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  1. yannickboy15

    [General] - Removal of fountain sound

    Won't work for me atleast, you could try.
  2. yannickboy15

    [General] - Real Time Weather

    Already scripted etc. just waiting on more votes.
  3. yannickboy15

    [General] - Fixed / reworked SMS system

    Mr Thomas is on a break. Needs a patch up.
  4. yannickboy15

    [General] - Fixed / reworked SMS system

    This whole script needs to be remade, would suck to only do 1 part of it.
  5. yannickboy15

    [Faction] - Faction Leaders can use /getkey

    Adding it in the locksmith seems better yea, guess it requires a small adjustment only.
  6. yannickboy15

    SLD perms

  7. yannickboy15

    [Properties] - Texture System [AMENDMENT]

    Not sure, we live in countries where we don't have censorship etc. so can't really speak for that.
  8. yannickboy15

    [Properties] - Texture System [AMENDMENT]

    How would this be done and how reliable is it?
  9. It works the same as carshops vehicle, but instead of applying that there has to be a carshop involved it just selects all including hydra's etc. Like it is possible, but I don't really see why for now. Needs more support.
  10. Didn’t notice that I missed your birthday so hbd my mate. 

  11. Happy bday to my favourite train ❤️

    1. yannickboy15


      Thanks 😊

  12. Happy birthday yannick

    1. yannickboy15


      Cheers mate! :D

  13. Happy Birthday

    1. yannickboy15


      Thanks mate :D


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