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  1. Best way is the same implementation as on MTA for displaying. I'll look into it when I'm home from uni this week.
  2. Script conversion to LS shouldn't be the issue here. Daniels and Chaos work when they are able, I'm working slowly as I got to learn the codebase and Daniel is doing stuff when he's able besides his job. Unitts is learning C#, so it's just a matter of time. On topic: I don't mind the move, it has it's ups and downs. The majority should be picked, which is pretty clear in this case. Good one on doing a voting, gets the community involved again.
  3. @Israel I assume this is to set how far you can look or something? Like the stuff we got on MTA. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetFarClipDistance If so, I'll be looking into this.
  4. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/108857-server-script-update-v011n-october-2019/ More to be added over time. Moving this to implemented
  5. As above. @rosemarie moving this to declined so that we can keep properly track of suggestions.
  6. This will be done. To keep it all on 1 topic, this will be closed and moved to declined. Please continue the discussion on that topic.
  7. Features are to be added by the time. http://yannickdegraaff.nl/projects/OwlV/phone/ The apps you see right there shall be implemented upon release of this new phone. Additions will be made throughout our development. Moving this to accepted.
  8. Was accepted and implemented.
  9. Yannick

    Animation UI

    I guess it'll be easier to make a topic with the format in this forum: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1898-script-suggestions/ Personally I only check the script suggestions forum, as that's what my main focus is on while developing.
  10. Every UI that's being used in V as far as I am aware CEF. Yes for this.
  11. +1, Might be nice to have a poll to the suggestions so it's easy to see how more think about this
  12. Mhm, true. I'm mainly thinking design wise if this could be done a bit better without having to take all these extra steps as an admin. As with this they'll have to switch tabs, log search and then do what they got to do. Worst thing is that if the mask ID's are not unique per character that you'll get people after some time with the same mask ID's (If it's randomly generated of course). I don't think an admin wants to take all these steps, considering the amount of reports they get on a daily basis.
  13. Just looking at your example, it says mask_34324234234234. I have not read it completely, so if this was answered my bad. Wouldn't it be better to have the chat just say like: 'an unknown person says:' and then have the mask ID drawn above their head? I don't like the ID all the time in the chat so just thinking of some other ways to have it properly done. I like the idea though, I liked it back in MTA aswell. +1
  14. This is still happening. Is the build live yet?
  15. Which is the worst. FiveM is the worst GTA V client you may have in my opinion. They got their client open source, making it hella easy to make a bypass for mod menu's etc. Their clientside scripts are not properly encrypted and with a server dumper you get all the client files. You can blow up players by a simple Lua execution, ruining their roleplay and what so ever. And yes, I speak out of experience as I played on FiveM servers where this has happened. They ban you from their services if you go into an argument on why something was done like that. Don't start on FiveM. I'll pay 4 times more to avoid the transfer if it'd ever happen.
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