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  1. Deleting a topic

  2. Perms removal

  3. Dark web hmm... maybe it can be worked out IC. I'll think about some stuff.
  4. So basically, we make it like Unknown_Person in chat from what I understand? Holding alt would show the ID still, PMing that ID shows the name, as it's OOC. Then we got to make unknown person its ID unknown aswell, which in my eyes is a lot of work for a suggestion like this. A lot of systems if not everything has to be changed due to it. Could you elaborate your plan a bit more on what end result you want to see? Not just unknown petson etc. Think about it for admins, OOC chats, tab panel and such. @Lukaa
  5. [General] - Togglable instant interior entering.

    @Chaos I guess /antifall implents this?
  6. Screenshot really, could maybe update later that the last max speed value etc. is being output in the Owl Logs or such.
  7. You know how pissed off I got from it? The people who like it can still use chat though.
  8. [MAPPING] Los Santos Public School

    I'm in. @MindScape00 you the master of maps so if it works out maybe your team can do stuff.
  9. World rendering problem [MTA]

    You had CPU to High instead of normal. Did the windowed work? If not show us your PC specs
  10. World rendering problem [MTA]

    Turn off the heat haze, tyre smoke etc. just to put that FPS a bit more up. Further on I really don't have a solution. You could try playing windowed.
  11. World rendering problem [MTA]

    Got a clean gta3.img?
  12. World rendering problem [MTA]

    And advanced
  13. World rendering problem [MTA]

    Can you show us your MTA Settings? Video, General and so.
  14. [Command] - A special /ed for admins

    I made the one you fixed so you can do it. @Syncer
  15. [Command] - A special /ed for admins


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