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  1. i dunno u but i like you already, keep it pinned bruh

  2. Check my facebook brah! Those are both me Here's one more of me in my tweaker days. You know it's possible to dress differently? and to have friends who live in different houses? and to have different types of pictures? and to be whoever you want to be? Calling me out saying I'm trolling is lawl, cause your saying that I'm two different people now, your the one trolling sir.If anyone watches Family Guy, you might know the term "He's a phony! Look his cowboy hat comes right off" when Peter says He's a Cowboy Astronaut in Space... well yeah, That's what your implying.. because my cowboy hat can come right off... and I can happen to wear different clothes and wear different hats, look at that smile doe! I got a pretty fat nigga lip homie TBH, great for some Copenhagen though
  3. Sorry, I guess my picture wasn't good enough, I never have to "get ready for the day" so I won't be posting a picture I guess. I don't take a lot of pictures, not that type of guy. And I eat my words.
  4. Why Not, A Picture Getting Ready towards the end of this year's rodeo season, yes.. There are Mickeys, Yes. I have a Pink band on my Cowboy hat, and yes.. that is one of the buckles.
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