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  1. We don't even have these ourselves as FD being, so I am not sure if someone even has these.
  2. Sure thing. @SpeedYY slide in my Discord DMs and we'll sort it out
  3. Neutral on this one, I see up's and down's but I rather say no to this. It's abusive and when admins are not around it's not being checked. People could just DM around and revive all the time.
  4. Birthday Happy!

  5. happy birthday

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      birthday happy

  6. I lack the funds to actually get vehicles to do some farming RP. I've been asking for over years if I could get a budget or vehicles from FT, but I was always ignored. I put a protection on mine as I am not always around. If there would be a possibility to actually get vehicles provided, there could be RP all the time on them. And yes, I did get requests to sell it. But no way I am parts of it to criminals, as I know how that'll end up. @BusterAces owned farms before aswell and he was busy bundling all farms together to host farm RP, but that was somehow off track. Probably because we had the lack of support. If FT would be willing to help us with farm RP by getting vehicles and stuff, it could actually get going.
  7. Name: Sjoerd Comment: Are you guys doing another one with Sweeney aswell or is this one sided?
  8. Assigning an FT only happens when the faction is established. It's mainly about promoting players without experience to start/try illegal RP. If there's no support from people or tips/tricks they won't start one. It's pretty much right now a black hole for potentional new leaders that want to start an illegal faction. I'd rather see FT helping these out with multiple chars related. Like asian typed alts, groove street types, rednecks and whatever exists these days. They just RP along with these new factions and help/guide them with their start.
  9. I'll be responding first to this one, as that one is the easiest. I rather passive RP and get some unique RP in Owl instead of gaining stuff out of it. Wouldn't it be nice to disable the ATMs for like 10 minutes for example. Scriptwise we can do this easily, as we just make them not able to insert a card (which we already got as a sort of functionality, referencing to the function that checks if there's a card in else block the insertion.) But stuff like that have small impacts, but it's new. Either make it like some server event otherwise where we could involve more parts of our community. I do understand it isn't really FT related, but in general it's an idea that could be done. This can never be resolved, simple as it is. There are a few things I had in mind though which could improve it. As you know we got the Owl events faction. It's UA alts that host events to get the community roleplaying. Instead of keeping this to UA, what about involving some players from the community? Not for events but supporting illegal RP. Help new factions with new leaders that haven't lead a faction before. Show them RP wise what's good and what you rather can't do, take some risks and then later leave it once they are settled with good leadership. Aswell lower the faction establishment standard for that, let the faction have proper backstories on how their members found the gang and what theirs are. Only then you know they done proper RP and it's being improved. They got to do more criminal RP in order to become a hood boy. You guys can easily monitor the factions and then give them proper feedback on their members and roleplay. If a member has some weir ass backstory, you atleast know something's up. With that you guys can properly monitor the factions and make sure even these friend based factions do roleplay properly. Just my thoughts, I shouldn't talk too much about illegal RP as I am not a real expert.
  10. Good roleplay, especially illegal roleplay is hard to find these days. People don't roleplay anymore, they just get a gun at 5 hours and start shooting at people while it's no development at all. A criminal should start from the bottom, 18 years old and he should do small robberies, like shops. Eventually roll in to a gang or such and do bigger stuff like dealing, but nope that's not how it works here on Owl. If you got friends in a illegal faction, you just roll in automatically like it's nothing. That's one of the big issues with the playerbase. They want to win by having sick cars, a lot of cash and power being the biggest. I'd rather have cyber crime support from FT, as I had this idea for years but was never approved.
  11. Either Bootcamp your Mac with a Windows machine, use a VM or a Windows emulator like WINE. I got my Macbook with Bootcamp Windows 10. Works fine, but shit does heat a lot as it's not made for a single core game like this. You get an easy 60 FPS though.
  12. @Mahjarrat Kanker fiets, congratulations
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