - Several bugs being fixed around the GTA:SA map. - Less admin reports about fixing vehicles due to the bug at Palo bridge. - Happy players What are the disadvantages?- - Bit more download at joining the server. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- http://gtaforums.com/topic/739169-wipsa-gta-san-andreas-map-fixes/ How would you go about implementing this idea?- Add the mods to the server, make it download in just like the resources and profit.
  5. [youtube]

    Name: Roger Comment: So these dealers from whatever they come from fight each other with a cane and you think that the police thinks he'll use it as a walking cane. Would love to see what the cops said as this looks like an edited fake news video. Go ahead and start actually doing something useful in your life, instead of getting horny on police situations. We got enough shit like this, welcome to Los Santos.
  6. OPERATION: Hang Up Greetings everyone! Tomorrow, the LSPD's Traffic Enforcement Division will be launching a 7-day operation which will be titled "Operation: Hang Up". The goal of this operation will be to crack down on cellphone usage while operating a motor vehicle and dealing with them in the way of absolute strictness and no leniency. For Traffic Enforcement Officers on patrol, you are expected to watch proactively and attentively for any drivers operating their vehicle and a cellphone simultaneously, therefore defecting their attention on driving and ultimately endangering not only themselves, but their surroundings. At the end of the operation, statistics will be collected and publicized. STARTING DATE: 14/07/2017 ENDING DATE: 21/07/2017 Regards, SGT Malcolm Carruthers TED Command
  7. [b]Name:[/b] S.Reilly [b]Store Number:[/b] Store 6 & 7 [b]Bid:[/b] buyout both.
  8. Stop posting irrelevant posts, OhhPixelz warned it already that he'll otherwise close it down This person is long gone already from the PD, but I do agree that this shouldn't be done. Can we aswell remain onto the subject and not off to a video from a shooting? We can deal it elsewhere but we're trying to get a discussion here about the PD. @OhhPixelz Do what you want if you think it's enough.
  9. Could you please give good feedback instead of comments that are not helping us to improve the PD? Saying we are robocops is not helping me and neither is it helping @Tremmert. Give feedback on what you think is robocop. Fun thing I would like to bring up, the 1-2 months I am now ACoP of PD, this is the first external thing I am being notified about. The only issues I got was from PD, which were always resolved. If you want things fixed in the PD, contact either Tremmert or me as it ain't helping to just complain in general, but not telling the people who can do anything about it. Further on I would like to mention that: The court decides our crime sheet times. Officers are basing most of the times (Atleast a few I know) the time on the cooperation of the suspect. If they are evading, of course you can understand that a punishment is going to be higher than the minimum one. If you are giving yourself up, by following commands, you'll see that the sentence will drop. The court case is something we are not controlling. We are told to ask it and if we are doing it, we give this to our District Attorney who takes it over from that point. If the court cases are taking too long, you got to lay it down at our DA's. Maybe reverting our court system by that our own Officers are making cases is better, but then we got to find a good way to do these court cases easier and quicker. If you got more issues, just bring them up here. Mention what's wrong and what a good solution will be to solve the issues. Helps me out, aswell Tremmert.
  10. This has nothing to do with the subject. You are adressing a good thing, but ruin it by comments like this one above. As Assistant Chief, I am agreeing with you. I've said before already, the GAT should be pushing more to CKs for PD aswell. I think that this "doing my job" is a reason that is just **. I think that the rules by the GAT should be stricter about CKs, or atleast specified for the PD. Things as doing my work ruins it. Things I would like to get more info on is the "push 4 da max" thing you are claiming. What do you mean by that and in what way do you think it can be fixed.
  11. (( @Troy1996 accepting buyout offers is not possible. Or you have a set buyout or no buyout at all and the winning bid at the ending date gets it. ))
  12. **The page would instantly redirect you to the following link.**
  13. A friend with 16GB has the same issue
  14. This game eats my memory as fuck, got 8GB and it takes 60% in use somehow.
  15. **The page would instantly redirect you to the following link.**