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  1. Implemented with the new outfits system
  2. Implemented with the outfits update to make it changeable by outfits
  3. Snow levels are now a script wise thing with the new weather system. No need for this to be a rule.
  4. Server Script Update (v1.6.27) | Generics mover and huge outfit pack! | September, 2020 This update adds in a UI for moving generics around and placing them up to the slightest angles you wish. We've also added an outfit pack with new hairstyles, tops, legs, torso's, glasses and way more! A few Quality of Life improvements were also released in this update to improve your experience. Coming up: Character Kills, Duty outfits and gun modes! Players can be character killed, which'll allow you to stat transfer those stats over to a new character if that's needed
  5. Should be added next update, depending on @Crane his mod skills :P
  6. Keep in mind that adding this modpack will give you an extra 300mb of download to the server files.
  7. Server Script Update (v1.6.26) | Generics! | September, 2020 This update adds in generics, new admin UI's and bugfixes/improvements. Coming up: Generics mover, outfits and more! Objects can be placed down and rotated the way the player wants. For example fencing around your property can be placed and rotated, then locked after roleplaying the placement. Features & Adjustments Generics Added support from generics. Admins can spawn generics in with a custom model that can be placed inside the world. Generi
  8. We got this in the works, we are releasing a few features before this one to make it for us easier to throw out those kind of jobs.
  9. Added in next update: Interior for a camper - 278 (Made by @ashamar) Small Bathroom - 279 (Made by @Mutt377) Small Warehouse - 280 (Made by @Crane) Dive Bar - 281 (Made by @ashamar) Snack Shack - 282 (Made by @ShadowSix) Gun Range - 283 (Made by @ShadowSix) Thanks for your contributions! To add your own public maps to our server, submit a form with your mapping.
  10. after my exam which is wednesday.
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