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  1. We've got a business system planned on the backlog. It requires a bit more discussion so I'll come back with more information about this later on. Suggestion is fine though!
  2. I don't think this is a realistic suggestion. You can text each other about a location and eventually when we got a GPS script up you can enter the location in there. A setloc is to my opinion too much for OOC stuff.
  3. Next update. Transaction history comes in a bit later but can be requested by admins for now.
  4. Disappear approved, guess that'll be enough.
  5. The corpse leaving is the auto respawn we have. I am working on a few changes in that system, as FD should be able to RP with the corpses also. The phone conversations is known, we have it on the bug tracker and I believe a few more things had this. I'll look later into it after I done my other tasks. For the scrolling, as most said please drop it on the tracker Thanks for reporting!
  6. I'll look into it if Daniels is not quicker. It'll be next week though, as I got uni stuff.
  7. It is fairly easy to do yea, but we need it properly worked out on how we want it done. Should it be a complete removal, should it be settable or whatever.
  8. Yannick


    Official gamer.
  9. Please drop it all on the bug tracker, that's the best way for us to see what we have to fix. https://bugs.owlgaming.net
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