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  1. Appreciate it! ____________________________________________________________________________
  2. Dude, ur probably one of the biggest slaves I've ever had. 👳‍♂️ Appreciated.
  3. Dear slaves, fans, haters, members, admins, everyone. We are pleased to announce you, that our faction is now turned on the beast mode. - We've got our F3. I'd like to thank to all of the members for roleplaying as a part of this group, and of course the Faction Management Team for giving us a shot at this! You can expect more of sexyness from us in the times to come.
  4. Neptune


    More Asian factions? Prepare for invasion on pearl harbor! GL nigguh, looks decent.
  5. Neptune

    The Sunrise Connection

    I didn't know he's not a part of you, my apologies.
  6. Neptune

    The Sunrise Connection

    RIP Ye 😪 my feeling is the thing that is easiest to hurt... But nigga if u hurt my feelings, I'll hurt you.
  7. Neptune

    The Sunrise Connection

    Why u so hateful? I came in here as a friend just saying you basically moved in our turf and shown some support for your cause here and now you're being all aggressive? Well so be it, I'd love to see A.M. CK me with my 25 members now, GL HF. Gonna see u in game soon, you disrespectful Paki. To add up, I'll be seeing you in the Forums Archive in 1-2 weeks.
  8. Neptune

    The Sunrise Connection

    Nikka I know that interior, u really moved a new faction into my turf 😈 not good! Not good at all my asian friend! Good luck though, thread looks fresh and clean. 💪
  9. Neptune

    Start selling vehicles for more realistic prices

    So? The value shouldn't go by the cars top speed? IRL it takes even more bullshit to get your car modded than just IG and same as IG, one mistake and your work goes to hell. Cars price should be always determined by the value of it same as IRL - Mileage, Year, Model etc. Modded cars should be just a bit bumped when it comes to the price. But sadly in the world of Roleplay, modded cars have 5000% higher price than they should have. In fact, IRL its harder to sell modded cars than stock.
  10. Neptune

    Start selling vehicles for more realistic prices

    ** Buys a car for $1.200. - Modifies it for $5.000 to make the max speed 250. - Sells it for $500.000 *** Sucks vehicle RP has always been about top speed and nothing else, dumb people.
  11. Yeah! We need this! I use a custom NPC at my Bar (Full of Pizzas n other custom food) (60-70 Custom Items +/-) Then another one in my Pawn shop with again 70 items, and one at my Nightclub to sell VIP Tickets. They eat $200 in total per hour, and it's stupid. - Basically at the end of the day, I need to pay the NPCs 5k. It could be also made, that if your shop is locked, you don't need to pay your NPC for the hour. But I'd go ahead with any of the two idea's, second one is better but the first one is cool aswell. 10% of the price of the item you sold goes to the NPC and fuck off NPC. Cuz my NPC's by now are millionaires.
  12. As of today, we've merged with the Valenti Crime Group in order to bring the entire Italian Community togethere instead of having various Italian factions running, we're having an idea of having different crews / groups under one organization. The two ''factions'' are now going to work under this thread as a part of the ' L'equippagio di Pasadena (The Braggo Crime Family). More likely to have the entire name changed to The Braggo Crime Family as of now, since we dont only operate in the original area anymore.
  13. Neptune

    Business - 1691 Pasadena Blvd [ENDS: 11DEC2018]

    Name: R.B. Bid: Offering $40,000 USD as a starting bid. Comment: Yes or no? No or yes?

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