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  1. What's the difference between the Launcher and lets say the DayZ server itself? Would it require an extra download or anything?
  2. We'll be having a discussion tonight about the priority of the above categories and what we'll be taken into our sprints the upcoming period. Please keep posting so that it can be taken along!
  3. Feedback is good so far! We've got already some stuff mentioned above in progress. We still want to see more feedback, so keep posting!
  4. Server Status & Information Downloading Battlefield 2 Setting Up BF2Hub
  5. Thanks for your feedback and interest, we'll be involving the community in the game picks and everything so keep checking us out
  6. Developers Roadmap - Now it's your turn! Over the last period we've been developing features, such as fishing, car elevators and so on. We also published a partial roadmap which addressed the communities top concerns around customization. As you may have noticed, we have a script suggestions forum filled with suggestions that are wanted by players. For us developers it's hard to pick something, as we do not know the demand of our playerbase. That's why we're calling for your help! Over the past few weeks, discussions took place between UA and the Scripting Team and we came to the conclusion that it was time for a public roadmap. Something that gives the player a good insight on what's done by the developers and what's to be expected in the updates that take place. Now I do understand that you guys may think: "Nothing will be done", "They'll never do it anyway look at ......" But that's not the case. We'll be working on a category based system. The following categories is what we have as an example: Player Customization Illegal Roleplay Legal Roleplay Characters Item/Inventory Business Factions We'd like to get a discussion going on which category requires the most attention and what kind of attention does it need? I'll give you an example. Based on the above example, people can hold a discussion. If they agree, they can leave a like or quote it and mention they agree/add their additions. That way it's easier for us to track down how many players want that specific suggestion implemented. The category that requires the most attention is being scheduled in an Agile/Scrum way. That means that we'll get all the suggestions that were voted on, rate them based on priority and work them out in a specific period of time. This way we as developers do not have to search for your suggestions and can just pick the suggestions, plan the requirements and work them out. It gives us more inspiration and you guys more confidence that we'll be able to improve the server to your demands. A note to the discussions and the thread in general: They will have to remain civil. The moment we notice derailing or anything, your posts will be hidden. I hope this is understandable, if not reach out to us over Discord by tagging the Scripter role. I hope we can all work our V server to a place where we have all the needs for everyone, piece by piece. The public roadmap is going to be released after some time that this thread was created and under discussion. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Scripting Team
  7. Could you be a bit more specific on that last bit? What would you see necessary to get more players into the game without having a player count? That'd be nice to know, so that we can anticipate on that. This can be just your personal opinion/view.
  8. I'll check this out after we move to RAGE 1.1.
  9. We've got a business system planned on the backlog. It requires a bit more discussion so I'll come back with more information about this later on. Suggestion is fine though!
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