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  1. Neptune

    L'equippagio di Pasadena

    Thanks, papi.
  2. ''Chi dorme non piglia pesci.'' About us: - L'equippagio di Pasadena is an organized group of former members of other groups from the Los Santos area - mainly the di'Maggio Sindicatti di Criminale, Beverly Avenue Gang. The group is focusing on operations around the Pasadena Boulevard in Los Santos, and only rarely operate outside their ''turf''. The groups hierarchy resembles to a traditional Italian-American mob structure, however the quantum of members is much smaller, for example like a bigger crew. The group is led by a single person which operates in the background and is rarely seen between his members, he has two men considered as generals operating in the field - they are called classically, Caporegimes and those have the rest of the enlisted members below them, Made-Men who are full time and proven members and of course Associates and other hang-arounds or outsiders. The groups ranking structure. (Names and pictures not included to prevent any sort of metagaming.) The thread is a work in progress, you may see changes in the upcoming days to the main post. Detailed information is not posted to prevent metagaming and any other sort of rule-breaking. Screenshots are due to be added as the faction makes progress. Upon initiating roleplay with this group, with an intention to become a member or be any-how associated with the faction, you agree with the CK Clause. This means, you may get CKed when deemed fit by the leadership of this group - that means, the three highest ranked people of this group. Only the Boss and Caporegimes can mark people affiliated with the faction to be CKed. Screenshots of Roleplay that led to forming of this group. Credits for the graphics go to @WickJeffe.
  3. Neptune

    Older roleplayers

    You? No. You're new here, have you even made the application stage?
  4. Neptune

    Bratva Vostoka

    Congratulations on becoming Official. Well deserved.
  5. Neptune

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    As @Lyov mentioned, he quit this and L&A unless @shadowhelmet or I take over and since I don't want this and Shadow is banned - L&A. As of myself and the remnants of this and remnants of a few previous factions alongside some very fine people, we'll be starting something new. Peace out to all the supporters and all the haters who have followed this group on the short but cool journey it had. The idea was cool, but a few important people bailed out too soon for this to have a reason to be continued.
  6. Neptune

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Beverly Avenue Gang is the new KKK.
  7. Neptune

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Everything has a reason, maybe one of the characters you encountered with is a racist? Or maybe he's paranoid about your character trying to sell drugs around the area just because you're black. Everything has a reasoning, mate.
  8. Neptune

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    The group on the picture would be talking, eating food straight off the barbecue. - Chatlogs not provided to prevent metagaming or information distribution.
  9. Neptune

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    Before you judge someone, you should make sure you know what it is about and not just post trash. On the other hand, why are you doing this? It makes you feel more of a man if you make a faction look bad by posting trash? It's an individual, not the entire faction. Don't judge everyone because of one.
  10. Neptune

    Roleplay Recognition Thread

    @FAILCAKEZ - #VovaGang ... I fucking wonder how can he still be alive... But one of my favourite characters I've met while Roleplaying. @Lyov - #BeverlyAvenueGang ... A fine ass guy with a good taste of RP. @shadowhelmet - #BeverlyAvenueGang ... Wha's the matta' wit'chu?
  11. Neptune

    GAT Update - November 9th, 2018

    Congratulations to all ya' fgtz. Especially to @WickJeffe so now I can fully abuse his powers to get what I need since I carry his ass on LoL.
  12. **Notification.** As the auction holder has sadly passed away, the person who inherited the vehicle has decided to end the auction and the last bid counts as the winning one. @DominicLevian Provide contact in a reply, so you can be contacted about the vehicle pickup.
  13. ** Notification. ** The auction is ending in 48 hours. Current auction leader @DominicLevian. @VeX and @Obsolete you have been outbid!

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