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  1. @Vubstersmurf - Sorry, but no... BUT I am coming back in a couple of days so I'm gonna try to get it back up.
  2. This should become a 100% legit owl meme.
  3. What taxi rp u talking about m8? I've never done any taxi RP
  4. Thread's inactive, faction is not inactive anymore. The myth, the legend is back.
  5. After a frustrating long period of inactivity, I am back!
  6. Yes, we are just going through some hard times when it comes to activity ever since the christmas holidays. - I personally don't have much time, but when I can I log on, other members are trying their best too, but it's far below expectations. But we're still up, just struggling hard to regain activity. We'll see how it works out till the end of february, if it won't get back to the normal tracks, I guess we'll do a re-form or even probably close down. We'll see, I'll keep you updated.
  7. Appreciate it! ____________________________________________________________________________
  8. Dude, ur probably one of the biggest slaves I've ever had. Appreciated.
  9. Dear slaves, fans, haters, members, admins, everyone. We are pleased to announce you, that our faction is now turned on the beast mode. - We've got our F3. I'd like to thank to all of the members for roleplaying as a part of this group, and of course the Faction Management Team for giving us a shot at this! You can expect more of sexyness from us in the times to come.
  10. Neptune


    More Asian factions? Prepare for invasion on pearl harbor! GL nigguh, looks decent.
  11. I didn't know he's not a part of you, my apologies.
  12. RIP Ye my feeling is the thing that is easiest to hurt... But nigga if u hurt my feelings, I'll hurt you.
  13. Why u so hateful? I came in here as a friend just saying you basically moved in our turf and shown some support for your cause here and now you're being all aggressive? Well so be it, I'd love to see A.M. CK me with my 25 members now, GL HF. Gonna see u in game soon, you disrespectful Paki. To add up, I'll be seeing you in the Forums Archive in 1-2 weeks.
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