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  1. Yannick

    Tent Interior Script

    Hello, microsoft tech support. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/98169-items-tents/
  2. Yannick

    Tent Interior Script

    If you can, please post all images and such on the topic Jose posted. We can then see the support and so.
  3. Yannick

    Crypto-currency discussion

    They probably consider it as supporting a criminal organization or criminal activities. If he really knew it then it's just stupid from him. Crypto in the end is fun to invest in though, can't complain about it.
  4. Yannick

    Faction Team Update - February 7, 2019

    This. Or they break into your farm and steal all your vehicles and gear. Then you got vehicle slots aswell, where you got to donate for in order to store them.
  5. Yannick

    Faction Team Update - February 7, 2019

    Legal VM, does that include farming too?
  6. Yannick

    [Banking] - Loan Script

    I got other projects you mofo, you script it!
  7. Yannick

    [Banking] - Loan Script

    You don't want to feel the pain we have maintaining that insurance script. It's imo better to get a bank actually working. It's not hard to maintain a proper loan system if you get the right way of logging. It would eventually open a huge roleplaying side.
  8. Yannick

    [Vehicles] - Automatic districts for helicopters

    Accepted for now, awaiting discussion and eventually a merge.
  9. Yannick

    Windows 7 startup problems

    https://www.lifewire.com/when-windows-update-gets-stuck-or-frozen-2624439 Try that.
  10. Yannick

    [Vehicles] - Automatic districts for helicopters

    Sure, give me a good district and I'll look into it after my exam tomorrow.
  11. (( You do know fountain sounds can be turned off right? We scripted it like 2 months ago. ))
  12. Yannick

    [General] - /gps [int ID]

    What I shown Chaos in 2016. It works pretty fine, it's just that the complete radar has to be changed as it'll go from round to square. It should stick round which is an issue atm.
  13. Yannick

    [Items] - Wearable Bandanas

    Accepted, soon more information about this.
  14. Yannick

    [Items] - Wearable Bandanas

    It's an addon onto artifacts which is being worked on.
  15. Yannick

    [Items] - FlashLight - weapon

    We're still running tests with the dynamic lighting. If they are fine and as expecting, we'll extend to flashlights with weapons. Sort of weapon attachment. Keeping this on pending for now.

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