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  1. ok stop you're becoming cringy as fuck
  2. username: anon comment: that's called rape yo not cool
  3. username: anon comment: you're the type of nigga to wear 2 condoms and still pay child support
  4. username: anon comment; you're still a nigger though
  5. Computer filefype question

    If I were you, I would just reinstall Windows.
  6. Vehicles IRL?

    2014 BMW 520d M Package
  7. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    It's a fight, not a marathon.
  8. 2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4

    username: anon comment: kill yourself like seriously kill yourself
  9. Can't do it in owl, do it in real life.

    i hope that cunt trips, falls and breaks his neck
  10. [Asset Hoarding] - New Rule

    If you don't have $5 to spend you should get a job, not play video games.
  11. [Asset Hoarding] - New Rule

    Here we go back in time, when people used to pay 500 grand for a modded rusty taxi that went 285 km/h.
  12. username: lol comment:
  13. Try your luck.

    lol who tf plays dota
  14. [General] New Bullet-System

    holy fuck yes
  15. [General] - Commercial Driver's License

    I think this is already a thing with the normal driver's license?

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