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  1. Name: Isa Comment: Any news on this? Only Klaus and Howard?
  2. Name: Isabella Comment: Great speech, Klaus! Took a picture with my phone:
  3. Cool, some of my pics are in here. Who played Ariana? He/she did a very very good job! Good use of animations and shit!
  4. leuke naam

    1. iii


      pilo still rocking the 2015 christmas hat'd profile pics

    2. Pilovali
  5. I'm not dead yet.

  6. Hello people! I might come back!

  7. #logic I have much lower ping with VPN.3jb718D.png

    1. Unitts


      Mad tings ahah

  8.   Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script?: GPS addition What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?: Items Has said suggestion been seen on other servers before?: Yes What is the suggestion?: The ability to navigate to a POI (like nearest gas station, pay 'n spray, populair places) and to user-set coordinates (like where your house is or an interesting place) What are the advantages and disadvantages of this script towards the server/gameplay?: + Better GPS + Not forgetting where you dropped something, because you can set it in your GPS - Can't find any negative things Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?: No How would you go about implementing this idea?: Making some sort of GUI or an app in the phone that shows nearest POI's and user-set places.
  9. Dem you here, hh

  10. rip US players lol

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    2. Simonman80


      rip my fucking cars/interiors going to be deleted due to the inactivity :(

    3. Pilovali
    4. DellWood
  11. “Each day wake up and ask yourself what will make you feel most alive that day.”

  12. Official server status?

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    2. Yannick


      Voxility did the work from their side, it's just that they are only the reseller, the host behind Voxility is postponing it everyone.

    3. Strickland
    4. Stretch
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