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  1. Name: DPS Official Comment: An official release will be published shortly on this matter. A Lieutenant that causes this trouble is not good for our department, neither for the name. Internal investigation will be held regarding mental status. We hope to prevent this in the future with the help of the LSPD and the District Attorney Office.
  2. yannickboy15

    Change in form

    e.g. Tommy's Coffee Shop, Pershing Square, 4388 @doo2doo2 This is what it says at the business address, surely need a new field for it?
  3. yannickboy15

    DCS Perms

  4. yannickboy15

    DCS Perms

    When we say it's done such as now @FartingFace
  5. yannickboy15

    RPMF Perms

  6. yannickboy15

    lsia admin

  7. yannickboy15

    DCS Perms

  8. yannickboy15

    Developer Diary #6 - Community Feedback

    Would there be a BETA to test server performance and such aswell or straight launch?
  9. yannickboy15

    Max picks up chicks in his new Ferrari 488 Italia.

    Name: PornSub Comment: Milf Hunter
  10. yannickboy15

    [LSFL] July Summary

    Name: Reilly Comment: Surely DPS has their issues and concerns, guess now that they're having a new IT department it goes better.
  11. yannickboy15

    i love u guys

    Get back to Maxime's Bamboo hut.
  12. yannickboy15

    'General, related to chat system' - Toggling OOC chat.

    Imo you could just ask an admin to pmute him if he continues to spam OOC for sauce. Disabling it everywhere would be mweh.
  13. yannickboy15


    New PD policies, drive in a 1988 Green mini.
  14. yannickboy15

    [Items] - DMV Transfer upgrade + Ticket script upgrade

    Hm, I'll see what Sjoerd thinks.
  15. yannickboy15

    [Items] - DMV Transfer upgrade + Ticket script upgrade

    Previous owner would be a lot of storage, I prefer just new data.

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