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  1. Accepted, small thing but also low prio. Got to find a sound that fits.
  2. That's nice to hear, we don't hear it a lot, so it's nice to get some appreciation for our work
  3. New script possibilities leggo
  4. Wasn't this already something in MTA by rules or something? Thought that was something we experienced back then too and they made changes that you could be in 1 gov faction and 1 side faction. But yea, since we had this back in MTA I don't see why this isn't in V
  5. Right now there's some RP going on with 24 players, it's more a case of when will you login.
  6. It's now the turn for clothing stores
  7. What's the difference between the Launcher and lets say the DayZ server itself? Would it require an extra download or anything?
  8. We'll be having a discussion tonight about the priority of the above categories and what we'll be taken into our sprints the upcoming period. Please keep posting so that it can be taken along!
  9. Feedback is good so far! We've got already some stuff mentioned above in progress. We still want to see more feedback, so keep posting!
  10. Server Status & Information Downloading Battlefield 2 Setting Up BF2Hub
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